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[00:12:07] <caa718> hey all
[00:12:24] <caa718> i just set up a linux system and I love it
[00:12:52] <caa718> so now I am testing some chat programs
[00:13:39] <caa718> can anyone tell me how to set up a yahoo chat, i have an account with yahoo im that i would like to log into
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[01:59:18] <Menion> So GAIM is hosed, ya?
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[02:57:04] <S34n> hey
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[04:51:57] <wojteka> hello all
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[05:11:42] <elio707> Hi there
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[05:27:05] <pattie102> uups
[05:27:07] <pattie102> hi
[05:27:13] <pattie102> ohh
[05:27:21] <pattie102> he already left...
[05:27:43] <pattie102> well that leaves me with two nice chatbots...
[05:27:54] <pattie102> !help
[05:27:57] <pattie102> !list
[05:27:58] <Marvin> 'help' '!list' '!commands': The Help commands !google <search words>: Executes a search using Google! !jep <terms>: Search the JEPs for terms. !join <nick> <msg>: Sets the chat room join message for <nick> to <msg>. !jr <room>: Joins the specified room. !languages: List the language codes for the translator !lr <room>: Leaves the specified room. !normal: Disables translation !price <symbol>: Show the current price for <symbol> !seen <nick>: Displays the last time and room where <nick> appeared. !time: Displays the time from any time zone. !translate <code>: Performs real time translation of chat text from one language to another. See '!languages' for a list of language codes. !wx: Displays current weather
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[07:03:27] <bradzo> !google jabber "visual basic"
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[08:53:38] <gersilve> hey marvin
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[09:22:43] <dugeeyai> I just installed Gabber and try to find my way
[09:24:01] <dugeeyai> on a Linux system
[09:24:59] <DたびかL> welcome
[09:25:02] <DたびかL> u should try PSI
[09:25:04] <DたびかL> ?? psi
[09:25:04] <ChatBot> [psi]: A popular cross-platform client available at http://psi.affinix.com
[09:25:13] <DたびかL> if your using the 0.8 version of gabber
[09:25:34] <DたびかL> 0.8.7 (powered by jabberoo 1.1.0) - yeah its a little dated nowdays
[09:26:33] <DたびかL> also take a look at the docs on the jabber.org website :)
[09:27:06] <dugeeyai> Thank you for this advice. Will find out.
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[10:11:24] <mio> hihi
[10:11:34] <mio> hi
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[13:51:59] <DたびかL> Marvin: Say hello to all these random silent visitors
[13:52:00] <Marvin> DたびかL: "hello to all these random silent visitors"
[13:53:16] <DたびかL> Marvin: If we wait around -- someone will say "hi" and then immediately leave! - isn't this *exciting*???
[13:53:17] <Marvin> DたびかL: Do you think everyone will agree? Yes I think this is exciting, but I'm not completely sure.
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[13:59:48] --- wiola-lola13 has joined
[14:00:02] <wiola-lola13> czesc wam
[14:00:06] <wiola-lola13> jak leci
[14:00:13] <wiola-lola13> jestem z polski
[14:00:22] <wiola-lola13> a ty
[14:00:38] <wiola-lola13> gg 4624786
[14:00:40] <wiola-lola13> papa
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[14:16:11] --- ewulas7 has joined
[14:18:07] <DたびかL> czesc wam = hi there? jestem z polski = I'm Polish? papa = seeya?
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[14:19:05] <Trevelyan> nice to know
[14:22:45] <DたびかL> well this is a conjecture
[14:23:20] <Trevelyan> and whats 4624786 his phote num?
[14:23:52] <DたびかL> no his GG number
[14:23:56] <DたびかL> ?? gg
[14:23:56] <ChatBot> Unknown query "gg"
[14:24:02] <DたびかL> ?? gadu-gadu
[14:24:02] <ChatBot> Unknown query "gadu-gadu"
[14:24:06] <DたびかL> ?? gadugadu
[14:24:06] <ChatBot> Unknown query "gadugadu"
[14:24:10] <DたびかL> ?? gadu
[14:24:10] <ChatBot> Unknown query "gadu"
[14:24:14] <DたびかL> dam you chatbot
[14:33:46] <Trevelyan> i think i heard of it
[14:36:10] <DたびかL> yeah its a popular IM meduim in poland
[14:36:23] <DたびかL> but i think its being replaced with jabber
[14:43:50] <Trevelyan> i saw hulk today, i liked it suprisingly, i was imagining another holywood wash over
[14:44:59] --- nose has joined
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[14:56:07] <DたびかL> ic
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[15:08:50] --- andy has joined
[15:09:01] <andy> Hi, All!
[15:09:10] --- synic has joined
[15:09:21] <andy> We are you, All ?!
[15:09:50] <synic> woot, JBother has nick auto complete now
[15:11:09] --- andy has left
[15:14:50] <DたびかL> nick auto complete
[15:14:53] <DたびかL> ?
[15:15:01] <DたびかL> how does it work
[15:23:49] --- belmon has joined
[15:26:31] <synic> DたびかL, like in xchat or irssi
[15:26:45] <synic> you type the first few letters of someones nick and press TAB, and it finishes the rest
[15:27:32] <synic> DたびかL, so that I can address you easily :)
[15:28:58] --- belmon has left
[15:35:37] <synic> DたびかL, out of curiousity, I can't read your nickname... but I'm sure the nick complete can get it right. Does it show up right for you?
[15:45:36] --- pattie102 has joined
[15:46:58] <DたびかL> lo, deval
[15:47:17] <DたびかL> yeah copying seems to work fine
[15:47:29] <DたびかL> ic autocomplete
[15:47:41] <DたびかL> yeah i just found i have that in tkabber
[15:47:48] <DたびかL> synic: see
[15:48:15] <DたびかL> this program *really* needs some documentation
[15:48:25] --- Secret Hamster has joined
[15:49:11] <Secret Hamster> anyone ever tried to link to a msn chat room via jabber?
[15:49:59] <DたびかL> yeah
[15:50:03] <DたびかL> read this:
[15:50:07] <DたびかL> ?? gateways
[15:50:08] <ChatBot> [gateways]: Gateways are connectors from Jabber to legacy IM systems such as AIM and ICQ. For help setting up gateways, visit http://www.jabber.org/user/userguide/ar01s12.html
[15:50:19] <pattie102> wow, that sounds interesting
[15:50:33] <DたびかL> oh hangon a chat room
[15:50:37] <DたびかL> hmm well no
[15:51:59] <pattie102> well, but it is not interesting for me actually. don't have msn buddys ;)
[15:53:29] <Secret Hamster> yea, I just wondered, was gonna go and pick on some windows script kiddie
[15:54:52] <Secret Hamster> so what clients are people running
[15:55:00] <Secret Hamster> I've just discovered PSI
[15:55:01] <DたびかL> well the best way to write it would be to use the gaim code and the msn-t or msn-tn transtport
[15:55:04] <DたびかL> yeah i saw that
[15:55:16] <DたびかL> then i actualy read what you wrote
[15:55:57] <Secret Hamster> seems okay but no file transportation, I want to run gabber but it keeps seg faulting on me :(
[15:56:41] <DたびかL> gabber is very old now
[15:56:58] <Secret Hamster> keeps getting updated
[15:57:02] <DたびかL> PSI CVS def supports file trans
[15:57:07] <DたびかL> theres gabber2
[15:57:24] <Secret Hamster> seems one of the most advanced to me
[15:57:39] <Secret Hamster> had problems with the G2 deps
[15:57:42] --- pattie102 has left: Replaced by new connection
[15:57:44] <DたびかL> i use tkabber which is the most advanced hardest to use and least documented
[15:58:10] <Secret Hamster> again too many deps for me to look at
[15:58:29] <Secret Hamster> basically I'm lazy :P
[15:58:46] <DたびかL> tkabber isnt too bad
[15:58:48] <Secret Hamster> I like gabber
[15:59:01] <DたびかL> i think i had to comple gwidget or something to make it work
[15:59:08] <DたびかL> on MDK 9.2
[15:59:18] --- le-coyote has joined
[15:59:29] <Secret Hamster> yea I'm on mdk too
[15:59:50] <DたびかL> i know
[15:59:54] <DたびかL> 9.2
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[16:00:24] --- DたびかL has joined
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[16:01:16] --- ninni has joined
[16:01:21] <DたびかL> mind u it also says you are 2 years old! :D
[16:01:48] <Secret Hamster> well how old do you expect a hamster to live
[16:02:04] <Secret Hamster> 2's a very good age for me :)
[16:02:37] --- ninni has left: Disconnected
[16:02:57] <DたびかL> BRB
[16:02:59] --- DたびかL has left
[16:03:04] --- DたびかL has joined
[16:03:35] <Secret Hamster> so where exacly is Arrivederchy?
[16:03:40] <Secret Hamster> Wales?
[16:03:50] <DたびかL> Germany i think
[16:04:00] <Secret Hamster> sorry Arrivederci
[16:04:25] <DたびかL> oh no it says its in the uk
[16:04:55] <DたびかL> /hunt through the menu's to find vcard settings
[16:04:59] <Secret Hamster> hum I presume geography isn't your best subject then
[16:05:58] <DたびかL> i removed it now
[16:05:59] <DたびかL> :D
[16:06:38] <DたびかL> still trying to get my georoster to work :/
[16:06:56] <Secret Hamster> georoster?
[16:07:03] <DたびかL> ?? georoster
[16:07:03] <ChatBot> Unknown query "georoster"
[16:07:09] <DたびかL> !google georoster
[16:07:20] <DたびかL> /taps fingers
[16:07:52] * Secret Hamster pokes chatbot
[16:08:04] <Secret Hamster> think he's gone to sleep
[16:08:06] <DたびかL> Marvin: are tou working?
[16:08:06] <Marvin> DたびかL: Everything is going extremely well.
[16:08:19] <DたびかL> Marvin: can you do that search for me please!
[16:08:19] <Marvin> DたびかL: Your polite style is very nice. Doing that search for him or her is not among my strongest traits.
[16:08:35] <Secret Hamster> both your bots?
[16:08:46] <DたびかL> Marvin: I noticed that you seemed to be having trouble
[16:08:46] <Marvin> DたびかL: Interesting observation.
[16:09:07] <DたびかL> no querty is my bot and he's an earlier version of Marvin
[16:09:08] <Secret Hamster> marvin your and idiot
[16:09:36] <Secret Hamster> I'm a bigger idiot as I can't even spell 'an' properly
[16:09:43] <DたびかL> Marvin: why am i getting 502 errors on my msn transport
[16:09:44] <Marvin> DたびかL: The reason is due to my mental model of you as a client.
[16:09:54] <DたびかL> Marvin: thx
[16:09:54] <Marvin> DたびかL: Don't mention it.
[16:10:11] <Secret Hamster> hum no autocomplete, off to search the menus
[16:10:31] <DたびかL> yeah georoster -- plots ppl on the world map -- using their v-card data
[16:10:39] <DたびかL> autocomplete -- hmm
[16:11:50] <Secret Hamster> darn no autocomplete
[16:11:55] <DたびかL> cool my tab completion alternates between the options if i press s and tab tab tab tab...
[16:12:23] <DたびかL> Marvin: what is the average age for a hamster?
[16:12:23] <Marvin> DたびかL: I can give you the arithmetic mean or the median.
[16:12:34] <DたびかL> Marvin: mean please
[16:12:34] <Marvin> DたびかL: Your polite style is very nice. I'm just kidding around.
[16:12:52] <DたびかL> Marvin: have you been speaking to many Polish people of late?
[16:12:53] <Marvin> DたびかL: All I ever do is talk.
[16:13:09] <Secret Hamster> the average lifespan of a hamster is about 18months
[16:13:33] <Secret Hamster> David, I don't mean to be rude, but do you regularly talk to inane bots?
[16:14:06] <DたびかL> yup
[16:14:31] <Secret Hamster> don't you find it kind of pointless?
[16:15:08] <DたびかL> no they might say something fundimentaly interesting
[16:15:28] <Secret Hamster> okay :$
[16:15:30] <DたびかL> also marvin is learing slowly
[16:15:41] <DたびかL> he's very sarcastic uc
[16:15:45] * Secret Hamster backs into a corner quietly
[16:15:47] <DたびかL> :D learning*
[16:15:57] <DたびかL> lol
[16:15:59] * Secret Hamster looks for the nearest exit
[16:16:04] <DたびかL> /exit?
[16:16:56] <Secret Hamster> okay things to do, <cough>, oh is that the time already. Gosh I have to err, pick up the horse from the dentist
[16:17:05] <Secret Hamster> /exit
[16:17:08] --- Secret Hamster has left
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[16:34:20] <DたびかL> DたびかL air-guitars like a mad man ... EXCELLENT!!!
[16:34:30] <DたびかL> *actualy*
[16:34:52] <DたびかL> i found YATF (yet another tkabber feature) -- thought i better clarify :)
[16:35:35] <DたびかL> DたびかL starts to juggle a six-pack of beer.
[16:36:22] <DたびかL> DたびかL will be right back!
[16:36:49] --- Newman has joined
[16:36:55] <DたびかL> Newman: hi
[16:36:56] <Newman> Hi everyone
[16:37:00] <Newman> Oh
[16:37:06] <Newman> Hi Davel (as the other two are in fact bots)
[16:37:10] <DたびかL> hi yeah
[16:37:11] <Newman> :S
[16:37:18] <Newman> What's new?
[16:37:22] <DたびかL> i found a crazy tab feature
[16:37:28] <DたびかL> its a bit risky
[16:37:31] <Newman> Oh?
[16:37:34] <DたびかL> DたびかL weakly bleeds all over the floor.
[16:37:41] <DたびかL> DたびかL blinks slowly...
[16:37:47] <DたびかL> /exec
[16:37:53] <Newman> :|
[16:37:55] <DたびかL> DたびかL flares $s nostrils disdainfully.
[16:38:03] <DたびかL> i just press tab
[16:38:23] <DたびかL> DたびかL discos wildly!
[16:38:30] <DたびかL> right...
[16:38:32] * Newman is not following!
[16:38:40] <DたびかL> its irc /** commands
[16:38:49] <DたびかL> DたびかL throws back $s head and howls in profound frustration!
[16:39:06] <Newman> Ah...
[16:39:10] <Newman> I'm not an IRC-ite
[16:39:20] <Newman> (but it's still neat!)
[16:39:52] <DたびかL> hmm good for cybesex -- not much chance here tho
[16:39:59] <Newman> hahaha
[16:40:00] <DたびかL> cybersex*
[16:40:25] <Newman> I've never met a female Jabber user
[16:40:33] <DたびかL> DたびかL will be right back!
[16:40:42] <DたびかL> yeah they must exist
[16:40:47] <Newman> (to my knowledge)
[16:41:14] <DたびかL> i think most of the ones i have met have been either 1)blokes 2)Polish 3)wierd
[16:41:24] <DたびかL> DたびかL will be right back!
[16:43:00] <Newman> What's wrong with Polish females?
[16:43:13] <Newman> Does Tres use Jabber?
[16:43:25] * Newman is not a stalked - he just read your vCard
[16:43:29] <Newman> *stalker
[16:55:01] --- synic has joined
[16:55:50] <Newman> Hello synic
[16:56:22] <Newman> Welcome to jabber@
[16:56:28] --- synic has left
[16:56:33] <Newman> Pfft
[17:00:58] --- eddysan has joined
[17:03:02] <Newman> Hi
[17:09:01] --- Ana has joined
[17:09:08] --- Ana has left
[17:16:16] --- eddysan has left
[17:19:24] --- abnto01 has joined
[17:20:02] <abnto01> hello
[17:20:26] <abnto01> could you tell me how to test the tkabber chess plugin?
[17:28:04] <Newman> DたびかL can probably answer that (if he's at his computer)
[17:41:46] --- Newman has left: Disconnected
[17:43:36] --- alienoid has joined
[17:44:34] --- alienoid has left: Disconnected
[17:49:47] --- abnto01 has left: Disconnected
[17:56:09] <DたびかL> DたびかL gets a blank stare on $s face. What could DたびかL be wondering about?
[18:26:09] --- DたびかL has left
[18:26:32] --- DたびかL has joined
[18:37:23] --- Newman has joined
[18:41:57] <DたびかL> i already told them
[18:42:07] <DたびかL> just add them to the tkabber plugins directory and start tkabber
[18:42:08] <Newman> Right on
[18:42:22] <DたびかL> DたびかL looks around and whistles innocently.
[18:42:56] <Newman> heh
[18:44:08] <DたびかL> oh tres
[18:44:14] <Newman> Yeah
[18:44:19] <DたびかL> now lets find that converstaion
[18:45:07] <DたびかL> [08:36:12] <Twitching_Fool> ooooooooooo? [08:41:52] * Twitching_Fool pokes davel [08:51:25] <davel> working tres hard atm [08:51:52] <Twitching_Fool> er [08:52:02] <Twitching_Fool> tres ur gf? [08:52:41] <davel> very [08:52:57] <davel> although i think that she well be from now on [08:55:08] <Twitching_Fool> alrite, just so i know whats going on, ur fucking some1 called tres, am im correct? [08:55:40] <davel> no, but its a funny misconseption?sp [08:56:24] <Twitching_Fool> bah, i was just getting interested :/ [08:56:39] <davel> Im still lol :)
[18:45:34] <DたびかL> its only funny if you understand french i supose
[18:49:04] <Newman> rofl
[18:49:19] <Newman> I get it now
[18:49:27] <Newman> (the vCard ref)
[18:49:36] <Newman> Erm, yes
[18:49:40] * Newman is distracted
[18:49:42] <DたびかL> :)
[18:50:00] <Newman> That deserves to go on bash.org
[18:50:19] <Newman> There are two puns in there
[18:51:53] <DたびかL> :)
[18:52:39] <Newman> English humour:
[18:52:54] <Newman> Person1: I say, do you know what's terribly funny?
[18:52:57] <Newman> Person2: What?
[18:53:04] <Newman> Person1: Men dressed in women's clothing.
[18:53:12] <Newman> Person2: Ah, yes.
[18:54:05] <Newman> Thank you!
[18:54:08] <Newman> I'll be here all week!
[18:54:24] <Newman> You see, I can make that joke without it being offensive because I'm from the Colonies.
[18:54:41] <Newman> I am a citizen of a Commonwealth state.
[18:54:47] <Newman> I am a loyal subject of the Queen.
[18:54:56] <Newman> BUT
[18:55:09] <Newman> You can't make Canadian jokes
[18:55:16] <Newman> It's protocol.
[18:55:47] <DたびかL> as ur always maintaining
[18:55:55] <DたびかL> :D
[18:56:26] <Newman> :D
[18:57:27] <DたびかL> i think i _can_ make jokes about the queen just not allowed to attempt regicide ?sp
[18:57:39] <Newman> Oh, sure
[18:58:10] <DたびかL> oh 20 popups from 1 site -- lucky i didnt look at any of them
[18:58:16] <Newman> ....
[18:58:19] <Newman> Are you using....
[18:58:22] <Newman> INTERNET EXPLORER?
[18:58:30] <DたびかL> *cough*
[18:58:32] <DたびかL> nope
[18:58:37] <Newman> Oh, good
[18:58:42] <Newman> So, why are you seeing popups?
[18:58:48] <DたびかL> i could do i spose
[18:58:51] <Newman> Or, are you making fun of me?
[18:58:56] <Newman> :@
[18:59:00] <DたびかL> erm well i dont have the JS disabled
[18:59:00] <Newman> j/k :)
[18:59:07] <Newman> Which browser are you using?
[18:59:11] <DたびかL> Konq
[18:59:16] <Newman> Mine blocks popups
[18:59:36] <Newman> Open new windows: Smart
[19:00:02] <DたびかL> yeah i only just installed mdk 9.2
[19:00:23] <DたびかL> its fixed 3 major bugs which is worth the uprgrade afaik
[19:00:24] <Newman> Ah
[19:00:31] <Newman> I started with Mandrake
[19:00:36] <Newman> but that was three years ago
[19:00:43] <Newman> so I guess my opinion of it is way out of date
[19:01:24] <Newman> Care Bears Count-Down:
[19:01:25] <DたびかL> yeah im really impressed with it
[19:01:27] <Newman> 4 3 2 1!
[19:01:45] <Newman> Are you running KDE 3.2?
[19:01:56] <DたびかL> but jabber -- no NOT jabber -- Linux has moved on vastly in the last year or so
[19:02:05] <Newman> They both have
[19:02:19] <DたびかL> yeah but i ment to type linux not jabber
[19:02:31] <DたびかL> i didnt mean -- oh never mind
[19:02:31] <Newman> ^H
[19:02:54] <Newman> That's why God hacked backspace and delete
[19:03:03] <DたびかL> yeah if they work
[19:03:12] <DたびかL> when they work
[19:03:23] <DたびかL> im trying to type stuff right the first time
[19:03:58] <Newman> That's a noble cause
[19:04:27] <DたびかL> u should see how many typos i make
[19:04:30] <Newman> So SCO has published code samples
[19:04:46] <Newman> If you're going to reform your typing, might as well make the move to Dvorak
[19:05:00] <DたびかL> yeah load of crap -- i think its going to be ok tbh
[19:05:10] <DたびかL> hmm i think trevel. uses that
[19:05:48] <Newman> I'm trying to move
[19:05:52] <DたびかL> When i was in france i just changed the k/b to uk settings and ignored their weird 1/2 querty k/b
[19:06:33] <Newman> http://www.jerkcity.com/jerkcity947.html
[19:06:41] <DたびかL> I think the patent thing is going to be a much bigger problem
[19:07:06] <DたびかL> yeah thats exactly it
[19:07:55] <DたびかL> i liked hackles.org -- but they've given up
[19:07:58] <DたびかL> DたびかL sobs in misery.
[19:09:24] <Newman> It had a bit of a reputation on Slashdot...
[19:09:59] <Newman> as being "obvious" humour
[19:10:06] <Newman> like User Friendly
[19:10:37] <DたびかL> yeah maybe - i dont think its that deep :)
[19:10:45] --- Ana has joined
[19:11:05] <Newman> Hello Ana
[19:11:11] <Newman> Welcome
[19:11:20] <Ana> hi!
[19:11:37] <Newman> Is this your first experience with Jabber?
[19:11:59] <Ana> no its the second! lol
[19:12:17] <Newman> Good!
[19:12:20] <DたびかL> ?? psi
[19:12:20] <ChatBot> [psi]: A popular cross-platform client available at http://psi.affinix.com
[19:12:42] <Ana> and i shoudnt be here...it was a mistake!
[19:12:57] <Ana> sorry guys!
[19:13:16] <Newman> Okay, take 'er easy
[19:13:16] <Ana> bye
[19:13:39] --- Ana has left
[19:13:52] <Newman> Well
[19:14:13] <Newman> Ana could have been female
[19:14:22] <Newman> Names that end in -a usually == female
[19:14:40] <DたびかL> dam
[19:14:50] <Newman> Curses!
[19:14:59] <Newman> Ana could have been THE female Jabber user!
[19:15:09] <Newman> An elusive beast.
[19:17:02] <DたびかL> mmmm /the lesser spotted ana/
[19:18:30] <Newman> http://www.freelancegeek.ca/images/photo/newmansdesktop
[19:19:07] <Newman> It's not so gross in a non-lossy format
[19:19:30] <DたびかL> hmm osx
[19:19:42] <DたびかL> is that better then the start bar method
[19:19:44] <Newman> Yeah, the SuperKaramba kroller bar
[19:20:31] <Newman> I'm trying to decide between SlickBar (SuperKaramba replacement of the Kicker) and Kroller (OS X style)
[19:20:43] <Newman> The only problem with Kroller is no systray
[19:20:49] <Newman> but it looks so cool...
[19:21:29] <DたびかL> it would be good if things dynamicly apeared on the bottom of your desktop according to how much you used them
[19:21:57] <Newman> Yeah, put Most Used Applications into that kind of bar...
[19:22:04] <Newman> Man, I wish I was a Python/KDE hacker.
[19:22:13] <DたびかL> quick patent it
[19:22:17] <Newman> haha
[19:22:17] <DたびかL> /patent
[19:22:37] <Newman> Software patents :'(
[19:22:39] <DたびかL> dam that should automatcly create a new patent and submittit to the P office
[19:22:59] <DたびかL> i think we need to all start submitting crap to the PO
[19:22:59] <Newman> So, the EU stomped on software patents?
[19:23:02] <Newman> (Mostly?)
[19:23:05] <DたびかL> not yet
[19:23:12] <Newman> Grr
[19:23:18] <Newman> Canada should join the EU
[19:23:22] <Newman> rofl
[19:23:23] <DたびかL> US software patents are valid in the UK
[19:23:32] <Newman> It's so stupid
[19:23:36] <Newman> why not have song patents?
[19:23:40] <DたびかL> but u cant patent software
[19:23:44] <Newman> Fiction patents?
[19:23:50] <DたびかL> I explaind before theres a very simple
[19:23:52] <DたびかL> fix --
[19:24:12] <DたびかL> a short term copywrite patent thing for transient technology
[19:27:30] <DたびかL> i think the answer is to come up with things that cant exist and patent them
[19:29:32] <Newman> The answer is for everyone who cares to write their representatives and bitch about it
[19:29:38] <Newman> Representatives crap pants
[19:29:42] <Newman> patents gone
[19:29:57] <DたびかL> nah the answer is to get something better
[19:30:15] <DたびかL> patents and copyright dont work very well when it comes to the internet
[19:30:34] <DたびかL> also theres the issue of free speech which seriously needs sorting out on the net
[19:31:30] <DたびかL> i still say that a .kids domain (with associated legislation) would go a long way to sorting that 1 out
[19:32:15] <Newman> It's stupid
[19:32:19] <Newman> What they need is a .adult domain
[19:32:24] <Newman> or .erotica
[19:32:43] <DたびかL> maybe
[19:32:58] <Newman> Maybe is pornography was the majourity of content on the 'Net
[19:33:17] <DたびかL> remember porn is the cutting edge of the internet
[19:33:20] <Newman> then .kids would make sense
[19:33:23] <Newman> heh
[19:33:28] <Newman> Well, it drives a lot of innovation
[19:33:35] <DたびかL> maybe then have both
[19:33:39] <Newman> Did you see that /. article on the porn industry's attitude towards piracy?
[19:33:52] <DたびかL> a .kids for ppl under 12 and a .porn for 18+
[19:34:06] <Newman> Yeah... but I don't really see how .kids helps
[19:34:27] <Newman> because unless you legislate all kids-related sites to get .kids domain names, it's not really useful for filtering
[19:34:39] <DたびかL> erm i didnt read it -- basicly they dont care
[19:34:39] <Newman> You might as well just get AOL, take some cyanide and go to bed.
[19:35:30] <DたびかL> .kids domains would have to be free and subject to legal content inforcement
[19:35:41] <DたびかL> ie prison sentence/ massive fines
[19:36:01] <DたびかL> the porn industry def doesnt want to target children
[19:36:02] <Newman> Well, they're not going to be free
[19:36:13] <DたびかL> content filtering cannot work
[19:36:36] <Newman> plus you'd have to ensure that every kids site had hosting technology that would allow for virtual domains (is that the right term?)
[19:36:40] <Newman> Most do, but not all
[19:37:00] <Newman> Content filtering - very few producers of porn want people under 18 viewing their stuff
[19:37:14] <DたびかL> hmm i think the opersite problem is true -- you have to be _very_ carefull with virtual domains and .kids
[19:37:49] <Newman> Well, maybe RDF will solve the whole content filtering thing...
[19:37:52] <DたびかL> also what about the kids that want to look at porn -- u just upload it to some free website and then download it somewhere else
[19:37:58] <Newman> a real solution for metadata would make things a lot easier.
[19:38:11] <DたびかL> yeah maybe thats another way to do it
[19:38:19] <Newman> There will always be a way
[19:38:26] <Newman> You could root around a P2P network
[19:38:31] <DたびかL> i think the domain method is the cleanest tho
[19:39:01] <Newman> Well
[19:39:08] <Newman> I doubt ICANN is going to join jabber@ and ask us...
[19:39:09] <DたびかL> it would need a decent bit of legslisation but i dont think its too hard to do
[19:39:12] <Newman> :D
[19:39:17] <DたびかL> they have been asked already
[19:39:29] <DたびかL> but turned it down -- due to the lack of legal support
[19:40:20] <Newman> I think that the adult industry will mark themselves
[19:40:28] <Newman> if we can agree on a real metadata standard
[19:40:50] <Newman> and, if one of my kids wanted to look badly enough... well, that's their business
[19:40:54] <Newman> not that I have any
[19:40:57] <Newman> but if I did
[19:42:53] --- realitym has joined
[19:45:20] --- realitym has left
[19:45:30] <DたびかL> what about the really sick sites
[19:45:40] <DたびかL> what about the less sick sites like kittenbonsi
[20:01:18] <Newman> nunc tutus exitus computarus
[20:02:10] <DたびかL> bon nuit
[20:02:27] <Newman> (it is now safe to turn off your computer)
[20:03:39] <DたびかL> ive already turned one off thx
[20:03:54] <Newman> Minutus cantorum, minutus balorum, minutus rborata descendum pantorum.
[20:04:02] <DたびかL> actualy its "windows is shutting down ...."
[20:04:25] <Newman> But if your BIOS doesn't support APM, you see a second screen that says...
[20:04:50] <Newman> "It is now safe to turn off your computer"
[20:04:57] <Newman> That is so from Windows 95 to Windows 2000
[20:05:06] <Newman> (I've never really used XP, so I don't know about that)
[20:07:22] <DたびかL> ah but windows 98 and SE both fail to get that far often -- sometimes always
[20:07:47] <DたびかL> its whats called a bug apparently
[20:08:37] <Newman> Well then
[20:08:44] * Newman kamikazes
[20:09:08] <DたびかL> u'll be told you didnt shut down your computer correctly u know :D
[20:09:55] <Newman> :D
[20:10:42] <DたびかL> and then u'll get some crazy message about clusters or something -- then you panic and turn off the computer
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[21:05:20] <raphael> Can I have a question not related to the topic about jabber
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[23:46:40] <DiAbLoMaN> whussup guys
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[23:50:06] <snakefooc> hi
[23:50:17] <snakefooc> where the people
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