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[05:57:50] <rajeevrana> hi
[05:59:37] <rajeevrana> is XMPP protocol have supports for ban IP Address in room ?
[06:03:08] MattJ joins the room
[06:04:46] <barlas> rajeevrana: I think it does, not sure
[06:04:46] <barlas> hi MattJ
[06:05:07] <MattJ> Good morning barlas :)
[06:05:32] <barlas> Good evening MattJ
[06:05:45] <MattJ> In Jabber people's IP address is not available (unless of course they are using your server)
[06:05:51] <rajeevrana> sorry to disturb u sir
[06:06:02] <MattJ> rajeevrana, you are not disturbing :)
[06:06:08] <rajeevrana> but how ... which XCP
[06:06:45] <MattJ> For what?
[06:06:50] <rajeevrana> I want to implement ban IP address feature in XMPP Client
[06:07:00] <rajeevrana> in room
[06:07:29] <MattJ> You just modify the ban list of the room
[06:07:40] <MattJ> But you cannot ban someone based on their IP
[06:07:58] <MattJ> Only on their server IP, or their JID
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[06:08:40] <MattJ> !xep 45
[06:08:41] <HAL> XEP-0045: Multi-User Chat is Standards Track (Draft, 2007-04-10) See: http://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0045.html
[06:10:04] <MattJ> rajeevrana, see http://www.xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0045.html#modifyban
[06:11:03] <rajeevrana> ban on basis of JID which is ok ...
[06:11:22] <rajeevrana> but we need IP based blocking
[06:11:34] <MattJ> Your IP is private
[06:11:41] <MattJ> it is a bad thing anyway...
[06:11:48] <rajeevrana> public ID
[06:11:49] <MattJ> Many people can share the same IP
[06:12:04] <MattJ> and one person may have a dynamic one anyway
[06:12:10] <MattJ> So blocking his IP will do nothing
[06:12:48] <MattJ> If there is a certain user who is misusing the service, complain to his server admins
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[06:13:50] <rajeevrana> but user can create new JID
[06:14:07] <MattJ> *shrug*
[06:14:11] <MattJ> He can get new IP
[06:14:22] <MattJ> Same difference
[06:14:41] <MattJ> If you banned my IP now, I only have to type one command to get a new one
[06:15:05] <MattJ> You could ban my range, but it would stop many others from using the service too
[06:15:41] <MattJ> You could say it is a failure of TCP/IP
[06:15:42] <rajeevrana> it's true
[06:16:03] ankit joins the room
[06:16:13] <barlas> hi ankit
[06:16:28] <MattJ> At some point I believe it is planned for Jabber to support client certificates (if it does not already)
[06:16:39] <MattJ> This can prove that a user is who he says he is
[06:16:54] <MattJ> A service would be able to require that someone had a certificate
[06:18:28] <ankit> Hi I am Ankit. I am also working on the same issue
[06:18:51] <ankit> Many of company uses public ip to surf internet
[06:19:23] <barlas> That would be nice
[06:19:38] <ankit> So I want a option to block IP address to connect.
[06:20:30] <ankit> Is there a way to get IP address of the client in XMPP protocol?
[06:20:39] <MattJ> No
[06:20:58] <MattJ> Not unless you are the user's server
[06:21:01] <ankit> Like we have option in SIP protocol
[06:21:17] <MattJ> SIP is P2P as far as I know
[06:21:32] <ankit> Then how XMPP server communicate with clients?
[06:21:39] <ankit> true
[06:21:58] <MattJ> The user connects to their XMPP server
[06:22:12] <MattJ> Their XMPP server *does* know their IP address
[06:22:23] <MattJ> But it is never published
[06:22:41] <MattJ> If the user connects to a MUC, the data travels via their server
[06:22:44] <ankit> Can we customize server?
[06:22:52] <MattJ> They do not make a direct connection to the MUC
[06:23:10] <MattJ> I am certain most servers will let you see the IP address of connected users
[06:23:10] <ankit> We can block users based on IP from server itself
[06:23:18] <MattJ> Right
[06:23:58] <MattJ> Then it may be that I misunderstood
[06:24:07] <ankit> then there should be some interface in server to extend authorization based on IP
[06:24:13] <MattJ> rajeevrana wanted to block people with a certain IP from a room
[06:24:36] <MattJ> Unless you have access to the user's server, you can't know their IP, that is all
[06:26:24] <ankit> As far my understanding is: we can do IP based blocking from server itself and that will fully block that IP not in room. Right?
[06:26:49] <barlas> ankit: yes
[06:26:51] <MattJ> Yes, certainly, if the user is connecting to your server
[06:27:25] <ankit> right
[06:28:23] <ankit> can you please give me some link to block IP from server?
[06:30:13] <MattJ> What server are you using?
[06:30:31] <ankit> jabberd
[06:39:25] <MattJ> ankit, jabberd 1 or 2?
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[06:39:40] <ankit> jabberd 2
[06:39:48] <MattJ> Great
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[06:41:01] <MattJ> ankit, I don't have a link
[06:41:08] <MattJ> ankit, Look in c2s.xml
[06:41:17] <ankit> any hint to do that
[06:41:19] <MattJ> There is a section called <access>
[06:41:30] <ankit> So I can move fwd
[06:42:32] <MattJ> Under <access> put: <deny ip="" mask="" /> for example
[06:42:45] <MattJ> brb
[06:43:37] <ankit> I have looked in wildfire and it has option to block IP in its admin interface
[06:51:45] <MattJ> Yes
[06:51:54] <MattJ> jabberd2 doesn't have that interface
[06:52:02] <ankit> :(
[06:52:05] <MattJ> But the config file does the same thing
[06:52:13] <MattJ> I use jabberd2
[06:52:39] <ankit> thanks for this usefull information
[06:53:01] <rajeevrana> thanks MattJ
[06:54:31] <MattJ> No problem :)
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[07:22:44] <barlas> hi waqqas
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[07:28:40] <barlas> hi Light Lan
[07:28:54] <Light Lan> hi barlas
[07:29:13] <barlas> What's up?
[07:32:47] <waqqas> hi barlas
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[08:55:16] <MattJ> !join tessa@conference.jabber.org
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[09:55:00] <nhdezoito> bye all
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[11:05:29] HedgeMage peeks in
[11:06:04] <barlas> hi HedgeMage
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[11:17:57] <HedgeMage> what's up, barlas ?
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[11:49:23] <garung> only 3 people?
[11:49:32] <garung> where are the others? or i'm lagging?
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[11:57:31] <rip1_3> Hi
[11:57:37] <rip1_3> All
[11:58:05] <rip1_3> I am russian
[11:59:24] <rip1_3> All slip
[11:59:29] <rip1_3> ?
[11:59:37] <rip1_3> Yes
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[12:15:18] <sebzar> Hi garung
[12:15:30] HedgeMage peeks in
[12:15:47] <HedgeMage> garung: you must be lagging, there are over a dozen people in here.
[12:16:08] <sebzar> strange... I only see 5 people.
[12:16:18] <sebzar> A dozen is still 12?
[12:16:22] <HedgeMage> yes
[12:16:44] <HedgeMage> Is there a way to be invisible in chat? maybe I can only see them because I'm a moderator?
[12:16:59] <sebzar> I even don't see papuautils
[12:17:13] <HedgeMage> PapaUtils isn't here
[12:17:33] <sebzar> He took the others out for a drink?
[12:18:01] <sebzar> I see barlas, garung, HedgeMage, TobiasFar and welp
[12:18:17] <HedgeMage> lol who knows ;)
[12:18:21] <sebzar> HedgeMage: can you ask some not in my list if they see me?
[12:19:04] <HedgeMage> sebzar: I think you just did :)
[12:19:29] <sebzar> I don't know it can be that they don't see my messages?
[12:19:31] <HedgeMage> brb
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[12:19:46] <HedgeMage> aha, only six now... my list was bugging out
[12:19:55] <HedgeMage> but, I must work now, so ttyl
[12:20:01] <sebzar> okay
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[12:27:15] <welp> yo folks
[12:27:23] <sebzar> Hi welp!
[12:27:28] <sebzar> How are you?
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[12:33:24] <welp> i'm goo, ta
[12:33:27] <welp> you guys?
[12:33:29] <welp> *good
[12:33:52] <sebzar> I'm good.
[12:34:37] HedgeMage peeks in
[12:34:45] <HedgeMage> work is stalled, I have to wait for something to compile :)
[12:35:39] <sebzar> what are you compiling?
[12:35:39] <garung> i see only 7 people including me
[12:35:55] <sebzar> yes. the same here.
[12:36:04] <garung> :D
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[12:37:00] <sebzar> Hi nhdezoito!
[12:39:38] <barlas> hi all
[12:39:42] <sebzar> nhdezoito: Are you new here?
[12:39:46] <HedgeMage> PHP... installing a LAMP stack on the new laptop so I can do webdev work while I don't have a 'net connection to get to my server.
[12:44:25] <welp> sounds like a rather... fun setup for a laptop ;)
[12:44:54] <HedgeMage> :)
[12:46:22] <nhdezoito> hi sebzar
[12:46:26] <nhdezoito> sebzar: hi
[12:53:14] pavlix joins the room
[12:53:39] <barlas> hi pavlix
[12:55:14] <pavlix> hi
[12:56:39] HedgeMage waits for apache to compile now
[12:57:30] <pavlix> what web statistics program would you recommend?
[12:57:42] <HedgeMage> what kind of stats are you trying to grab?
[12:58:23] <sebzar> I would love to grab the stats of George Bush's bank-account.
[12:58:31] <pavlix> just simple ones....
[12:58:37] <pavlix> I have several domains....
[12:59:31] <pavlix> and I'd like to see how much is which page visited, which referrers brought people there... etc
[12:59:58] <pavlix> something little bit more readable than the logs themselves
[13:00:42] <barlas> pavlix: What do you think about Google Analytics?
[13:01:09] <pavlix> barlas: don't expect any use
[13:01:14] <HedgeMage> pavlix: for most sites, I use the CMS's integrated statistics. For auditing PHP code, I use callgrind, for anything else I usually attack/analyze my logs.
[13:01:32] <pavlix> I just need an analyzer :D
[13:01:44] <barlas> Analytics does analayze :P
[13:06:47] <pavlix> does it?
[13:06:56] <pavlix> barlas: how do I submit the logs?
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[13:43:17] Ilfirin joins the room
[13:43:37] <sebzar> Hi llfirin
[13:43:45] <Ilfirin> Hi everybody
[13:43:57] <sebzar> Are you new here?
[13:44:37] <Ilfirin> Yes, but I do not need help, thank you
[13:44:49] MattJ mobile joins the room
[13:44:55] <sebzar> okay
[13:45:08] <sebzar> I was just asking.
[13:45:21] <sebzar> Welcome to jabber! ;-)
[13:45:47] <Ilfirin> Thanks for trying to help.
[13:45:49] <sebzar> MattJ_: Hi! I miss papautils.
[13:46:00] <sebzar> llfirin: I did not try to help. I was just asking.
[13:46:05] <MattJ mobile> You do?
[13:46:16] <pavlix> :)
[13:46:23] <pavlix> hello Mattj, others
[13:46:51] <sebzar> MattJ_: I was beginning to get attached to papa.
[13:47:31] <MattJ mobile> He's nothing to do with me
[13:48:39] <sebzar> :-(
[13:53:53] <sebzar> Any norwegians here?
[13:54:50] <MattJ mobile> Yes
[13:54:55] <MattJ mobile> 1
[13:55:02] <MattJ mobile> :-)
[13:55:23] <sebzar> Ok. siden når?
[13:56:16] rev 22 joins the room
[13:56:23] <sebzar> Hi rev 22!
[13:56:31] <sebzar> Welcome back.
[13:56:48] <rev 22> hello sebzar :-)
[13:57:12] <rev 22> it seems I got disconnected while away
[13:57:30] <sebzar> okay.
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[13:58:07] <sebzar> That's just good that you get disconnected. Otherwise people may think you are a Jabber addict. ;-)
[13:58:48] <rev 22> hehe, well I am already addicted
[13:59:02] <sebzar> :-D
[13:59:39] <MattJ mobile> <me-too/>
[14:01:20] <sebzar> better addicted to jabber then other addictions
[14:01:42] jeti joins the room
[14:01:58] <MattJ mobile> I'm addicted to Lua though
[14:02:05] <sebzar> hi jeti. welcome back
[14:02:07] <sebzar> Lua?
[14:02:26] <MattJ mobile> !lua
[14:02:32] <sebzar> Programming language lua?
[14:02:39] <MattJ mobile> Yes
[14:02:55] <MattJ mobile> ........
[14:03:07] <MattJ mobile> Where is hal?
[14:03:19] <sebzar> all the bots are down it seems
[14:03:29] <MattJ mobile> Oh
[14:03:41] <MattJ mobile> Jabber.org
[14:03:58] <sebzar> no, no, no..... jabberlive.org
[14:04:02] <sebzar> ;-)
[14:04:22] <MattJ mobile> Jabberdead.org
[14:05:04] <sebzar> :-( well you could take that domainname if you want
[14:05:42] <sebzar> Typical a domain micro$oft would like to have to promote msn.
[14:05:42] <MattJ mobile> No :-D
[14:06:13] <MattJ mobile> But jabber.org is unstable
[14:06:19] <sebzar> oh?
[14:06:30] <MattJ mobile> And always has been
[14:06:40] <sebzar> I thought it was one of the most stable servers.
[14:06:52] <jeti> it's not that bad anymore
[14:07:00] <MattJ mobile> Not in my view
[14:07:08] <MattJ mobile> Oh
[14:07:20] <MattJ mobile> It's better now
[14:07:28] <sebzar> okay.
[14:07:30] <MattJ mobile> But still...
[14:07:43] <sebzar> I don't know. I don't use jabber.org only the conference part.
[14:09:52] <sebzar> well the most stable server has to be jabberlive.org then.... O:-)
[14:10:09] <MattJ mobile> Lol
[14:10:19] <MattJ mobile> Is it yours?
[14:10:25] <sebzar> jep
[14:10:54] <MattJ mobile> XEP
[14:14:10] <sebzar> small userbase but growing slowly
[14:15:20] <sebzar> more people here with their own server?
[14:15:40] <jeti> I have a private one
[14:15:53] <pavlix> I do :)
[14:16:12] <MattJ mobile> I have one on my pc for development... Nothing else
[14:16:31] <sebzar> addresses jeti and pavlix?
[14:16:54] <pavlix> just for testing, too
[14:17:00] <sebzar> okay
[14:17:14] <pavlix> :)
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[14:18:24] HedgeMage has a jabber server
[14:18:41] pavlix can't get awstats on ubuntu workin
[14:18:43] <pavlix> *g
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[15:38:47] <btdn> ERROR: Your message to the room bounced.
[15:38:49] <btdn> Not fun!
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[16:43:06] jaarik joins the room
[16:43:51] <jaarik> what's the talk?
[16:43:59] <jaarik> hi all
[16:44:02] <btdn> Hi.
[16:44:16] <jaarik> bt!
[16:44:35] <jaarik> what's the room about?
[16:44:59] <jaarik> what's the best jabber client?
[16:45:04] <astrobit> jabber and anything else :D
[16:45:24] <astrobit> well jaarik... i guess everybody will defend the client they use :P
[16:45:47] astrobit uses Gajim
[16:45:49] <MattJ> Wow... Jeti
[16:46:04] <jaarik> i use jeti - but it does not support copy-paste :(
[16:46:08] <MattJ> Gajim is very good, but not as good on Windows as it is on Linux :)
[16:46:15] <jaarik> hi matt
[16:46:24] <MattJ> Miranda IM is my favorite on Windows
[16:46:56] <jaarik> ok - i used miranda once but it's msg logging is (or was) weak
[16:47:18] <MattJ> No, install the History++ plugin :)
[16:48:04] <jaarik> i then looked around now on irc - wonderful to have tons of channels, but the protocol is inferior to jabber - what can we do to attract hordes to jabber then?
[16:48:21] <jaarik> o, i see, matt
[16:48:37] <MattJ> jaarik: There is much we can do
[16:48:48] <MattJ> I stopped using other protocols for a start
[16:48:55] <MattJ> It only resulted in 3 people switching
[16:49:01] <MattJ> But if everybody did it...
[16:49:07] astrobit did it too
[16:49:26] <jaarik> these jabber servers are EMPTY - like jabber.obsidian.co.za !!! i am in south africa - it was groomed to be the #1 jabber server - but it sucks
[16:49:54] <MattJ> Heh
[16:50:04] <MattJ> Yes, there are not many conferences
[16:50:51] <jaarik> the one too good to be true is jabber.ru but not too many internationals there
[16:51:42] <MattJ> True indeed
[16:52:09] <jaarik> matt - you're a cute kid on your pic
[16:52:14] <jaarik> /ping MattJ
[16:52:17] <btdn> Other IM protocols do not support Russian, apparently.
[16:52:22] <jaarik> ?
[16:52:30] <jaarik> where is my pong?
[16:52:36] <btdn> PONG
[16:52:44] <jaarik> :)
[16:52:53] <MattJ> !ping
[16:53:10] <jaarik> !ping MattJ
[16:53:14] HAL joins the room
[16:53:14] btdn notes that JBother and Exodus' vCards are incompatible.
[16:53:20] <MattJ> !ping
[16:53:20] <HAL> pong
[16:53:31] <MattJ> btdn: Really? o-O
[16:53:45] <jaarik> cute! any way to ping here on jabber?
[16:54:04] <MattJ> jaarik: It is possible, if the client implements it
[16:54:17] <MattJ> That is one problem with Jabber
[16:54:17] <jaarik> which one then?
[16:54:19] <MattJ> The best protocol ever
[16:54:32] <MattJ> But some clients support some things, some support other things...
[16:54:50] <MattJ> Gajim supports a lot, but I think pings are not released yet
[16:54:57] <jaarik> i heard psi was nice, is it?
[16:55:07] <MattJ> Not in my opinion :)
[16:55:09] <astrobit> Mattj ... can it be done with the XML console?
[16:55:11] <MattJ> But many people like it
[16:55:18] <MattJ> Yes, it can
[16:55:21] <MattJ> !xep ping
[16:55:21] <HAL> XEP-0199: XMPP Ping is Standards Track (Experimental, 2006-11-22) See: http://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0199.html
[16:55:38] <astrobit> :D
[16:56:43] <jaarik> does file sharing work THRU the server on jabber? or is it p2p?
[16:56:57] TobiasFar leaves the room
[16:57:19] <btdn> Either, apparently.
[16:57:25] <btdn> I've never actually gotten it working.
[16:57:49] <jaarik> oh, and you tried?
[16:57:55] <btdn> Briefly.
[16:59:00] <jaarik> ok - got to go now. thanx for the talk, btdn, astrobit, matt!
[16:59:45] <btdn> Bye.
[16:59:59] alien joins the room
[17:00:02] jaarik leaves the room
[17:00:04] <btdn> alien: Hi.
[17:00:05] <alien> hi
[17:00:13] <alien> neeto
[17:00:14] <btdn> Gmail!
[17:00:27] <alien> word up
[17:00:43] <alien> I wanted to test out the voip feature of this thing.. anyone down?
[17:01:07] <astrobit> i could never get jabbin working :P
[17:01:44] <alien> rockin jabbin right now from my ubuntu lappy, baby
[17:01:53] <btdn> You talk funny!
[17:02:22] <astrobit> ;)
[17:02:29] <alien> yea, I do.. I walk funny too :)
[17:02:41] <alien> is there a jabbin room?
[17:03:09] <alien> indeed there is.. but I'm the only one it!
[17:03:31] <btdn> They seem to want you to use the forums.
[17:03:37] <alien> really?
[17:03:39] <alien> ok
[17:04:24] <alien> looking for an alternative to skype, which is too choppy over my satalite connection
[17:05:18] <MattJ> Jabbin crashed a lot, last time I tried it
[17:05:42] MattJ claps alien for being a fellow Ubuntu user :)
[17:08:00] garung leaves the room
[17:09:37] <alien> MattJ: woot
[17:42:05] <MattJ> .
[17:42:15] <MattJ> :)
[17:42:15] <HAL> Error: bot.lua:89: attempt to index field 'cfg' (a nil value)
It can only be attributable to human error.
[17:42:23] <MattJ> !
[17:44:04] HAL leaves the room
[17:47:16] <alien> yea, that forum is worthless
[17:48:05] HAL joins the room
[17:50:07] nhdezoito leaves the room
[18:06:19] <alien> well, catch yall later
[18:17:27] synic joins the room
[18:17:29] synic leaves the room
[18:33:01] alien leaves the room
[19:08:17] barlas joins the room
[19:42:11] <MattJ> .
[19:43:39] <barlas> Hi MattJ
[19:44:37] <MattJ> Hi barlas
[19:44:45] <MattJ> Just testing jabber.org was still up
[19:44:56] <barlas> :)
[20:23:25] nhdezoito joins the room
[20:27:01] <barlas> hi nhdezoito
[20:27:08] <nhdezoito> hi barlas
[20:27:32] <barlas> What's up?
[20:28:07] <nhdezoito> everything is all rigth
[20:29:48] <barlas> good to hear
[20:41:09] nhdezoito leaves the room
[21:22:24] MattJ leaves the room
[22:44:39] Xavitha joins the room
[22:45:01] <Xavitha> Hi everyone
[22:45:10] <HedgeMage> hi Xavitha
[22:45:52] <Xavitha> GAIM Jabber is driving me insane...trying to figure something out for a RP group of mine so we can ditch AIM, but for the life of me i can't figure out how to make a chat room
[22:46:57] <HedgeMage> That is because GAIM only impliments about 1/3 of jabber's features
[22:47:03] <HedgeMage> Have you tried Psi ?
[22:47:11] <HedgeMage> it is free and works on mac, windoze, and linux
[22:47:19] <Xavitha> no i havn't, a friend of mine pretty much pushed gaim on me
[22:47:22] <HedgeMage> Also, it is very easy to use and has more features than gaim
[22:47:34] <HedgeMage> gaim is good at many things, jabber just isn't among them
[22:48:03] <Xavitha> noted, honestly if i could afford to pay for trillian pro i'd try that but unfortunatly i'm broke most of the time like most people
[22:48:10] <HedgeMage> Xavitha: check out http://psi-im.org/
[22:49:19] <HedgeMage> (I use tkabber, but it is hard to set up on windows and has quite a learning curve compared to psi)
[22:49:20] <Xavitha> *cools* this would be much better, we're getting really tired of having to post are same action 8 times to get dramatic effect, and the GM has to do worse hehe
[22:49:29] <HedgeMage> hehe
[22:50:08] <Xavitha> i only wish Gmail could have, then we could all have our chacter pictures too, but eh, cant have everything and functionality before form
[22:51:18] <Xavitha> i might hiccup outta here for abit while i set this up
[22:51:29] <HedgeMage> ok np
[22:53:13] <Xavitha> ok so it didn't hang up on me...hey does PSI support JUST jabber or other protocols?
[22:54:35] <HedgeMage> It only supports the jabber protocol, but it does support transports -- do you know what those are?
[22:55:06] <Xavitha> i'm not positive, i know Gtalk appears to utilize jabber juding by the fact GAIM used jabber to access gtalk
[22:56:35] malucruz leaves the room
[22:57:02] <HedgeMage> Gtalk is just jabber with a google logo on it (and a little bit of google-esque addons)
[22:57:14] <HedgeMage> ljtalk is rebranded jabber, too
[22:57:33] <Xavitha> ah...sneaky but cool, so whats a transport?
[22:57:40] <HedgeMage> transports are a way to connect to people on other types of IM using jabber. You need to use a server with transport support to get this feature...
[22:58:03] <HedgeMage> To use it, you register your info for other services with the server, then you can use them like jabber contacts.
[22:58:18] <Xavitha> *noddles* Does jabber.org support transports or do i need to go hunting?
[22:58:39] <HedgeMage> for example, my server supports transports, so I gave it my yahoo im user name and pw, and now I can add yahoo people using "yahooid@yahoo" as their jabber ID
[22:58:43] <HedgeMage> jabber.org does not.
[22:58:49] calderin joins the room
[22:58:51] <HedgeMage> so, look around.
[22:59:07] <HedgeMage> I'm not sure what free ones do.
[22:59:15] <HedgeMage> I get mine as part of my web hosting plan
[22:59:19] <Xavitha> aaaah
[22:59:52] <Xavitha> *hmms* because if i can bulk my RPG group together it makes it alot more appealing then telling them "go get a new service so we don't have to break up our posts"
[23:00:37] HedgeMage nods
[23:00:54] <HedgeMage> If you want to try getting your own server, I still have discount codes for Dreamhost.
[23:01:41] <Xavitha> perhapos but ATM i'm unemployeed, so i have to stick with public...I have spare systems lying around if i wanted to build one but i'm not sure how my ISP would take that
[23:03:32] <Xavitha> hmm...if i'm understanding this right i believe jabber.unoc.net does so, their news files lists upgrading support for AIM so it supports ICQ, and an experimental yahoo gateway.
[23:05:16] <HedgeMage> cool
[23:05:18] <HedgeMage> :)
[23:06:06] <Xavitha> *tweaks her account via PSI then*
[23:07:32] <HedgeMage> :)
[23:08:47] <Xavitha> erk..hmm...oh wait i gotta idea
[23:09:49] <Xavitha> having difficulty getting into the server, but its due to registration, but PSI has already registered me so i'm trying to figure out how to reregister, i think i can cheat since i still have GAIM and reg via GAIM first
[23:10:04] <HedgeMage> that should work
[23:12:11] <Xavitha> ok, now this supports transports, so now i just need to figure out how to activate them
[23:14:10] <HedgeMage> cool
[23:14:13] <Xavitha> hmmm...only supports 1 transport at a time...i can understand that, i hardly use ICQ anyway
[23:14:31] <HedgeMage> really? 1/time? that's odd.
[23:14:35] <Xavitha> so i can use AIM and Yahoo from here now if i understand it right
[23:15:01] <HedgeMage> should be able to.
[23:15:09] <HedgeMage> there's a service browser or somesuch in psi
[23:17:28] <Xavitha> *nods* i found that but if i go in and try to register again, it already finds my AIM name there, if i put my ICQ won't it overwrite it?
[23:18:13] <HedgeMage> ICQ and AIM are actually the same thing... depending on the server software they use and how it is configured, they may have only one slot for it.
[23:18:36] <Xavitha> ok, but i only saw 1 selection..lemme look again
[23:21:22] <Xavitha> ok, now i just need to figure out how to make PSI create a groupchat
[23:24:02] <HedgeMage> just join it and it gets created :)
[23:24:18] <HedgeMage> I think the icon looks like a little bunch of people.
[23:24:59] <Xavitha> are you sure, i tried making one called Super Robot Wars as an experiment and it said it didn't exist
[23:26:06] <Xavitha> unless...do i hafta nickname it super robot wars and give it a different room name?
[23:26:28] <HedgeMage> I think room names can't have spaces.
[23:26:31] <HedgeMage> but I'm not certain
[23:26:34] <Xavitha> that appears to be it
[23:26:44] <Xavitha> waiting for PSI to ok this atm
[23:27:01] <HedgeMage> cool
[23:27:17] <Xavitha> i'm curious, how'd you get the nick HedgeMage?
[23:27:26] calderin leaves the room
[23:27:28] <Xavitha> if i can ask i mean
[23:31:38] <Xavitha> err....been trying to do this a while now, why hasn't it created the room (gives it a metaphorical push)
[23:34:05] <Xavitha> AH! there we go! had the wrong server name!
[23:35:45] Xavitha leaves the room: Logged out
[23:41:57] <HedgeMage> back
[23:42:06] <HedgeMage> sorry, I got a phone call
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