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[13:52:52] <pradeep> i've been trying to get the memberbot to talk to me for a while now, so i can vote. no luck :(
[13:59:57] <Tobias> pradeep: tried speaking to Alex you manages the voting process?
[14:03:16] <Alex> memberbot is offline since this morning
[14:03:33] <Alex> you can vote later in the meeting if you missed memberbot
[14:06:12] <pradeep> ok thanks
[14:07:53] <Alex> pradeep: if you have problems with memberbot then contact me next time during the voting process over IM
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[14:41:22] <Tobias> back online?
[14:41:34] <Alex> ya, back online, no idea what happened
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[14:50:32] <Florian> hmm ... I still can't see Memberbot online :/
[14:50:48] <Tobias> [21:03:16] <Alex> memberbot is offline since this morning
[14:51:20] <Alex> hi Florian
[14:51:29] <Florian> heya
[14:51:34] <Alex> normally memberbot goes offline 24 hours before our meeting
[14:51:40] <Florian> ah
[14:51:52] <Alex> it went offline this mornign when I counted the votes
[14:52:04] <Florian> ok, so I'll vote in Meeting then :)
[14:52:08] <Alex> if you have not voted yet you can vote in the meeting
[14:52:55] <Florian> right
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[15:00:16] <Alex> hey Peter, Happy Birthday
[15:00:26] <Florian> Happy Birthday again :)
[15:01:02] <psa> hey thanks!
[15:01:07] <psa> how's it going?
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[15:01:20] <Alex> doing OK
[15:01:39] <psa> kind of crazy here :)
[15:01:54] <Florian> :)
[15:02:23] <Aaron Axelsen> howdy everyone
[15:03:18] Alex bangs teh gavel
[15:03:37] <Alex> here is our agenda for today:
[15:04:00] <Alex> 1) Call for Quorum
[15:04:29] <Alex> as you can see, 35 members voted via memberbot, so we already have a quorum
[15:04:54] <Alex> 2) Items Subject to a Vote
[15:05:06] <Alex> New and Returning members
[15:05:25] <Alex> you can see all teh applicants here: http://wiki.xmpp.org/web/Membership_Applications_July_2009
[15:05:42] <Alex> 3) Opportunity for XSF Members to Vote in the Meeting
[15:05:50] <Florian> yes please :)
[15:05:54] <Alex> I think FLorian and pradeep want to vote
[15:06:06] <Tobias> psa: happy birthday from me too :)
[15:06:20] <Alex> you can vote in private chat
[15:06:36] <psa> Tobias: thanks!
[15:06:50] psa doesn't really believe in birthday celebrations :)
[15:07:00] <Alex> ok, I have Florians votes now
[15:07:18] <Alex> anybody else? pradeep?
[15:09:16] <Alex> I'll prepare the results then
[15:13:58] <Alex> ok
[15:14:10] <Alex> 4) Announcement of Voting Results
[15:14:27] <Alex> if you reload the page at: http://xmpp.org/xsf/members/meetings/2009-08-06.shtml you should see the results
[15:15:13] <Alex> all applicants and reaplliers except of Dieter Lunn were accepted. Am I correct?
[15:15:27] <Tobias> yup
[15:15:36] <psa> poor Dieter
[15:15:54] <Alex> Florian: did I add your correct Jid?
[15:16:24] <psa> heh that's a very administrative JID :P
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[15:16:42] <Florian> fixed :)
[15:17:11] <Florian> Alex: it's admin@im.flosoft.biz :)
[15:17:15] <psa> right, that looks better -- im.flosoft.biz is the domain
[15:17:37] <Alex> Florian: yes this is what I remember, but yo voted with the other jid ;-)
[15:17:44] <Alex> I can change it if you want later
[15:18:05] <Alex> 5) Any Other Business?
[15:18:14] <Florian> not for an official meeting :)
[15:18:15] <psa> yes, other business
[15:18:21] <Florian> I have a question though :)
[15:18:35] <psa> we need to figure out the schedule for Board and Council elections
[15:18:36] <Tobias> btw: when the next monthly meeting?
[15:18:44] <psa> Tobias: ach so
[15:18:48] <psa> I forgot
[15:18:56] <psa> maybe we'll wait until September?
[15:19:06] <psa> it's been crazy for me with travel etc.
[15:19:09] <Florian> sounds good
[15:19:12] <Tobias> or did i interpret the term monthly too strict :P
[15:19:19] <Florian> most of the people are on holiday in august
[15:19:41] <psa> Florian: yes
[15:19:45] <psa> Tobias: :)
[15:19:52] <Alex> psa: ya, we can wait until September
[15:20:15] <Alex> we could start accepting applications on September 1st
[15:20:29] <psa> Alex: but we need to at least give people some warning about the need to post a page at wiki.jabber.org to be considered for Board or Council
[15:20:32] psa looks at a calendar
[15:20:33] <Alex> I was busy in the last weeks as well and not online a lot
[15:20:40] <psa> Alex: yes, me too
[15:21:55] <psa> we could accept candidates until September 11, vote by proxy September 14 - 30, and have a meeting on October 1
[15:22:02] <psa> something like that
[15:22:12] <Florian> psa: sounds good
[15:22:17] <psa> ok
[15:22:18] <Alex> works for me
[15:22:28] <psa> Alex: I will send out a post about it and also blog it
[15:22:46] <Alex> I have to check the new memberbot with Matheusz then
[15:22:57] <psa> ok good
[15:23:22] <psa> Alex: thanks as always for running the election process -- let us know if you get tired of it :)
[15:23:36] <Alex> psa: no problem
[15:23:45] <psa> ok, that was my "other business"
[15:24:04] <Alex> ok
[15:24:15] <Alex> 6) Formal Adjournment
[15:24:17] <Alex> I motion that we adjourn
[15:24:21] <Florian> +1 :)
[15:24:25] <psa> seconded!
[15:24:30] Alex bangs the gavel
[15:24:34] <Florian> ok ...
[15:24:36] <Florian> now my question
[15:24:45] <Florian> who do I need to bug all day and night to get a Wave account? :)
[15:24:47] <psa> hmm, I have an email with subject "Only 5 More Days To Renew JABBERPOWERED.ORG"
[15:25:05] <psa> Florian: I have friends :)
[15:25:18] <Florian> yay :)
[15:25:30] <Florian> I keep seeing all those wave domains ...
[15:25:34] <psa> yeah
[15:25:35] <psa> true
[15:25:36] <Florian> makes me feel left out :D
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[15:26:14] <psa> Florian: poke me about that next week
[15:26:21] <Florian> will do :)
[15:26:29] <psa> Florian: I can't easily find the right person in my inbox / roster right now
[15:27:06] <MiGri> hi
[15:27:36] <psa> hi MiGri!
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[15:27:41] <Florian> hey MiGri
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[15:29:07] <MiGri> ssems i had connection problem to jabber.org. didn't get anything between 21:07 cest and 22:25 cest
[15:29:29] <Alex> I had problems as well
[15:29:45] <Florian> hmm
[15:29:50] <Florian> mine seemed to work fine
[15:29:53] <Alex> but started to work 10 minutes before the meeting, so just in time
[15:29:56] <psa> Florian: I've pinged one of my contacts on the Wave team via email
[15:30:01] <MiGri> :( that was my last meeting as member :(
[15:30:08] <Florian> psa: cool, thanks :)
[15:30:18] <psa> MiGri: you can always apply again :)
[15:30:27] <psa> brb
[15:33:38] <Alex> hm, we wanted to formalize a limit of board members before our next board and coucil elections, so we missed that point ;-)
[15:33:55] <Florian> hmm
[15:34:00] <Florian> what is the limit today?
[15:34:07] <Florian> or is there none?
[15:34:33] <Alex> there is none in the bylaws, at least we couldn't find any records when we checked last year
[15:34:48] <Florian> but the council has limits?
[15:35:09] <Alex> Florian: yes, 5
[15:36:47] <Florian> Board also 5 or 6?
[15:37:19] <Alex> even numbers are not god for votes
[15:37:26] <Tobias> right
[15:37:31] <Florian> right
[15:37:34] <Florian> in that case 5 :)
[15:37:56] <Alex> yes, 3 or 5 is good I think
[15:39:14] <Florian> well, there are 5 at the moment
[15:39:19] <Florian> so I would say, let's go with 5
[15:43:59] <psa> unfortunately we need to do something about this in the Bylaws and that needs to be changed in an official vote -- we were supposed to do this before this year's elections but forgot
[15:44:56] <Alex> I write down a note for our next vote, so we don' forget again
[15:45:07] <Tobias> psa: can't we squeeze another vote in?
[15:45:22] <Alex> usually we don't habe more than 5 applicants for board
[15:45:47] <Florian> we'll see :)
[15:46:13] <Alex> ya, XMPP is quie popular now ;-)
[15:46:18] <Alex> quite
[15:46:21] <Florian> :)
[15:46:41] <psa> now I just need to raise more money!
[15:47:09] <Florian> :)
[15:47:25] <psa> ok, back to my painting job here...
[15:48:09] <psa> thanks, guys!
[15:48:31] <Alex> ok, see you later
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