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[08:21:03] <Florian Jensen> yhello
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[13:46:47] <Florian Jensen> good evening Sir Alex
[13:47:00] <Alex> Hi Florian
[13:47:17] <Alex> whi is MiGri?
[13:47:25] <Florian Jensen> no clue
[13:47:29] <Florian Jensen> I can't see real JIDs
[13:47:35] <Florian Jensen> since I am no mod :)
[13:47:59] <Alex> http://www.migri.de/
[13:48:16] <Alex> but you can see teh vcard
[13:48:21] <Alex> or can't you?
[13:48:23] <Florian Jensen> Großbritannien: Ufo-Hacker vor der Auslieferung
[13:48:44] <Florian Jensen> I can
[13:49:03] <Alex> I hate webpages without imprint
[13:49:29] <Florian Jensen> heh
[13:51:18] <Alex> its terrible hot here
[13:51:46] <MiGri> alex: I'm one of the applications for membership... but if you both didn't recognized that, my application seems not be soo good...
[13:51:57] <Alex> just coming back from the club, we were flying heli. Its OK outside, but in the house without air condition is too hot
[13:53:12] <Alex> Ok I see now ;-)
[13:53:13] <Alex> http://wiki.jabber.org/index.php/Michael_Grigutsch_Application_2008
[13:53:28] <Alex> your nickname was not i the application, but as admin I can see your real Jid
[13:53:32] <Alex> Florian can't
[13:54:04] <MiGri> my nickname is in my jid, which is in my application ;)
[13:54:05] <Florian Jensen> poor me :)
[13:55:02] <Alex> so hello to Cologne Michael ;-)
[13:55:18] <Florian Jensen> Heeelooooo Cologne!
[13:55:18] <MiGri> hi everybody :)
[13:58:01] <MiGri> there was no clue on the wiki that this meeting is internal only, so I thought, I can watch it...
[13:58:18] <MiGri> I hope that is ok?
[13:58:26] <Alex> the room is public
[13:58:44] <Alex> so its an open meeting ;-)
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[13:59:09] <Florian Jensen> evenin' boss
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[13:59:19] <Alex> Hi stpeter
[13:59:21] <stpeter> howdy
[13:59:32] <Alex> fine thanks
[13:59:45] <stpeter> I'm working to fix rsync at the moment :)
[13:59:48] <Alex> too hot here in germany, only cold beer helps
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[13:59:56] <stpeter> heh
[14:00:03] <Alex> ya, I have seen the logs are tehre now
[14:00:03] <Florian Jensen> Alex: I agree
[14:00:04] melo bows
[14:00:21] <stpeter> this is our 19th day over ~32˚C in Denver
[14:00:29] <Alex> Hi \, cool Jid ;-)
[14:00:39] <stpeter> heh yeah who is that?
[14:01:29] <Alex> No idea, maybe he introduces himself ;-)
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[14:03:12] <Florian Jensen> hey melo
[14:03:20] <melo> florian: ji
[14:04:05] <\> what threads are talked here?
[14:04:32] <Alex> ok, lets start our meeting
[14:04:37] Alex bangs teh gavel
[14:05:04] <Alex> here is our Agenda for today:
[14:05:53] <Alex> 1) Call for Quorum
[14:06:16] <Alex> 34 members voted via memberbot, so we have already a quorum
[14:06:22] <\> is this a support chat?
[14:06:36] <Alex> \ no, this is a XSF meeting
[14:06:41] <stpeter> \ no please join jabber@conference.jabber.org for support
[14:06:58] <Alex> for support goto jdev or jabber room
[14:07:04] <\> ...!
[14:07:13] <melo> jabber for end-user support, jdev for developer support.
[14:07:54] <Alex> 2) Items Subject to a Vote
[14:08:00] <Alex> New and Returning members
[14:08:15] <Alex> did not update the agenda correctly, the link is wrong ;-)
[14:08:43] <Alex> this is the correct link to the applicants:
[14:09:06] <Alex> 3) Opportunity for XSF Members to Vote in the Meeting
[14:09:14] <melo> I would like to vote
[14:09:27] <Alex> ok, great
[14:09:29] <melo> +1 on all
[14:09:40] <Alex> ok, thats easy
[14:09:43] <melo> I had doubts about one st, something
[14:09:48] <melo> but I let it slide
[14:09:57] <melo> strange name though
[14:10:11] <Florian Jensen> hehe
[14:10:21] <Alex> ok, I think the other guys voted already via memberbot
[14:10:30] <Alex> if this is correct I prepare the results page
[14:10:46] <Florian Jensen> I did
[14:11:06] <melo> peter did, I don't know the other jids though
[14:11:46] <Alex> I did, and MiGri is one of teh applicants, so he has no vote yet ;-)
[14:11:52] <melo> :)
[14:11:58] <stpeter> heh
[14:12:11] <MiGri> :) of course
[14:14:47] <Alex> ok guys
[14:15:00] <Alex> 4. Announcement of Voting Results
[14:15:21] <Alex> if you reload the Agenda page you can see the results:
[14:15:48] <Alex> all new and returning members were accepted
[14:16:15] <melo> so 69 members.
[14:16:17] <stpeter> aha it's good to see that at least one other person voted against me :)
[14:16:28] <melo> thats going to be a laugh for the next trimester for sure...
[14:16:35] <Florian Jensen> hehe
[14:16:38] <stpeter> melo: maybe yeah
[14:16:40] <Alex> some did not reapply and I have to check if somebody missed 3 votes
[14:16:50] <melo> stpeter: actually two
[14:16:52] <melo> 33/2
[14:17:22] <stpeter> melo: yeah but I voted -1 for that stpeter guy
[14:17:30] <Alex> one votes always against this stpeter guy ;-)
[14:17:37] <melo> I almost did, dont trust saints
[14:17:41] <stpeter> some of the votes total to 34, others total to 35
[14:17:42] <melo> specially evil ones
[14:17:44] dwd joins the room
[14:18:05] <Alex> hm, which are wrong? I haev to double check then
[14:18:14] <melo> alex: one day we will all vote -1 for st thinking that nobody else will
[14:18:16] <stpeter> maybe we need to make the voting a supermajority -- 60% or so
[14:18:42] <melo> the returning votes are correct
[14:18:43] <melo> all sum 35
[14:18:52] <melo> Nathanerl Fritz 34
[14:18:58] <melo> Deckers 34
[14:19:15] <melo> all new members 34
[14:19:15] <dwd> Cionoiu 34.
[14:19:25] <stpeter> aha I finally have rsync working correctly
[14:19:26] <Alex> oh, I forgot to add melo's vote to the applicants
[14:19:30] <dwd> melo, Hmmm, yes.
[14:19:33] <Alex> lemme fix this
[14:19:34] <stpeter> http://logs.jabber.org/foundation@conference.jabber.org/2008-07-31.html
[14:19:35] <dwd> Alex, Don't...
[14:19:46] <dwd> Alex, Oh, unless he voted publically in here.
[14:19:56] <melo> dwd: yes i did
[14:20:17] <dwd> melo, Ah, that's okay. Otherwise we could tell how you voted.
[14:20:37] <stpeter> heh
[14:20:42] <melo> hyeheh
[14:20:55] <Alex> ok, should be fixed when you reload the page
[14:21:21] <\> question: what client is the most advised, specially for open source os?
[14:21:25] <melo> alex: seems fine
[14:21:28] <dwd> So, welcome to MiGri, then.
[14:21:43] <MiGri> thank you
[14:21:54] <dwd> MiGri, Did anyone tell you about the fee?
[14:22:02] <Florian Jensen> ah yes
[14:22:03] <Alex> \: we told you to join jabber@conference.jabber.org, this is a meetign hertr right now
[14:22:05] <Florian Jensen> the fee
[14:22:18] <Alex> 5) Any Other Business?
[14:22:20] <Florian Jensen> a round of beers at the next summit
[14:22:24] <melo> the fee is important, I'm sure its mentioned somewhere
[14:22:26] <dwd> Florian Jensen, :-)
[14:22:27] <Florian Jensen> sorry :)
[14:22:28] <MiGri> dwd: stpeter told me that there is no fee :-)
[14:22:32] <melo> no other bussiness ffrom me
[14:22:40] <Florian Jensen> from me neither
[14:22:44] <dwd> MiGri, Feh, he spoils all my fun. :-)
[14:22:46] <melo> stpeter: see, evil saint
[14:22:56] <Florian Jensen> hehe
[14:22:58] <dwd> melo, Yeah, he won't get my vote next time.
[14:23:13] <stpeter> :)
[14:23:31] <stpeter> I wouldn't mind getting voted out, then I wouldn't have to work so hard...
[14:23:46] <melo> dwd: for sure... is writting style s getting tiresome even...
[14:23:51] <MiGri> :)
[14:24:03] <melo> stpeter: you wish
[14:24:26] <melo> migri: welcome btw
[14:24:35] <Florian Jensen> same from me :)
[14:24:43] <MiGri> melo: thank you
[14:24:58] <MiGri> Florian Jensen: thanks :)
[14:24:59] <melo> well I'm sorry to leave early, but I have another metting, feeding the kids.
[14:25:05] <Alex> ok, looks like there is no other business
[14:25:10] <Alex> 6) Formal Adjournment
[14:25:11] <dwd> I have to feed my wife...
[14:25:12] <Florian Jensen> ok, cya melo
[14:25:12] melo bows and leaves the window open to read later
[14:25:16] <Alex> I motion that we adjourn
[14:25:23] <Florian Jensen> I second
[14:25:25] <MiGri> melo: i know that, have to bring my son to bed in a few minutes
[14:25:34] Alex bangs the gavel
[14:25:43] <stpeter> thanks, Alex!
[14:26:19] <Florian Jensen> well i'm off then
[14:26:29] <MiGri> thanks alex
[14:26:45] <Florian Jensen> thanks guys
[14:26:55] <Florian Jensen> see you on the Interwebs
[14:27:11] <Florian Jensen> ;)
[14:27:16] <Florian Jensen> ;)
[14:27:40] <MiGri> cu
[14:29:57] Florian Jensen leaves the room
[14:32:34] <stpeter> well at least I have rsync working from hermes :)
[14:32:57] <Alex> great
[14:33:17] <stpeter> log for this meeting at http://logs.jabber.org/foundation@conference.jabber.org/2008-07-31.html
[14:33:18] <stpeter> brb
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[14:46:25] melo bows and waves
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