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[05:41:38] <polk63354> hi
[05:41:52] <polk63354> sa
[05:42:36] <polk63354> hllo
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[11:07:12] <harrison6303> hi
[11:07:15] <harrison6303> anyone around?
[11:12:13] <harrison6303> I'm unable to connect to my jabber.org account, anyone able to help me with that?
[11:12:25] <harrison6303> been that way for at least a week or so
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[12:37:45] <Kev> harrison6303: I suspect you've told your client to connect to a manual host/port. Just let it find it automatically and it'll work.
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[12:54:19] <reagan25142> salut
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[13:00:44] <harrison6303> nope, I have it all on default settings (TLS enabled, but tried without and/or SSL)
[13:01:15] <harrison6303> it chooses to use port 5222
[13:02:06] <harrison6303> I also haven't changed anything, so unless there was something changed on the server there is no reason for it to suddenly not work anymore
[13:06:12] <harrison6303> (client is Miranda, btw)
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[13:08:23] <Kev> The server did change - jabber.org no longer listens to port 5222.
[13:08:36] <Kev> But that shouldn't matter, as clients shouldn't be connecting to jabber.org:5222.
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[13:46:48] <harrison6303> quite frankly that would be surprising, as my girlfriend can connect just fine to 5222 (also default settings, same client)
[13:47:42] <harrison6303> what would be the correct port (with and without TLS)?
[13:48:28] <naw> 5222
[13:48:53] <naw> before there was 5223 for ssl, but tls and plaintext both use 5222
[13:50:19] <Kev> The port is 5222, the host isn't jabber.org
[13:50:38] <Kev> Run dig -t srv _xmpp-client._tcp.jabber.org to look at the records the client should be using to connect.
[13:51:26] <Kev> Or the nslookup equivalent if you're on Windows.
[13:52:57] <harrison6303> yea I am
[13:57:14] <harrison6303> I have no idea how to query that (been trying with nslookup, setting type=all, no results)
[13:59:20] <Kev> http://kingant.net/check_xmpp_dns/?h=jabber.org
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[14:00:18] <harrison6303> thanks
[14:00:37] <harrison6303> yea, surprisingly it works if I override the default settings (which are clearly queried from the net)
[14:01:07] <harrison6303> (again, it works perfectly fine for my girlfriend with the exact same original/default settings)
[14:01:17] <harrison6303> ah well, I'll leave it like this for now I guess
[14:01:19] <harrison6303> thanks again!
[14:01:59] <Kev> Is your g/f on the same 'net connection as you?
[14:02:09] <Kev> If you run the nslookup command yourself do you get the same results as that page gives?
[14:02:29] <Kev> If your DNS was broken somehow, that'd do it.
[14:02:58] <harrison6303> yea it seems to be my dns
[14:03:16] <harrison6303> I can query it fine on her PC (sitting next to me, but different INet connection)
[14:03:35] <naw> with "nslookup -type=SRV _xmpp-client._tcp.jabber.org" you can check what does your dns resolve
[14:03:58] <Kev> harrison6303: So I guess either your router or your ISP is breaking DNS lookup.
[14:04:14] <harrison6303> apparently
[14:04:24] <Kev> Manually setting some known-good DNS servers in your Windows config would probably resolve this.
[14:04:25] <naw> example http://pastebin.com/XXKaeUAE
[14:04:27] <harrison6303> my guess would be the really old router that it managing the line at the moment
[14:05:37] <harrison6303> naw: yea I figured that, I was just confused that I was only getting timeouts
[14:06:25] <harrison6303> I'll just try to manually set my ISPs DNS, if that doesn't work it would be their fault I guess
[14:09:54] <harrison6303> yup, damn router doesn't seem to correctly forward 'things'
[14:10:05] <harrison6303> works fine if I use the ISPs DNS directly
[14:10:15] <harrison6303> ah well, thanks again for the help :)
[14:11:16] <Kev> YW.
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[14:56:49] <garfield14903> Hi. I seem to have some kind of "one-way only" problem between my jabber account and jabber.org accounts. this seems to have started about 8 days ago AFAICT.
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[15:39:10] <mckinley16678> Hi there, I've got a problem connecting to jabber.org. My log in is denied and I found out, that some accounts got deleted. It seems like mine are one of them. But I never did anythind like DoS attacks - what to do? Can anyone help? Just found this chatroom and I don't even know if I am right here.. :/
[15:40:13] <Kev> mckinley16678: What client are you using?
[15:40:38] <mckinley16678> Adium 1.5.3
[15:40:52] <Kev> Are you sure it's rejecting your credentials, and it's not failing elsewhere?
[15:41:18] <Kev> Lots of people seem to have had configuration issues with Adium, where they've told it manually to connect to host 'jabber.org' and port '5222' instead of letting it work it out automatically.
[15:41:42] <mckinley16678> It refused to connect from one to an other day. My connection to jabber.ccc.de is still working only my 2 jabber.org accounts are offline.
[15:41:56] <mckinley16678> I will look up the port config...
[15:42:27] <psa> mckinley16678: that is the most likely problem
[15:42:35] <mckinley16678> okay, port 5222 is set, but it was set up per default
[15:42:38] <mckinley16678> what is right?
[15:42:52] <psa> I know there are similar configuration problems with Pidgin, which uses the same library as Adium
[15:48:20] <mckinley16678> Can't find a quick solution... will an other port do?
[15:50:09] <psa> mckinley16678: you can "hardcode" hermes.jabber.org as the machine for connecting, but please understand that might break in the future when we install a new machine, so pay attention to http://www.jabber.org/notices.html if you have problems again
[15:51:10] <Kev> mckinley16678: It's not the port that's the problem, it's hard-coding the host.
[15:51:29] <mckinley16678> Okay, I will try this
[15:51:37] <Kev> You could also check that you don't have broken DNS by running dig -t srv _xmpp-client._tcp.jabber.org in a terminal.
[15:51:53] <mckinley16678> hermes.jabber.org did it
[15:51:57] <mckinley16678> Thanks a lot :)
[15:52:01] <Kev> It would, but that's not a solution.
[15:52:14] <Kev> That'll just break again some time in the future.
[15:52:30] <psa> yes, it *will* break
[15:52:31] <Kev> Better to work out what your problem is and solve it.
[15:52:54] <psa> mckinley16678: you shoudn't need to hardcode anything as the connection address
[15:52:58] <psa> Adium should just do the right thing
[15:52:59] <mckinley16678> Sure, but I am online at least for a small time
[15:53:03] <psa> /me tests on Adium
[15:53:36] <Kev> psa: It does, if you don't override the host.
[15:53:49] <Kev> But a number of people have have hardwired the host for some reason.
[15:54:32] <mckinley16678> I did the terminal command
[15:54:39] <mckinley16678> but I don't understand its answer
[15:55:01] <Kev> http://pastie.org
[15:55:03] <psa> OK
[15:55:05] <psa> I just tested
[15:55:06] <Kev> Put it there and give us the link.
[15:55:36] <mckinley16678> http://pastie.org/4610954
[15:55:38] <mckinley16678> Here you go
[15:55:45] <Kev> Looks fine.
[15:55:48] <psa> in Adium, do *not* type anything under account setup for the "Connect Server" in the account options
[15:55:58] <psa> I was just able to connect fine to jabber.org using that configuration
[15:56:40] <mckinley16678> well, I did the standard setup some weeks ago and it worked until last week
[15:56:53] <mckinley16678> i will try a setup again
[15:58:34] <mckinley16678> strange, just set up again and all is fine instantly
[15:58:50] <psa> good
[15:58:51] <mckinley16678> what went wrong?
[15:58:55] <psa> mysterious, but good
[15:58:58] <mckinley16678> I changed nothing in the meantime
[15:59:00] <psa> mckinley16678: I have no idea
[15:59:25] <psa> brianjmurrell and daddel9 -- you can now chat in the room
[15:59:30] <mckinley16678> whatever... it works without changing the server
[15:59:49] <mckinley16678> Thanks a lot :)
[16:00:03] <psa> mckinley16678: sure thing!
[16:00:29] <brianjmurrell> ok. joined by real jabber instead of the web interface. me and garfield14903 are one and the same. appreciate any ideas on what his problem might be. :-)
[16:00:42] <psa> hehehe
[16:01:02] <psa> /me scrolls up
[16:01:07] <mckinley16678> I'm out. Have a good time, cya
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[16:01:32] <psa> brianjmurrell: what software are you running at your server?
[16:02:53] <brianjmurrell> psa: "jabber", from http://jabberd.jabberstudio.org/ according to rpm
[16:02:59] <brianjmurrell> 1.4.4 though
[16:03:02] <brianjmurrell> very old
[16:03:03] <psa> hmm
[16:03:05] <psa> right
[16:03:27] <psa> so, your problem is probably similar to what we just helped mckinley16678 through
[16:03:39] <psa> we had a nasty series of DoS attacks recently
[16:03:50] <psa> as one evasive maneuver, we modified our DNS settings
[16:03:58] <psa> well, Kev did because he's smarter than I am :)
[16:04:59] <psa> the short story is that if you connecting software doesn't properly support DNS SRV lookups, you might not be able to connect (client-to-server) or you might experience these one-way connections (server-to-server)
[16:05:19] <brianjmurrell> ok. let me look into that then. thanks!
[16:05:42] <psa> brianjmurrell: updating to more modern software might solve the problem
[16:06:01] <brianjmurrell> psa: indeed. might be easier said than done though. :-/
[16:06:02] <psa> 1.4.4 is indeed old, and we defined DNS SRV handling in ~2004
[16:06:08] <psa> brianjmurrell: yeah, understood :(
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[16:52:02] <brianjmurrell> psa: so, i understand that in response to the DDoS attacks, SRV records were implemented for jabber.org. that could mean that unless a peer server knew how to do SRV lookups, messaging could be one way. am i on the right path so far?
[16:53:20] <Kev> Yes, although SRV lookups are a required part of XMPP.
[16:53:30] <Kev> So anything that doesn't do them is either non-compliant or predates the XMPP specs.
[16:53:44] <brianjmurrell> what's interesting is that the situation i have is the opposite. messages from non-jabber.org users are making it to jabber.org users it's jabber.org users' messages that are not making it to my users.
[16:53:55] <Kev> Well, it's non-compliant regardless :)
[16:53:59] <Kev> That is interesting.
[16:54:03] <Kev> What do your server logs show?
[16:54:51] <psa> brianjmurrell: actually we've had DNS SRV records for ages and ages, but it seems that much software wasn't paying attention
[16:55:09] <brianjmurrell> Kev: not very much, sadly.
[16:56:36] <brianjmurrell> would my server having a lack of srv record be the/a problem? is jabber.org's servers only using SRV records now?
[16:56:53] <psa> brianjmurrell: no
[16:56:55] <Kev> No, jabber.org will resolve A/AAAA if you don't have SRV.
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[17:10:28] <brianjmurrell> Kev: i'm not really expecting my logs to say much in any case. using tcpdump on my jabber.org account's machine and also on my non-jabber.org's server machine yields that the jabber.org messages are not even being sent to my non-jabber.org server, although there is some traffic (heartbeat type stuff maybe?) from jabber.org servers.
[17:11:28] <brianjmurrell> my jabber.org account can't even seem to get an "online" status
[17:13:43] <psa> brianjmurrell: are you trying to log in with a client? if so, which one?
[17:13:51] <brianjmurrell> psa: pidgin
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[17:14:00] <brianjmurrell> no server specified in the account though
[17:14:20] <psa> ok
[17:14:22] <brianjmurrell> username: ... domain: jabber.org
[17:14:46] <brianjmurrell> port: 5222 server: [blank]
[17:15:15] <brianjmurrell> tcpdump shows me connecting to and i can send messages. they just don't seem to go anywhere.
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[17:15:32] <psa> hmm
[17:15:46] <psa> well, you're connected and sending messages to this room :)
[17:15:53] <psa> /me makes brianjmurrell a participant again
[17:16:34] <psa> brianjmurrell: actually now you are a member so you can chat anytime, no admin intervention required
[17:17:45] <brianjmurrell> on this account, yes.
[17:19:05] <psa> right
[17:19:19] <psa> but you can't chat with people at another domain that you run, correct?
[17:19:38] <brianjmurrell> psa: right. is your stpeter@jabber.org account online?
[17:19:54] <psa> brianjmurrell: I'm not logged into it right now, too busy with work deadlines
[17:20:07] <brianjmurrell> ok
[17:21:41] <psa> /me wonders why Thunderbird keeps exploding to 100% CPU on his machine
[17:22:02] <Kev> I really want to write a mail client in the vein of Swift.
[17:22:20] <psa> Kev: in your copious spare time, no doubt ;-)
[17:22:39] <Kev> That's why I've not done it.
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[17:23:59] <brianjmurrell> Kev: since the communication problem is from jabber.org users to my users, wouldn't your server logs likely be more useful?
[17:24:17] <Kev> Could be, but they're also probably a lot more noisy.
[17:26:23] <Kev> What's the server?I'll look in a moment or three.
[17:26:38] <brianjmurrell> jabber.klug.on.ca
[17:27:09] <psa> Kev: I can look if you're tied up
[17:29:10] <Kev> Slightly, but I won't be in a short while.
[17:29:16] <psa> ok
[17:29:16] <Kev> You're welcome to get there first.
[17:29:21] <psa> /me logs in to see what's up
[17:34:35] <psa> brianjmurrell: so you have comms from jabber.klug.on.ca to jabber.org but not comms from jabber.org to jabber.klug.on.ca, right?
[17:34:44] <brianjmurrell> psa: that's right
[17:35:08] <psa> ok
[17:35:58] <psa> I see many instances of "successful setup of a receiving db connection from jabber.org to jabber.klug.on.ca" but nothing about even attempts at connections from jabber.org to jabber.klug.on.ca
[17:36:20] <psa> granted, I might be reading the logfile incorrectly
[17:36:30] <brianjmurrell> i've been sending messages all morning
[17:36:35] <psa> :)
[17:36:36] <brianjmurrell> or trying, at least
[17:38:13] <psa> when did these problems start?
[17:38:18] <brianjmurrell> 8 days ago
[17:41:39] <psa> the last outbound connection attempt I see is about 13 hours ago
[17:42:04] <Kev> I wonder if it's dialback not happening from you to us.
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[17:45:56] <brianjmurrell> hrm. 13 hrs ago. I've been trying to send messages inside of the last hour at least.
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[17:49:12] <Kev> psa: What did you see 13 hours ago?
[17:49:45] <Kev> Maybe I'm grepping for the wrong thing (the A record behind the CNAME)
[17:50:01] <Kev> Ah, yes.
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[17:51:01] <Kev> Aug 29 15:38:07 hermes xmppd[15734]: I-MBOX-Info successful setup of a receiving db connection from jabber.org to jabber.klug.on.ca That's the last I can see, about 2 hours ago.
[17:51:41] <brianjmurrell> want me to do something, like try to send a message?
[17:51:46] <psa> Kev: see /tmp/klug.txt and search for "originating"
[17:52:16] <psa> or orginating ;-)
[17:52:23] <Kev> Gotcha.
[17:52:33] <Kev> So as far as jabber.org's concerned it's got an S2S session open and working.
[17:52:48] <Kev> Is that what this is saying?
[17:52:53] <Kev> I can never read these logs right.
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[17:56:13] <psa> at 04:31:52 I see "successful setup of a receiving db connection from jabber.org to jabber.klug.on.ca" and at 05:01:02 I see "closed originating s2s connection to domain jabber.klug.on.ca [] (connection-timeout)" so it seems to me that the outbound connection closed at that point (although I'm not 100% sure that this is closing of the connection from jabber.org rather than a connection from proxy.eu.jabber.org)
[17:57:52] <psa> brb, need to heat up my lunch
[18:42:10] <brianjmurrell> ok. just let me know if there is anything you need me to do
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[18:47:58] <polk47081> hello
[18:48:47] <polk47081> I was trying to create a new registration and it says on the site that you were getting a DDoD attack on 8/22
[18:48:53] <polk47081> is that still going on?
[18:51:30] <Kev> It isn't, but registration is still closed.
[18:51:42] <polk47081> for good?
[18:51:48] <Kev> Just for the moment.
[18:51:55] <polk47081> ok.
[18:52:10] <polk47081> thanks Kev. Any idea when it'll be back up?
[18:52:25] <Kev> We'll probably leave it a few weeks.
[18:52:34] <Kev> There's countless other servers you could register on in the meantime.
[18:52:46] <Kev> http://xmpp.net/
[18:52:51] <Kev> That's a list of some of them.
[18:53:29] <polk47081> ok. i'll give one of them a shot.
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[18:58:33] <psa> time for an IRL meeting here, bbiab
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