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[00:26:41] <washington19166> como funciona el KOPENSTEALSH ??
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[00:27:39] <louiz’> non
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[01:41:33] <cheney23790> yavsaklar nbr
[01:41:59] <cheney23790> bu sıkmden pro naıl calısıyor
[01:42:17] <cheney23790> amcıklar nerdesınız
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[03:03:12] <hayes19630> hola
[03:03:26] <hayes19630> hi register
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[05:44:39] <jackson35710> how to use the service if you cannot create account Kbot
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[07:18:39] <kennedy6386> como hago para que funcione enkbot
[07:19:06] <PaulFertser> kennedy6386: kbot is evil
[07:19:15] <PaulFertser> kennedy6386: go ask Ivan why the hell he used jabber.org
[07:19:24] <PaulFertser> kennedy6386: all kbot users are blocked and banned from jabber.org
[07:19:56] <kennedy6386> y que hay que poner para que funvione
[07:20:12] <PaulFertser> kennedy6386: i do not understand you, speak English please.
[07:20:21] <kennedy6386> no
[07:20:59] <kennedy6386> el jabber.org no funciona
[07:21:45] <PaulFertser> kennedy6386: kbot is banned!
[07:22:02] <kennedy6386> 051276@jabber.org
[07:22:52] <kennedy6386> entonces que me debuelbal los euros que me gaste 50 euros
[07:23:09] <kennedy6386> para la licencia
[07:23:26] <PaulFertser> kennedy6386: ask Ivan!
[07:23:45] <kennedy6386> como pregunto a iban
[07:24:33] <kennedy6386> donde encuentro a iban
[07:24:44] <PaulFertser> kennedy6386: i suggest you either speak English or go whinning somewhere else :E
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[07:27:28] <kennedy6386> hello I kbot works 051276@jabber.org I put to work or I can do to work that the license cost me 50 euros
[07:28:18] <PaulFertser> kennedy6386: kbot is BANNED from jabber.org as it's illegal for kbot to use jabber.org Ask Ivan why he's such a badass.
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[07:29:37] <kennedy6386> as I talk to ivan not as contacting individual countries
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[07:30:32] <kennedy6386> as I talk to ivan not as contacting individual countries
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[07:31:53] <PaulFertser> kennedy6386: nobody here cares about kbot and its users, we're not related in any way. Screw kbot.
[07:33:18] <kennedy6386> that jaker kbot put in the id and pin
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[07:37:19] <kennedy6386> boy on Monday to press charges uman resources and civil guard barracks CREHO because it is a way to fool very many jente and as I open them thousands of people go through what I have photocopy of payment for my card kbor paipal
[07:38:33] <PaulFertser> LOL
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[09:34:19] <lemur> hey buddies
[09:34:43] <lemur> been testing the psi beta
[09:34:52] <lemur> horrendous UI bugs
[09:35:09] <lemur> I read on the site that they are merging code from Psi+, which is a horrible idea
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[09:36:24] <Kev> Wouldn't going to the Psi MUC be a better idea? :)
[09:36:40] <lemur> I think so
[09:36:50] <lemur> I can't find it
[09:36:57] <Kev> psi@conference.psi-im.org
[09:36:59] <Kev> From memory.
[09:37:16] <lemur> aha
[09:37:21] <lemur> I thought it was on jabber.org
[09:38:01] <lemur> aren't you one of the devs Kev
[09:38:14] <Kev> Until about 4 years ago, yes.
[09:38:29] <lemur> see, that's when it went to shit
[09:38:39] <lemur> you have to stop them ;_;
[09:38:43] <Kev> Remko and I left to write Swift.
[09:38:52] <lemur> how's that coming along
[09:39:00] <lemur> I remember trying it out in early days
[09:39:11] <Kev> More slowly than I'd like, as with all things, but pretty well.
[09:39:30] <Kev> It's fairly easy to use still, which was the aim, although obviously nothing like as featureful as Psi.
[09:39:57] <lemur> Well my normal IM client is Pidgin... I basically only use Psi because it is feature rich
[09:40:17] <Kev> Right, so Swift's not going to interest you - and that's fine :)
[09:40:37] <lemur> well it might interest me if it's amazingly stable and cleanly implemented
[09:40:48] <lemur> pidgin will never quite be hand-in-glove when it comes to xmpp
[09:41:26] <Kev> Well, what features do you need?
[09:42:39] <lemur> what I use with Psi that I can't get on Pidgin is service directory browsing (to browse MUC listings), and server side MUC bookmarking
[09:43:06] <Kev> Swift has a MUC join dialog that includes room listing, and it has bookmarks.
[09:43:14] <Kev> It doesn't have a generic service discovery browser.
[09:43:15] <lemur> the Psi beta seems to have freshly implemented in-band file transfer, which I may find useful, since file transfer like never ever ever works for me
[09:43:31] <Kev> Swift 2.0 is due out soon.
[09:43:35] <lemur> great
[09:43:41] <lemur> well if it has room listing that's enough for me
[09:43:44] <Kev> File transfer will be 3.0, and is already implemented but needs testing/polish.
[09:43:46] <lemur> I don't usually browse anything else
[09:44:03] <Kev> So you could get it now if you wanted to, with a compile flag.
[09:44:31] <lemur> it's written in C++?
[09:44:50] <Kev> Yes, apart from the GUI it's "pure" (non-Qt) C++.
[09:45:18] <lemur> meaning the GUI is QT?
[09:45:22] <Kev> Correct.
[09:45:26] <lemur> glad to hear that
[09:46:03] <Kev> We wanted all the code to be toolkit agnostic other than a thin layer of GUI, so we could write GUIs for platforms that don't support Qt.
[09:46:22] <lemur> that would be nifty
[09:46:53] <lemur> although honestly what doesn't support qt
[09:47:19] <Kev> Android? iOS?
[09:47:34] <lemur> yeah
[09:47:35] <Kev> Console.
[09:47:56] <lemur> but wouldn't an android version require a rewrite in its native language?
[09:47:59] <Kev> But you never know - we might choose to do a native UI on Windows ro something.
[09:48:07] <Kev> No, just the UI>
[09:48:16] <lemur> native almost always looks and feels better
[09:48:29] <Kev> That's why we wanted to leave the door open.
[09:48:55] <lemur> I'm really sad about Psi though
[09:49:09] <lemur> I guess it's gone as far as it can go
[09:49:14] <Kev> Well, if you send mail about the bugs to Justin/psi-devel, maybe they'll get fixed.
[09:49:54] <Kev> Psi was never about the UI though, really. I kept trying to change that when I was in charge, but couldn't, which is why Swift came about.
[09:51:06] <lemur> I'm sure if they're testing it they'll have found the obvious bugs I noticed, but I'm just bummed about where development is going. If it's true they're porting code from Psi+, which seemed really messed up to me when I tried it, I feel like there's going to be a loss of quality
[09:51:22] <Kev> Psi is still a good client (0.14 is what I'm using) when you want something close to the XMPP level.
[09:51:43] <lemur> Yeah 0.14 is solid... it's what I expect Psi to be
[09:56:13] <lemur> I'm gonna try out the swift beta
[09:57:18] <Kev> OK.
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[09:57:28] <Kev> Please let me know of any issues you find - even if you think I should already have noticed them ;)
[09:57:38] <lemur> haha yeah I know how that is
[09:57:58] <Kev> What platform are you on?
[09:58:09] <lemur> Windows 7 64
[09:58:20] <Kev> OK.
[09:58:26] <Kev> If you find issues I'll give you a newer build off trunk.
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[10:01:46] <2emur> Interesting
[10:02:46] <Kev> Wassat?
[10:02:56] <2emur> Checking out the Swift Beta
[10:03:36] <2emur> I'm actually quite pleased it has bookmarks
[10:03:57] <Kev> It also has what I think is a sensible way of tracking recent chats.
[10:04:07] <Kev> Both one to one and MUC.
[10:04:32] <2emur> The only things I'm really missing is the ability to open users' vcards, and also view their resource info, because I like to snoop their client info and such
[10:05:10] <Kev> Right. It's a Swift policy to never present resources to the user.
[10:05:22] <Kev> Because they're not human-readable, they're just routing information.
[10:05:35] <Kev> But that doesn't mean we couldn't list how many clients a user has connected and what version they use.
[10:05:45] <Kev> And vCard's on the way - hopefully 3.03
[10:05:53] <Kev> *3.0.
[10:06:18] <2emur> In the chat UI it looks like users are supposed to be identified primarily by their avatar, but for example in this MUC nobody has an avatar, so I have to read their name on the right side of their messages
[10:06:36] <2emur> Will the UI be themable at all?
[10:06:55] <Kev> It's not a priority, at least.
[10:07:26] <2emur> I long for that IRC style look :p
[10:07:35] <Kev> That, on the other hand, might be coming.
[10:08:46] <2emur> ok this is odd
[10:09:04] <2emur> there is someone online on my roster in Psi, but not in Swift (same account)
[10:09:44] <Kev> Different server than you?
[10:09:49] <2emur> yes
[10:09:51] <2emur> aqq.eu
[10:10:04] <Kev> I expect an S2S hiccup stopped you seeing it in Psi, then.
[10:10:15] <2emur> I see them in Psi, but not in Swift
[10:10:24] <2emur> Let me try logging out
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[10:10:45] <lemur> hmm same deal
[10:10:54] <lemur> she has an unusual uid though
[10:11:16] <Kev> Might it be an ilegal JID, then?
[10:11:28] <lemur> it ends in a period: diana.@aqq.eu
[10:11:38] <Kev> Nothing wrong with that.
[10:11:43] <lemur> hmm
[10:11:44] <lemur> no idea then
[10:11:57] <Kev> Did you try logging out of Psi as well?
[10:12:02] <Kev> To see if she then vanished?
[10:12:13] <lemur> let's see
[10:12:23] <lemur> could be a psi bug if she went invisible
[10:12:28] <Kev> If that doesn't show a consistent state the best thing to do is to log out of Swift, enable the debug console, log back in, copy/paste into a text editor and look for her presence.
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[10:13:52] <2emur> Hmm yeah
[10:14:00] <2emur> I just reloaded Psi and she's gone
[10:14:06] <2emur> must be something with her server
[10:14:08] <Kev> So probably what I suspected.
[10:14:19] <Kev> That an S2S glitch meant you didn't receive her unavailable presence in Psi.
[10:14:29] <2emur> or any client for that matter
[10:14:34] <2emur> she's on my Pidgin roster still
[10:15:27] <2emur> so if Swift is totally resource agnostic, how would it handle messaging someone using multiple clients?
[10:15:46] <Kev> It binds the chat window to whichever resource talks to it.
[10:16:01] <2emur> does it send-to-all if you are the initiator
[10:16:11] <2emur> I think that's Google's behavior
[10:16:12] <Kev> It sends to the bare JID initiall, yes.
[10:16:21] <Kev> How the server deals with that is up to the server.
[10:16:21] <2emur> ah
[10:16:27] <2emur> got it
[10:16:43] <2emur> so if the user logs off of his resource or messages you from another resource
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[10:16:46] <2emur> it adjusts accordingly
[10:16:53] <Kev> Back to bare JID, yes.
[10:17:29] <2emur> but if they're being sneaky and messaging you from two resources at once, your replies will be sent to the last one they used?
[10:17:37] <Kev> Yes.
[10:17:43] <2emur> sounds about right
[10:22:30] <2emur> In MUC's it shows the topic at the top, but it doesn't display the topic from the begginning, rather it shows the end of it
[10:22:46] <Kev> Oh. That's an interesting point.
[10:23:35] <2emur> not that it's inherently bad it just looks a little strange
[10:23:37] <Kev> Filed: 1151 MUC topic is shown from the end, not beginning, in the top of the MUC window.
[10:25:19] <2emur> This is weird, I'm getting kicked from an muc I normally join when I join
[10:26:09] <Kev> And only with Swift?
[10:27:22] <2emur> well I just got in with Swift
[10:27:28] <2emur> oops sorry
[10:27:30] <2emur> I mean Psi
[10:28:03] <2emur> oh that's weird
[10:28:18] <2emur> you can join an muc twice from the same account, but it only shows you in it once?
[10:28:31] <Kev> Depends on the server.
[10:29:09] <2emur> Yeah it's weird, but when I open the bookmark, it joins me to the MUC and immediately says I've been kicked
[10:29:25] <2emur> but if I open it in Psi it's fine
[10:29:34] <Kev> Can you grab the XML?
[10:32:31] <2emur> http://pastebin.com/2TmYKHgx
[10:32:38] <2emur> it's ridiculously long
[10:33:40] <Kev> Which MUC is it?
[10:34:08] <2emur> 2nya@conference.jabber.ru
[10:34:43] <2emur> it looks like someone is querying my client ID and rejecting it?
[10:35:29] <2emur> at the end of the xml it shows one of the moderators querying my client version
[10:35:40] <2emur> that's probably what's going on... they hate Swift I guess
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[10:36:00] <Kev> Yep.
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[10:36:11] <Kev> <reason>not version</reason>
[10:36:28] <2emur> what bastards!
[10:36:41] <Kev> A bit odd, yes.
[10:36:50] <2emur> if they're using a whitelist
[10:36:53] <2emur> that'd explain it
[10:37:00] <Kev> I imagine they're doing something daft like that, yes.
[10:37:06] <Kev> I can't imagine anyone particularly hating Swift or Swift users.
[10:37:13] <2emur> haha
[10:37:18] <2emur> you never know :3
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[10:44:29] <2emur> Are there any other big name jabber servers in the US besides jabber.org? The only others I'm familiar with are outside the country
[10:44:45] * daddel9 left the chat.
[10:44:53] <Kev> gmail.com?
[10:45:12] <2emur> haha good piont
[10:45:13] <2emur> point*
[10:45:33] <2emur> I guess if jabber.org ever went down I'd just use that as my primary
[10:45:35] <Kev> Could be that's distributed outside the US, mind, no idea.
[10:45:43] <Kev> Went down or went away completel?
[10:45:44] <2emur> but using google just feels dirty, like it's not really jabber
[10:45:45] <Kev> +
[10:45:47] <Kev> +y
[10:45:57] <Kev> Well, it won't let you have bookmarks or use MUC, so .
[10:45:59] <Kev> ... :)
[10:46:05] <2emur> fuck them
[10:46:06] * daddel9 joined the chat.
[10:46:15] <2emur> I can join MUC on other servers with my gmail ID
[10:46:22] <2emur> I've done it recently
[10:46:22] <Kev> Nah, not sensibly.
[10:46:27] <2emur> Really??
[10:46:39] <Kev> There's a fun bug on the server that means that every 5 minutes it'll send a stanza to the MUC telling it you want to rejoin.
[10:46:50] <2emur> o_o
[10:46:51] <Kev> Even if you're still in it, or have left the room, or have changed nick or whatever.
[10:46:56] <Kev> It's really quite unusable.
[10:47:11] <2emur> I was doing it the other day and didn't really notice anything
[10:47:22] <2emur> but I never changed my nick or left the conference
[10:47:39] <Kev> Maybe you were using a MUC that behaves differently.
[10:47:57] <Kev> The sensible thing to do when you receive a new join stanza from someone already in the room is to assume S2S failed and you didn't notice, and to rejoin them.
[10:48:12] <Kev> That's what jabber.org does, although I know various other servers don't.
[10:48:25] <2emur> The server was neko.im actually
[10:48:33] <Kev> So that means every five minutes if you're using gmail.com you'll receive all the room history again.
[10:48:51] <2emur> hmm lemme try it out
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[10:49:51] <2emur> /me waits
[10:50:28] <2emur> blah, I don't think pidgin has an xml console
[10:51:03] <2emur> oh wait, it has it as a plugin
[10:51:38] <2emur> although apparently it doesn't show everything
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[10:53:35] <2emur> hmm
[10:56:37] <2emur> ok yeah
[10:56:41] <2emur> I can see it dump all that crap
[10:56:50] <2emur> in the console, but the client appears to be ignoring it
[10:57:37] <2emur> wait wait wait
[10:57:46] <2emur> it's printing the topic over and over
[10:57:58] <2emur> that's pretty lame
[10:58:37] <2emur> and it dates the topic Dec. 31, 1969
[10:59:20] <Kev> That bit's jabber.org - it doesn't remember when people set the topic across a restatr.
[10:59:34] <2emur> fun
[10:59:49] <Kev> We're running ancient server software, we're due to upgrade it imminently.
[11:00:13] <2emur> I've been told that Isode's xmpp server is bad
[11:00:26] <Kev> Fair enough.
[11:00:34] <Kev> I'd question the motives of whoever told you that :)
[11:00:37] <2emur> haha
[11:00:50] <2emur> will the update herald a new era of performance and awesomeness?
[11:01:12] <Kev> It'll add awesomeness. We're upgrading the hardware at the same time, so probably.
[11:01:21] <2emur> What I'd really like to see from jabber.org is the deletion of almost all of its MUC's
[11:01:29] <2emur> <3 awesomeness
[11:01:30] <Kev> Yeah. We're going to work on that after the upgrade.
[11:01:37] <2emur> great
[11:02:10] <Kev> Go on - you're going to have to say who claimed M-Link was rubbish and what their tie is with some other vendor's software now ;)
[11:02:19] <2emur> Actually I think jabber clients should generally give the option, when listing muc's on a server, to hide empty muc's or sort them by number of participants
[11:02:37] <Kev> Yes, that might be convenient.
[11:02:38] <2emur> haha a bird told me :P
[11:03:04] <Kev> Fair enough.
[11:03:15] <2emur> his name is "the seagull"
[11:03:18] <2emur> you might have heard of him
[11:03:35] <Kev> I don't think jabber.org's had an M-Link crash in the last 12 months or so, versus about one a day before we upgraded to M-Link, so ... :)
[11:03:50] <2emur> I do miss ejabberd
[11:04:11] <2emur> actually this guy is super interested in xmpp
[11:04:11] <Kev> Actually, that's not true - there's a hang that was fixed ages ago but we've not installed the fix.
[11:04:25] <Kev> So I think it's hung two or three times in the last 12 months.
[11:04:35] <2emur> the other day when jabber.org was having problems we both joined this conference, but he wasn't a participant and couldn't talk
[11:04:57] <Kev> Yeah, the joys of abuse.
[11:05:00] <2emur> well if stability is good that's all I need to hear
[11:05:10] <Kev> I work on M-Link, BTW.
[11:05:24] <Kev> So I'm as biased as the next person - but I didn't at the time that we migrated jabber.org to it.
[11:05:26] <2emur> I noticed software you work on tends to be good
[11:05:47] <Kev> Heh, thank you.
[11:05:49] <2emur> That's why I'm using Swift now
[11:06:05] <2emur> I used to write code, I've seen how bad some (most) programmers are
[11:06:09] <Kev> Software I work on /is/ usually good - and it's cause and effect, but it's the other way around.
[11:06:19] <Kev> I find smart people who write good code and go work with them :)
[11:06:44] <Kev> I probably bring the average down ;)
[11:06:51] <2emur> haha
[11:06:55] <2emur> well at least you know where the good lies
[11:07:17] <2emur> Good software fills me with joy, and bad software ruins my day
[11:08:07] <2emur> So what if Swift color coded muc chatters that don't have Avatars... I don't know if that would work or not, since color coding nicks never worked for me
[11:08:36] <Kev> I keep thinking about rendering the default avatar in different colours for different occupants.
[11:08:50] <Kev> I then keep not getting around to it.
[11:09:04] <2emur> If it's a bunch of people chatting who don't have avatars, it becomes like a grey blur to me, since I want to read everything from left to right
[11:09:16] <Kev> Yeah. I don't disagree.
[11:09:36] <Kev> I tend to chat in MUCs where everyone has avatars (or at least most people do), but if you can't see the avatars it's a nuisanec.
[11:09:45] <Kev> Almost as much of a nuisance as my typing is today.
[11:09:58] <2emur> Does this conference we're in right now block people from seeing each other's avatars?
[11:10:11] <Kev> Peole less than moderator, yes.
[11:10:17] <2emur> ah, ok
[11:10:20] <2emur> I figured that's what it was
[11:10:26] <Kev> As a consequence of blocking direct communication between people.
[11:10:36] <2emur> so no pm's
[11:11:04] <Kev> Yeah. People used to join and be irritating.
[11:11:17] * 3mur left the chat.
[11:11:27] <2emur> I'll bet
[11:11:45] <2emur> I usually leave that feature enabled though, just so people can exchange JID's without everyone knowing about it
[11:12:17] <Kev> This room is particularly vulnerable to twits, though.
[11:12:26] <2emur> like me
[11:12:30] <Kev> Most of the rooms I'm in allow it.
[11:12:44] <Kev> You seem to be managing something akin to coherence. So no, not like you.
[11:12:55] <2emur> They should make it more fine grained, like disable PM but keep vcard/avatar
[11:13:02] <2emur> or allow JID exchange only
[11:13:28] <Kev> We do, in fact, have vcard separate from PMs.
[11:13:30] <Kev> But both are disabled.
[11:13:54] <2emur> aha
[11:13:55] <2emur> does swift have an inline command I can type to message another user isntead of clicking on them?
[11:14:08] <Kev> It doesn't.
[11:14:30] <Kev> I keep wanting to add such a thing, but I'm not sure where it fits into the user-friendly-no-surprises vision we have of Swift.
[11:15:18] <2emur> one thing that just annoyed me was that in spite of PM being disabled in this conference, I can still click on people on the roster and open a chat dialog to them... swift doesn't tell me that I can't message them aside from showing a grey message in the conference itself that I might not have noticed
[11:15:29] <2emur> yeah
[11:16:02] <Kev> Yes, that's annoying, but Swift can't know that PMs are disabled, and the error comes from the MUC itself, not from the occupant.
[11:16:34] <2emur> well in terms of development philosophy, you wanna have everyine the client does be upfront in the UI, but let's say advanced users learn special functions or hidden tricks, let them have those but just keep them hidden from normal users so they are none the wiser
[11:17:15] <2emur> Oh, so basically when you join a conference, the client won't know if PM is disabled until it actually tries to send one?
[11:18:11] <Kev> Right.
[11:18:21] <2emur> gosh, we need to redesign xmpp completely
[11:18:39] <Kev> Yeah, adding another status code would be a good idea.
[11:20:23] * lemur joined the chat.
[11:21:05] <2emur> wow, psi doesn't even tell me that message couldn't be delivered
[11:21:18] <2emur> it behaves as if it was
[11:22:00] <2emur> maybe the client should display the error message in the chat box instead of in the conference, if possible (maybe it has to catch it)
[11:22:15] <2emur> although that might generate too much overhead
[11:22:52] * lemur left the chat.
[11:23:18] <2emur> crap, I can't change my nick
[11:23:41] <Kev> In Swift? No. Maybe that'd be worth adding.
[11:26:03] <2emur> You know you're an xmpp junkie when you're running 3 clients at once
[11:26:33] * harding23380 joined the chat.
[11:26:47] <Kev> I have plenty of other ways of knowing I'm an XMPP junkie :)
[11:26:54] * harding23380 left the chat.
[11:26:56] <2emur> ha
[11:27:08] * Tobias left the chat.
[11:27:12] <Kev> Possibly that I have about a dozen different server installs on my home network, several of which are clustered.
[11:27:24] * Tobias joined the chat.
[11:28:40] <2emur> you know what, you don't have to colorize the avatars, just the chat bubbles/nick+timestamps
[11:29:12] <2emur> so if I'm reading a convo between two other people besides myself, I can see the back and forth
[11:30:05] <2emur> maybe one way to do that is just have 2 colors and alternate them
[11:30:49] <2emur> except that might confuse 3 people conversations since the participants wouldn't end up keeping the same color
[11:31:18] <Kev> Colouring the avatars is probably much easier than colouring the bubbles :)
[11:31:24] <Kev> That's why I was tempted by that.
[11:31:29] <2emur> oh you're no fun
[11:31:30] <2emur> haha
[11:33:53] <2emur> I guess I'll just wait for the console version
[11:34:13] <Kev> You might need to write some code if you want that.
[11:38:07] <2emur> maybe some day
[11:38:20] <2emur> right now I just want to sleep
[11:39:37] * taylor21641 joined the chat.
[11:40:03] <2emur> Thanks for all your help ^_^
[11:40:06] * 2emur left the chat.
[11:41:35] * taylor21641 left the chat.
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[11:57:04] <daddel9> hmmm, say
[11:57:58] <daddel9> do you know of some small web-script/thingie/whatever that i could run on my server that supports inband password change for jabber (so i could give my users a "web password changing utility), since some very popular client don't support inband registration/inband password change
[12:00:16] <Kev> You could probably make such a thing in Strophe.js easily enough, but I don't know of one premade.
[12:01:28] <daddel9> oh, that looks sweet
[12:03:16] <daddel9> hmm
[12:03:27] <daddel9> also just wondering, is there any very capable generic jabber web client?
[12:03:40] <daddel9> if so, they would support changing the pw too (and be a nice addition for my users...)
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[14:16:43] * rakibusd joined the chat.
[14:19:11] <rakibusd> i dowonload gajim softwar can i chat jabber and gtalk by this softwar can i help me anyone?
[14:24:37] <rakibusd> hello friend anyone help me?
[14:25:29] * rakibusd left the chat.
[14:31:19] <Kev> Yes, you can.
[14:36:08] * pierce55277 joined the chat.
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[15:10:20] * polk23725 joined the chat.
[15:12:52] * lurker48820 joined the chat.
[15:13:03] <polk23725> bonjour je suis français et je n'arrive pas a m'inscrire a jabber je vais sur ce lien pour pouvoir m'inscrire https://register.jabber.org/ et lisez ce qui est marquer je ne comprend pas et comment pourrais alors m'inscire
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[15:15:07] <Kev> polk23725: You'll have to pick another server, you can't register new accounts on jabber.org at the moment.
[15:15:42] <Kev> I really should stop bothering to answer people's questions in here, they never hang around long enough to get an answer.
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[16:14:24] <daddel9> kev: ACK
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[18:40:44] * taylor2559 joined the chat.
[18:42:31] <taylor2559> Is jabber.org up? My XMPP client (Adium) hasn't been able to connect since mid-last week.
[18:46:47] * Tobias joined the chat.
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[18:55:08] * naw_ joined the chat.
[18:55:28] <naw> is up, this room is hosted there and I can log in
[18:56:44] <taylor2559> Thanks, not sure what the issue is then. Adium is usually reliable.
[18:59:08] * anonymous45745 joined the chat.
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[19:02:16] <naw> did you changed some configuration?
[19:02:31] <naw> if not, maybe the servers admin did change the server config
[19:03:23] <PaulFertser> naw: haven't you heard yet about the DDoS and SRV voodoo that jabber.org had to resort to?
[19:03:43] <PaulFertser> naw: they have 3 SRV records now, and sometimes only the last one (fallback.jabber.org) is actually available.
[19:03:58] * obama11556 joined the chat.
[19:04:17] <PaulFertser> taylor2559: check tcp xmpp srv record for jabber.org, if it works fine for you with dig, then try debugging Adium.
[19:04:30] <PaulFertser> taylor2559: or try another client.
[19:04:58] <obama11556> register jabber.org account not
[19:05:24] <PaulFertser> obama11556: temprorarily unavailable, why do you want it? You can choose some another server.
[19:11:14] <naw> PaulFertser: I readed something some days ago, but I have not informed my self too much, other things have been requiring my attention
[19:13:25] <PaulFertser> naw: there's some asshole that used jabber.org for authentication of his "kbot" -- a software to cheat in some online game. And it looks like some kbot users/haters started to DDoS jabber.org because of that. Now all kbotters are banned :)
[19:15:13] <naw> yep, I heard about that kbot thing a year or two ago and about a week ago some "users" came complaining that kbot wasn't working
[19:15:22] * naw_ left the chat.
[19:19:10] <naw> despite I'm a room admin here, I'm not part of the jabber.org team
[19:20:18] <Kev> PaulFertser: FWIW, all the SRV records are routable and have been for many days.
[19:23:09] <PaulFertser> Kev: that's good to hear. Except the ipv6 from HE space... I talked to Jerry, he told me a lot about...
[19:23:37] <PaulFertser> Kev: basically, Cogent tells him that it's Cogent policy and he shouldn't expect it working anytime soon.
[19:24:40] <PaulFertser> Kev: and he's currently single-homed ipv6-wise because so far ipv6 only costed him money and there was no financial gain at all :(
[19:25:28] <PaulFertser> I suggested he uses the free HE tunneling service to get a BGP-capable 6in4 tunnel to HE to announce his prefix via that as well. He hasn't answered yet.
[19:26:26] * Z_God joined the chat.
[19:29:48] <Kev> OK.
[19:31:10] <taylor2559> Can someone remind me the dig syntax to look at the jabber.org srv records?
[19:31:31] <Kev> dig -t srv _xmpp-client._tcp.jabber.org
[19:34:58] <taylor2559> Thanks!
[19:35:07] * Sonokamome joined the chat.
[19:35:08] <taylor2559> OK, dig returned three records:
[19:35:09] <taylor2559> ;; ANSWER SECTION: _xmpp-client._tcp.jabber.org. 900 IN SRV 31 31 5222 fallback.jabber.org. _xmpp-client._tcp.jabber.org. 900 IN SRV 30 30 5222 hermes.jabber.org. _xmpp-client._tcp.jabber.org. 900 IN SRV 30 30 5222 hermes6.jabber.org.
[19:35:39] <taylor2559> And I can telnet to 5222 on the first one of them I tried (hermes.jabber.org)
[19:35:49] <taylor2559> Whereas I couldn't telnet to 5222 on jabber.org
[19:36:02] <taylor2559> So, maybe Adium 1.5.3 isn't doing the SRV lookup
[19:38:45] * obama11556 left the chat.
[19:39:42] <taylor2559> never mind -- user error
[19:40:14] <taylor2559> Turns out the right thing to do is leave out the server name in the Adium configuration, and then it does an SRV lookup. Thanks again.
[19:42:13] * quincyadams2776 joined the chat.
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[19:44:07] <quincyadams49979> hello
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[20:13:23] <garfield31007> slm,
[20:13:40] <garfield31007> alo
[20:13:46] <garfield31007> turkiş
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[21:02:05] <arthur59107> SA
[21:02:13] <arthur59107> SA
[21:02:26] <arthur59107> TÜRK VAR MI ?
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[22:13:22] <garfield21500> Holaa como puedes registrarme?
[22:13:59] <garfield21500> A valee gracias , muy amables
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[22:27:13] <ThurahT> I didn't know that. That a former President was named after Jon's fat cat.
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