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[01:10:22] <hayes55666> good evening. I am having a network error with jabber and was wondering if someone could help?
[01:11:30] <ThurahT> good guess is that most are asleep, but do ask
[01:12:12] <hayes55666> I just installed Ubuntu as a dual boot option, went and created a Jabber account but when I load the app, it just says network error and wont connect.
[01:12:37] <ThurahT> s that empathy or what it's called?
[01:12:43] <ThurahT> *is
[01:12:44] <hayes55666> Oh yes, sorry
[01:13:29] <ThurahT> what is the error code if you can see it some where?
[01:13:48] <hayes55666> When I hover over my username, it just says network error
[01:14:41] <ThurahT> yea ok. an error code would be more specific. Did you register at jabber.org?
[01:14:47] <hayes55666> I did
[01:15:43] <hayes55666> I went into edit account info, checked the settings there, and even tried enabling SSL, checked proxy settings.. nothing. just says Disconnected - Network error up at the top
[01:15:54] <hayes55666> And I have internet access, obviously hehehe
[01:16:24] <ThurahT> well, I'm not admin or anything. Just hangs around here mostly, but I have noticed some users in here getting "not authenticated" due to some error with passwords containing some unsupported characters
[01:16:46] <hayes55666> I used a basic alphanumeric, no crazy characters
[01:17:07] <ThurahT> okay. so then it's probably smthng else.
[01:17:21] <hayes55666> Alright well I appreciate the help, I will sign on during the day tomorrow and see if I can get it sorted. Thanks much
[01:17:40] <ThurahT> Kev could help you as he is admin and guru.. Don't know if he is in though
[01:18:04] <ThurahT> the error code would help.
[01:18:19] <hayes55666> I will keep playing with it and see if I can find one
[01:18:52] <ThurahT> alright
[01:19:05] <ThurahT> good luck
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[10:01:55] <nirgal> Hello. I installed a jabberd ( on a server running Debian stable. I'd like people to have audio calls, but the option doesn't show on pidgin. Could you point me at what component(s) are needed?
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[10:24:05] <Kev> nirgal: Audio calls are an entirely client-side feature, so the server doesn't matter. You'll need to work this out with Pidgin people, I guess.
[10:25:41] <nirgal> Kev: pidgin show "audio call" on my nirgal@jabber.org account, but not on my private server account. So I don't think this is a client problem. There must be something to activate on the server ...
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[10:26:25] <Kev> As long as your server is XMPP compliant, it shouldn't need to do anything.
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[10:27:07] <Kev> You can try using a more current server (e.g. Prosody) rather than jabberd1, which hasn't been an active project in many years AFAIK, but that shouldn't be the issue.
[10:27:45] <Kev> Or you could see if you can find out how Pidgin determines whether to enable the feature.
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[12:45:00] <AurelianoBalthasar> Hi.
[12:46:09] <AurelianoBalthasar> ive got a "stupid" questions for new users: what if the client is offline, but someone sends a message to you? what happens?
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[12:47:21] <Kev> Depends whether your server is configured to store offline messages, or to bounce them.
[12:47:32] <AurelianoBalthasar> ok.
[12:47:52] <AurelianoBalthasar> whats the general setting servers use? did they agree on somethign for a reason?
[12:48:22] <Kev> I don't understand the question.
[12:48:40] <AurelianoBalthasar> :is there a good argument to choose either of the two poptions
[12:48:49] <AurelianoBalthasar> eg privacy, or loss of messages?
[12:48:53] <Kev> Most everywhere enables offline messages.
[12:49:13] <AurelianoBalthasar> so privacy is not much of an isue it seems. ok
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[12:49:31] <Kev> I'm not sure how storing offline messages is a privacy issue.
[12:49:42] <AurelianoBalthasar> Kev, oyu jsut mentioned prosody, is that Linux only?
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[12:49:57] <Kev> I do not believe so.
[12:49:58] <AurelianoBalthasar> depends on the messages sent betweeen participants, of course, Kev.
[12:50:13] <AurelianoBalthasar> Is Prosody oyur recommendation currently?
[12:50:23] <Kev> If you need a Free server, yes.
[12:50:28] <AurelianoBalthasar> (ejabberd channel is russian or so)
[12:50:46] <AurelianoBalthasar> recommendation for waht features, simplicity, reliability?
[12:50:51] <AurelianoBalthasar> ill check that
[12:52:13] <AurelianoBalthasar> it says it's under "MIT/X11 license"
[12:52:37] <louiz’> indeed
[12:53:42] <AurelianoBalthasar> i see, thats almsot no restrictions it reads
[12:53:50] <AurelianoBalthasar> thats good for cheap people like me ;)
[12:55:36] <AurelianoBalthasar> ive got a leftover question from yesterday, that is, what about interoperability of datan transfer-cpaable clients - do you need same client, or is it standardized fully?
[12:55:48] <AurelianoBalthasar> i remember Kev said Pigdin? and Gajim can transfer
[12:55:57] <AurelianoBalthasar> and swift in development ;)
[12:55:59] <Kev> File transfers? There's standards for it. Not all clients implement them yet.
[12:56:12] <AurelianoBalthasar> Swift btw. is a good name
[12:56:38] <Kev> Thanks.
[12:57:05] <AurelianoBalthasar> if i want to recommend clients to newbies, includign file transfer option, only Pigdin and Gajim are in question?
[12:57:26] <AurelianoBalthasar> it needs to be reliable
[12:57:35] <AurelianoBalthasar> newbies have little patience you know...
[12:57:49] <AurelianoBalthasar> at least, the average people newbies
[12:58:32] <AurelianoBalthasar> i think the question is simple?
[12:58:35] <AurelianoBalthasar> but hard to answer?
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[13:00:18] <AurelianoBalthasar> prosody leeched... 1,5 mb, almost supsiciously small.
[13:01:13] <AurelianoBalthasar> my question? all busy here or no clue?
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[13:06:16] <louiz’> busy
[13:06:28] <louiz’> you could try empathy, maybe, too
[13:06:49] <louiz’> and prosody has a small never of line code, that’s Ok.
[13:07:00] <louiz’> hence its simplicity
[13:07:51] <Kev> louiz’: Oh, Empathy does Jingle F/T? I didn't realise.
[13:08:54] <louiz’> hum, not sure actually. It does audio and video at least. But no file transfer?
[13:12:36] <AurelianoBalthasar> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Empathy_(software) says file transfer xmpp supported
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[13:12:48] <AurelianoBalthasar> by empathy
[13:13:31] <AurelianoBalthasar> but it's limited to *x OS
[13:13:35] <AurelianoBalthasar> no Winbloat
[13:13:39] <AurelianoBalthasar> nor MAc
[13:13:50] <louiz’> what is *x ?
[13:13:51] <louiz’> Linux ?
[13:14:00] <louiz’> and winbloat is windows ?
[13:14:34] <AurelianoBalthasar> unix, linux, bsd
[13:14:44] <AurelianoBalthasar> Winbloat, Winbloof, Winbloaf
[13:15:04] <AurelianoBalthasar> Windows is not an OS, it's a disease. Imho.
[13:15:52] <louiz’> ok, but it’s more clear to say its real name, instead of some denigrating names :p
[13:16:07] <AurelianoBalthasar> quote "640kb ought to be enough for everyone" (gates on memory management and mem amount)
[13:16:38] <AurelianoBalthasar> But it's some kind of hypicrsisy using its Name, at least to me.
[13:16:51] <AurelianoBalthasar> that would be like "federal reserve"
[13:17:12] <AurelianoBalthasar> it's neither federal, but private, nor reserve, and it issues ious, debt certificates called "dollar".
[13:17:16] <AurelianoBalthasar> you may get the idea
[13:17:26] <Kev> Not unless hypocrisy has been redefined while I wasn't watching.
[13:18:01] <AurelianoBalthasar> well then it was enbroadened in its meaning by me, and maybe one day you understand ;)
[13:20:06] <louiz’> Kev, he wasn’t talking about hypocrisy but “hypicrsisy” :D
[13:20:30] <louiz’> (and I don’t know what a federal reserve is
[13:20:31] <louiz’> )
[13:20:48] <AurelianoBalthasar> ok Kev, i noted Empathy (*x), Pigdin, and Gajim as clients in question. Would you exclude Gajim, since its pure XMPP only?
[13:21:37] <AurelianoBalthasar> i get several error messges as well, from Gajim, not so fancy.
[13:21:54] <AurelianoBalthasar> for example from chat room list
[13:22:54] <AurelianoBalthasar> i think i picked gajim for myself due to being limited to XMPP, but maybe tahts a moot point
[13:27:13] <louiz’> why do you need other protocols?
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[13:30:42] <AurelianoBalthasar> i dont, but maybe others would like, who use icq or sort of other protocols?
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[13:31:02] <louiz’> noone
[13:31:05] <louiz’> :)
[13:31:15] <AurelianoBalthasar> i for myself thought limiting to xmpp would increase security (maybe totally false?)
[13:31:51] <AurelianoBalthasar> and maybe it was alos smaller work, better job done on client
[13:31:57] <AurelianoBalthasar> also
[13:32:56] <AurelianoBalthasar> i see you use "poezio" client?
[13:33:05] <louiz’> yes
[13:33:17] <AurelianoBalthasar> naw uses psi...
[13:33:27] <louiz’> poezio doesn’t support file transfert
[13:33:56] <AurelianoBalthasar> yet, i suppose
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[13:35:01] <AurelianoBalthasar> includign myself, only two gajim users here
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[13:57:46] <AurelianoBalthasar> question: Email offers attachments. XMPP has no equivalent i suppose?
[13:58:28] <Kev> Depends what you mean.
[13:58:34] <Kev> File transfer is the logical equivalent.
[14:02:51] <AurelianoBalthasar> well, so you have to send a message and offer the data transfer same time?
[14:02:54] <AurelianoBalthasar> that may do?
[14:03:13] <AurelianoBalthasar> will the transfer offer time out?
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[14:10:14] <AurelianoBalthasar> question: Pigdin doesnt support OTR (according to pigdin-page no otr found). True?
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[14:47:19] <Tanguy> I think there is a plugin for Pidgin to do OTR.
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[14:59:45] <AurelianoBalthasar> tanguy, thanks
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[15:01:04] <aurelianobalthasar> multimessaging (multiple recipients-spam...) - is that supported in some clients?
[15:18:01] <aurelianobalthasar> multicast seems to be the term?
[15:18:20] <louiz’> not afaik
[15:18:47] <aurelianobalthasar> thats a drag
[15:18:54] <Kev> Psi lets you send to multiple recipients in the UI.
[15:19:16] <Kev> But what you generally do if you want to do that is pull people into a multi-user chat.
[15:20:52] <aurelianobalthasar> well. if i want to announce "we are meeting on server & channel xyz now" to 30 people, that needs a multicast beforehand, i think.
[15:21:59] <Kev> Not really.
[15:22:03] <Kev> You'd just send them an invite.
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[15:25:55] <aurelianobalthasar> ok tehn let it be "we are meeting tomorrow at.." to 30 people...
[15:26:41] <aurelianobalthasar> gdamn this is not as simpel as emial (someone claimed that)...
[15:26:58] <Kev> No, it's just different to email.
[15:27:18] <Kev> That's like claiming tables aren't as simple as a TV, because you can't watch Dr. Who on them :)
[15:27:43] <louiz’> :)
[15:28:03] <louiz’> you can, if you sit on the table, you can watch Dr Who on a table
[15:29:18] <Kev> I was waiting for that.
[15:29:52] <louiz’> :)
[15:31:09] <aurelianobalthasar> i rather thought of a glossy table
[15:31:24] <aurelianobalthasar> and a dark room
[15:31:43] <aurelianobalthasar> simplest display
[15:32:10] <aurelianobalthasar> i skipped otr some time ago
[15:32:22] <aurelianobalthasar> now i need to find client/s taht support multiple recipients....
[15:32:27] <aurelianobalthasar> things narrow down really
[15:32:37] <aurelianobalthasar> too geekish for my taste
[15:32:47] <louiz’> you need to take a client and improve it yourself
[15:32:52] <louiz’> :)
[15:32:54] <aurelianobalthasar> im not a coder
[15:32:57] <louiz’> :(
[15:32:59] <louiz’> learn
[15:33:03] <aurelianobalthasar> it would take half a year at least
[15:33:07] <aurelianobalthasar> no time for that
[15:33:10] <aurelianobalthasar> and no energy
[15:35:05] <aurelianobalthasar> spi forum is down, gajim channel not reachable...
[15:35:07] <aurelianobalthasar> psi
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[15:36:23] <louiz’> :)
[15:36:32] <louiz’> gajim channel is reachable
[15:36:36] <louiz’> there’s just a captcha.
[15:38:07] <aurelianobalthasar> PSI+ is hosted on google code (who trusts google) ...
[15:38:29] <aurelianobalthasar> for some reason i coudltn make the conenction to gajim server
[15:39:20] <Kev> Psi+ is different from Psi, btw.
[15:39:42] <aurelianobalthasar> anyway, latest stable gajim has no multicast it seems
[15:40:03] <aurelianobalthasar> and for wahtever reason file transfer is greyed out to any client here
[15:40:53] <ThurahT> not for me
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[15:42:52] <aurelianobalthasar> transfer window yyes, but error message
[15:43:26] <aurelianobalthasar> port 8210? i think i opened that...
[15:43:30] <ThurahT> aurelianobalthasar: have you tried pidgin as client? Becasue I have heard that gajim has some trouble on windows port.
[15:44:01] <ThurahT> some functions not working and so on.
[15:44:23] <aurelianobalthasar> yes it seems windows gajim is bugged
[15:44:32] <ThurahT> In pidgin everything works except VV
[15:44:35] <aurelianobalthasar> i set 8010 on router. correct number?
[15:44:56] <aurelianobalthasar> plus 5222 5223 5269
[15:45:06] <ThurahT> don't know what is wrong or right as long as clikent knows what port to use
[15:45:28] <ThurahT> I am wide open on 1024-65535
[15:46:01] <aurelianobalthasar> oh no ;)
[15:46:16] <aurelianobalthasar> you got no router?
[15:46:32] <ThurahT> sure.. it is wide open also
[15:46:48] <ThurahT> actually put myself in DMZ.. so it's pretty much transparent
[15:47:28] <aurelianobalthasar> well you got nothing to hide, but when all others who have to are gone, it wiull be you they come for ;)
[15:48:04] <ThurahT> let them try.. I have nothing runing on those ports. They only show as closed
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[15:49:45] <aurelianobalthasar> i see
[15:50:05] <ThurahT> in pidign you can define ports for client to use.
[15:50:07] <aurelianobalthasar> ive gotta leave before sund vanishes totally, those questions got me stuck inside, damn.
[15:50:10] <aurelianobalthasar> later
[15:50:11] <ThurahT> and it works. good.
[15:50:12] <aurelianobalthasar> thx
[15:50:21] <aurelianobalthasar> ill try to resume
[15:50:31] <ThurahT> oki
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[16:06:24] <Adam Nickerson> Has anyone here worked with Mingle's Jabber integration before?
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[16:08:39] <hayes35044> hello
[16:09:54] <hayes35044> I have a general question about the website. do i need to sign up for an account to find out about the current version number?
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[16:13:34] <cleveland42780> hello
[16:14:23] <ThurahT> hi
[16:14:47] <cleveland42780> I need some help here, can't connect to jabber.org because I am behind a proxy
[16:16:28] <cleveland42780> I got the proxy server address and port, uname and password, but still can't connect, I think the 5222 port is closed. Is there a way to get around? Thanks
[16:17:14] <cleveland42780> it is satellite connection on a ship
[16:18:20] <Kev> Do you know what type of proxy it is?
[16:18:26] <Kev> HTTP, SOCKS etc.?
[16:18:50] <cleveland42780> I think SOCKS 5
[16:20:02] <cleveland42780> this is checked in the browser connection settings tab
[16:20:32] <Kev> Ok, so you'll need a client that supports a SOCKS5 proxy.
[16:20:41] <Kev> Unfortunately, I don't know what proxy types different clients support.
[16:20:44] <Kev> Maybe someone does?
[16:21:05] <cleveland42780> :(
[16:21:29] <cleveland42780> thanks anyway
[16:22:26] <cleveland42780> I have pidgin installed, it supports SOCKS5
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[16:24:29] <Kev> Oh. So you were saying you think the proxy is refusing to proxy port 5222?
[16:24:34] <Kev> Sorry, I misunderstood.
[16:25:23] <Kev> There's port 5223 for a legacy protocol, but it seems unlikely that would be allowed if 5222 isn't.
[16:25:37] <cleveland42780> I think so, since the connect port to jabber.org is 5222
[16:26:50] <cleveland42780> when I use broadband connection everything is fine, but with that satellite it is not
[16:27:12] <ThurahT> you could always try TOR also. Pidgin has support for it also
[16:27:39] <cleveland42780> how can I do that?
[16:27:53] <ThurahT> tor.eff.org
[16:28:39] <ThurahT> install the bundle version and then tell pidgin to connect through it. It runs on local host and usually port 8118
[16:29:23] <cleveland42780> dnsquery: Performing DNS lookup for (18:25:28) dnsquery: IP resolved for (18:25:28) proxy: Attempting connection to (18:25:28) proxy: Connecting to jabber.org:5222 via using SOCKS5 (18:25:28) socks5 proxy: Connection in progress (18:25:28) socks5 proxy: Connected. (18:26:35) socks5 proxy: Able to read. (18:26:35) proxy: Connection attempt failed: Server closed the connection
[16:29:44] <cleveland42780> this is what I get with pidgin -d
[16:30:31] <ThurahT> I don't know why that is.. TOR is a long shot but could work.
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[16:30:47] <cleveland42780> but my knowledge is not that good in net
[16:30:59] <cleveland42780> OK I will try, thanks
[16:31:47] <ThurahT> TOR is pretty straightforward.
[16:32:29] <ThurahT> It works as a local proxy so you need to set that up in pidgin.
[16:33:00] <cleveland42780> thanks
[16:33:28] <cleveland42780> do I need to provide any Uname or password for it?
[16:34:55] <ThurahT> no
[16:35:15] <ThurahT> not is you don't set that specifically in TOR.
[16:35:29] <ThurahT> *if
[16:38:18] <ThurahT> make sure it is the bundle version you download, named: Vidalia Bundle
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[16:45:22] <cleveland42780> thanks, bye
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[19:17:02] <Neustradamus> aurelianobalthasar: 5223 is a very old port! You can close this port.
[19:20:54] <aurelianobalthasar> hi
[19:21:05] <aurelianobalthasar> old? wasnt it for ssl?
[19:21:29] <Kev> It's for an obsolete connection method.
[19:21:44] <Kev> In standard XMPP, 5222 is used for both TLS and non-TLS connections.
[19:21:56] <aurelianobalthasar> then, which ports are in use now?
[19:22:01] <aurelianobalthasar> i see
[19:22:08] <aurelianobalthasar> the other ports are still vlaid?
[19:22:13] <aurelianobalthasar> valid
[19:22:14] <Kev> 5222 for C2S and 5269 for S2S are the defaults.
[19:23:03] <stpeter> ssl-only ports aren't necessary, unless you're http :)
[19:23:40] <stpeter> that does raise the question of whether we need an ssl-only port for BOSH
[19:23:41] <aurelianobalthasar> i am a steak rather, i wanted to become one
[19:24:19] <aurelianobalthasar> ok no 23 port
[19:24:41] <stpeter> well, for modern protocols :)
[19:25:02] <aurelianobalthasar> modern, did xmppp change?
[19:25:22] <stpeter> port 23 is not for a modern protocol :)
[19:25:35] <aurelianobalthasar> nah ill close it and fine
[19:26:08] <stpeter> aurelianobalthasar: in the early days of jabber we had 5222 (unencrypted) and 5223 (encrypted) for client connections, but only 5269 (unencrypted) for server connections and no 5270 for encrypted connection
[19:26:13] <stpeter> anyway, ancient history
[19:26:25] <aurelianobalthasar> well not that ancient
[19:26:27] <stpeter> we don't need a special port for ssl-only
[19:26:31] <stpeter> old history
[19:26:36] <stpeter> history :)
[19:26:37] <aurelianobalthasar> documentation on the net still refers to those years
[19:26:39] <Kev> The previous millenium :)
[19:26:54] <stpeter> yeah, that was sooooo second-millennium!
[19:27:07] <aurelianobalthasar> k k
[19:27:24] <ThurahT> : )
[19:28:17] <aurelianobalthasar> btw does anyone here use opera? it gets so slow with lots of tabs... would like a relief while keeping it.
[19:28:49] * Slman127 joined the chat.
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[19:29:14] <aurelianobalthasar> i like 6 windows with 15 tabs each ;)
[19:29:27] * Tobias left the chat.
[19:29:44] <ThurahT> here is some history: http://gabber.sourceforge.net/screenshots/gabber-20011229.jpg
[19:29:50] <stpeter> nice :)
[19:30:26] <Kev> Ah, Gabber. Memories :)
[19:30:35] <ThurahT> aurelianobalthasar: new mozilla based are pretty good on memory handling when having alot of tabs
[19:30:52] <ThurahT> Kev: yea.. looked pretty good actually..
[19:31:10] <stpeter> /me notes the "College Applications" folder on x-virge's desktop :)
[19:31:38] <Kev> I switched to Psi and started dev on that probably around the time that screenshot was taken, I guess.
[19:32:12] <aurelianobalthasar> ThurahT, mozilla=FF?
[19:32:24] <aurelianobalthasar> have FF, 2
[19:32:34] <ThurahT> notice the @time also.. Does anyone use that today?
[19:33:15] * harrykar left the chat.
[19:33:39] * harrykar joined the chat.
[19:33:47] <ThurahT> aurelianobalthasar: yea.. I use Seamonkey, the orignal mozilla browser..
[19:33:55] <ThurahT> has more features than firefox.
[19:34:09] <ThurahT> and a built in emial client and irc client.
[19:34:12] <aurelianobalthasar> more, i see. i sue opera because it has more than FF....
[19:34:29] <aurelianobalthasar> and most importanly, it has a copy tab function FF lacks
[19:34:34] <ThurahT> well.. at least it isn't chrome.. : )
[19:34:46] * harrykar left the chat.
[19:35:25] * harrykar joined the chat.
[19:35:43] <aurelianobalthasar> im getting more and more suspicious of the latest tech cries... suspecting big brother inside everything
[19:36:45] <ThurahT> well, as long as it is open source I think some one would notice.. Closed programs on the other hand you never know..
[19:36:51] * Tobias joined the chat.
[19:37:27] <aurelianobalthasar> i think that may be partly superstition - how do i know anyone ever chcked the source thouroghly? no guarantees these days.
[19:37:49] <ThurahT> at least you or someone CAN check it.. : )
[19:38:08] <aurelianobalthasar> agree
[19:39:27] <aurelianobalthasar> but, i use precompiled stuff all time, so how do i ever know whats inside, i wont
[19:39:34] <ThurahT> I liked the rumour some years ago claiming NSA was developing truecrypt and put backdoors in it.. : )
[19:39:46] <aurelianobalthasar> interesting point
[19:40:00] <aurelianobalthasar> i didnt hear, but i bet i created much frantic gossip?
[19:40:06] <aurelianobalthasar> it created
[19:40:32] <aurelianobalthasar> and mentioning truecrypt, who did ever check the source?
[19:40:33] <aurelianobalthasar> i didnt
[19:40:51] <ThurahT> : )
[19:41:18] <ThurahT> you must start writing your own programs.. that is the only way to be 100% sure.. : )
[19:41:28] <aurelianobalthasar> im not living long enough for that
[19:41:35] <Kev> How do you compile them?
[19:41:42] <Kev> How do you trust the hardware?
[19:41:56] <aurelianobalthasar> it's netiher trust nor compile
[19:42:05] <aurelianobalthasar> just use what may be realible, maybe...
[19:42:10] <aurelianobalthasar> reliable
[19:42:25] <ThurahT> I don't trust intel.. : ) and who knows what can be executed in those new UEFI chips..
[19:42:35] <aurelianobalthasar> right hardware, i forgot about that control chip they talked about 2-3 years ago
[19:42:47] <aurelianobalthasar> how are motehrboards today? chip inside?
[19:43:04] <aurelianobalthasar> EUFI, black box for me
[19:43:10] <aurelianobalthasar> my hw is older
[19:44:06] <ThurahT> how many printers have that barely visible and unique code in one of the corner to identify any print made?
[19:44:16] <aurelianobalthasar> good question
[19:44:26] <aurelianobalthasar> my printer is older.... ;)
[19:44:32] <aurelianobalthasar> and black and white even
[19:44:44] <ThurahT> hehe.. ai only trust matris printers..
[19:44:46] <aurelianobalthasar> no yellow dots
[19:46:54] <ThurahT> well.. I gtg.. keep that tinfoil on and have a good one.
[19:47:08] <stpeter> :)
[19:47:26] <stpeter> just discovered https://imo.im/
[19:47:31] <stpeter> never heard of them before now
[19:47:47] <stpeter> also never heard of "Hyves" and "Steam" as IM services
[19:48:29] <aurelianobalthasar> being aware of tyranny isnt a matter of tinfoil hats
[19:48:52] <aurelianobalthasar> not being aware of taht is
[19:49:59] <ThurahT> aurelianobalthasar: true true..
[19:50:49] <ThurahT> stpeter: me neiter.. Well.. Steam I know.. it's valves game portal.. it has a IM system alright..
[19:56:53] <aurelianobalthasar> damn! just wanted to check for saving text or something and rmb hit empty chat imemdiately
[19:56:56] <aurelianobalthasar> that sucks
[19:57:11] <aurelianobalthasar> all our jabber about clients gone
[19:57:24] <aurelianobalthasar> and a cheesy memory
[19:57:34] <stpeter> /me wanders off for a quick stroll
[20:02:12] <aurelianobalthasar> anyone mind pasting the chat, from time i joined today, into a private message, if possible?
[20:04:01] <aurelianobalthasar> "ICQ Must Die Plugin" (psi+ plugin)
[20:05:42] <aurelianobalthasar> dont see an open source note? psi+ must die.
[20:14:56] * Tobias left the chat.
[20:15:25] <aurelianobalthasar> anyone mind pasting the chat, from time i joined today, into a private message, if possible?
[20:17:48] <aurelianobalthasar> well. i have to leave now, i need the 5222 port for some other program
[20:18:14] <aurelianobalthasar> good night (or wahtever time it is at yours)
[20:18:26] * aurelianobalthasar left the chat.
[20:37:19] * Tobias joined the chat.
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[21:34:44] <ThurahT> what other services is there on port 5222? And why wouldn't he be able to use it in the same time?
[21:43:40] * naw left the chat.
[21:52:47] * 32dll@jabber.org joined the chat.
[21:52:55] <32dll@jabber.org> Hi
[21:53:19] * 32dll@jabber.org left the chat.
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[22:27:06] <stpeter> hmm
[22:28:14] <stpeter> ThurahT: I don't know why he would need port 5222 for "some other program" -- and in fact port 5222 is registered with the IANA, so it would be much better if he used some other port
[22:32:30] <ThurahT> yea.. thought so. Client wise there shouldn't even be a limit. And server wise till memory and cpu runs out
[22:32:45] <stpeter> well
[22:33:00] <stpeter> I thought he meant that he wanted to use port 5222 for some other *protocol*
[22:33:24] <ThurahT> oh.. even so.
[22:33:27] <stpeter> but perhaps he meant connecting multiple XMPP clients at the same time, which is not a problem
[22:33:29] <stpeter> true
[22:33:57] <ThurahT> mystery remians.. : )
[22:34:02] <ThurahT> *remains
[22:34:20] <stpeter> :)
[22:34:21] <stpeter> yes
[22:46:42] <stpeter> ok, it's time for me to get my train home, bbl
[22:46:59] <ThurahT> have a safe trip
[22:47:03] <stpeter> thanks :)
[22:47:08] * stpeter left the chat.
[22:48:42] * harrykar left the chat.
[23:01:09] * itsnotabigtruck joined the chat.
[23:08:43] <itsnotabigtruck> would you guys happen to know if jabberd2 has an irc chan/muc room somewhere?
[23:09:15] <itsnotabigtruck> or, related, whether there's any xmpp servers with good client certificate support
[23:09:42] <itsnotabigtruck> (well, daemons, not servers)
[23:15:15] <ThurahT> which ones have you tested and rated?
[23:17:02] * Aviator joined the chat.
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[23:18:03] * Aviator joined the chat.
[23:18:21] <itsnotabigtruck> ThurahT: tested and rated? well, the only ones i've had any experience with are openfire and prosody and neither do client certs
[23:18:53] <ThurahT> oh ok
[23:20:08] <itsnotabigtruck> my end goal is to have an infrastructure entirely based on client certs and smart cards, so that one can have a high assurance that they're talking to the real itsnotabigtruck@endno.de or whatnot
[23:20:55] <itsnotabigtruck> also it sidesteps the entire problem that no one seems to be able to agree on the right way to store or validate a password hash
[23:22:01] * Aviator left the chat.
[23:22:20] <itsnotabigtruck> actually apparently openfire *does* do client certs, the trouble is that it's also not really maintained anymore, also it's java
[23:22:47] <ThurahT> yeah.. well I have zero to none experience with servers.. there is a list somewhere..
[23:23:07] <ThurahT> here http://www.saint-andre.com/jabber/jsc/ that may help you..
[23:24:03] <itsnotabigtruck> that's pretty old, and there's been some new ones since then, and some that have stopped being updated
[23:24:31] <ThurahT> those are the only ones I know of.. : )
[23:25:56] * dreamcast joined the chat.
[23:25:58] <ThurahT> you seem more oriented in this than me anyway, so you could stick around for the gurus to respond.
[23:31:29] * sami joined the chat.
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[23:57:23] <itsnotabigtruck> ThurahT: anyway, thanks for the pointer :)
[23:58:22] <ThurahT> which was of no help. sure np : )
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