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[01:19:59] <desmoy> test
[01:22:10] <desmoy> does anyone see my chat?
[01:31:52] <pierce60010> I do
[01:33:52] <desmoy> thanks :-) i am just testing a new installed GAjim
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[02:49:18] <alexnecro> Hi everybody
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[03:28:32] <alexnecro> does somebody knows Linux Mint, or maybe Ubuntu
[03:28:54] <alexnecro> here's little problem with localization
[03:29:41] <alexnecro> language settings is Russian, but almost all texts & captions are in english
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[04:50:08] <desmoy> privet alex
[05:19:16] <alexnecro> Ubuntu 10.04LTS - same problem with localization
[05:19:57] <alexnecro> installer (even textual) are in russian, but OS GUI is not
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[06:08:25] <PaulFertser> alexnecro: try installing the corresponding language packages for the programs you want in your language.
[06:08:50] <PaulFertser> alexnecro: and tbh i see zero sense in using non-english interface, i have LC_MESSAGES=C on all my machines.
[06:11:00] <alexnecro> I think Russians ougth to use russian interfaces because they can't understand other languages
[06:12:31] <PaulFertser> alexnecro: you seem to be underestimating russians, lol ;)
[06:13:03] <alexnecro> nether!
[06:13:22] <alexnecro> they're so predictible
[06:13:24] <Link Mauve> alexnecro, almost all people prefer an interface localized in their language, it's natural.
[06:13:42] <PaulFertser> alexnecro: also, understanding english interfaces is a necessity for any sane person, it doesn't make sense to depend on localisation when you can easily learn enough of an English language, as it's needed anyway for almost any kind of meaningful activity.
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[06:15:44] <PaulFertser> Link Mauve: do you have any prooflink handy?
[06:16:17] <alexnecro> meaning of my question is simple: I want to try to equip some of my users with linux stations instead of windows; users will not read english
[06:17:06] <Link Mauve> PaulFertser, of course not.
[06:17:57] <Link Mauve> alexnecro, in Ubuntu, you go to System > Administration > Languages or something like that, and you'll be able to install support for any language you want.
[06:18:16] <Link Mauve> But if there are strings untranslated, they'll stay in english.
[06:19:35] <PaulFertser> AFAICT localisation works like that: for every gettext-enabled app you need a .mo file installed corresponding to your LC_MESSAGES locale setting. If you do not, hardcoded english strings are used.
[06:20:27] <PaulFertser> So you need to both: 1. set at least LC_MESSAGES (or LANG or LC_ALL) to ru_RU.UTF-8; 2. install .mo files for the packages you want localised.
[06:23:41] <PaulFertser> I had to learn gettext+intltool myself because they (clueless users) forced me to translate some of my apps :E
[06:25:04] <Link Mauve> PaulFertser, but an end user shouldn't even have to know the name of gettext.
[06:25:20] <Link Mauve> He'll just install the language packs.
[06:26:37] <Kev> For those following the ongoing gmail.com problems, I found that the long outage for the last few days (the 404s) was caused by the servers that DNS was returning for gmail.com when jabber.org requested were timing out. Google seem to have fixed this.
[06:27:09] <Kev> I expect we'll still see intermittent s2s errors due to our mysterious mass disconnects from jabber.org, but the big problem looks resolved.
[06:27:15] <Link Mauve> Oh, great!
[06:27:16] <PaulFertser> Link Mauve: well, when something goes wrong or you do not know which package contains that mo files, some knowledge would be handy.
[06:27:40] <PaulFertser> Kev: yay! But was there zero indication in your logs about such kind of a problem?
[06:28:01] <Kev> PaulFertser: I only became aware late in the day yesterday that the symptoms were different from the usual issue.
[06:28:29] <Kev> So I didn't re-check the logs until I knew that - at which point I saw the log entries and checked.
[06:28:31] <PaulFertser> Kev: also, how did gtalk client manage to see proper servers? I assume they're using the same SRV request, right?
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[06:29:35] <Kev> a) Clients and servers use a different SRV record b) Google seems to do region-based DNS responses; my home server (also in the States) gets completely different responses to DNS (to the A records rather than the SRV), and these servers were responding.
[06:30:04] <PaulFertser> I see, thanks for the clarifications :)
[06:30:37] <PaulFertser> Any idea about "the usual issue"? Is anybody active about chasing it down?
[06:30:44] <Kev> It is possible (I've not heard from Google yet) that this was some network problem somewhere in between jabber.org and gmail.com, rather than something that Google have fixed, I'm just surmising.
[06:30:55] <Kev> That's what we were starting out chasing down.
[06:31:17] <Kev> I've confirmed with Google that if they can't connect to us by s2s they'll then blacklist the domain (for about an hour).
[06:31:55] <PaulFertser> Is this standards-conforming?
[06:32:24] <Kev> It seems likely to me that this is what's happening - lots of clients disconnect from jabber.org all at once; they all try to reconnect at once; this slows down the server enough that some connections will time out; gmail.com is unable to get s2s so they give up.
[06:32:39] <Kev> I don't believe it's standards-breaking. They're trying to avoid hammering a server that's unavailable.
[06:33:26] <Kev> The root cause of the problem is still likely this issue that many clients disconnect at once and then try to reconnect, of which I'm still unsure of the cause.
[06:33:27] <PaulFertser> I'd not call one host trying to reconnect, say, every 5 minutes (rather than an hour!) hammering.
[06:34:01] <alexnecro> I have more interesting problem about linux: Citrix Metaframe client (v11) has the bug (tested on Ubuntu 10.04, 8.10 ): when seamless application window is maximized, mouse has some offset, so, I must click 1-2cm lower than I want
[06:34:02] <Kev> Well, trying every 5 minutes would be some form of backing off.
[06:34:22] <alexnecro> ...and I see no way
[06:35:24] <PaulFertser> Kev: i can't see how trying every 5 minutes might possibly do any more harm than trying every hour, do you?
[06:35:28] <PaulFertser> I mean can you :)
[06:36:09] <Kev> Not really in practical terms, but both blacklisting for 5mins and blacklisting for an hour are a form of back-off, and Google have decided that about an hour is a reasonable time.
[06:36:16] <PaulFertser> Kev: btw, big thanks for looking into the issues and making gtalk s2s work again!
[06:36:47] <Kev> I note that we're hoping to set up a clustered environment for jabber.org around the time that we next perform a major upgrade of the software, and this would hopefully aleviate such issues.
[06:36:48] <PaulFertser> Kev: i mean do _you_ consider an hour to be a reasonable time? From an end-user point of view it is not.
[06:37:35] <Kev> Although I have no doubt that performing the upgrade and setting up the cluster will itself be fraught with downtime for users, to which I'm not looking forward.
[06:38:32] <Kev> I don't know exactly how they try to work out that a host is down. It could be that they're performing ~exponential back-off, in which case maxing out at an hour seems entirely sensible.
[06:38:42] <PaulFertser> While changing the google's back-off period right now would mean no interruption of the service for the users and will bring some improvement right away i guess.
[06:39:20] <Kev> It could be up to about 5 minutes that gmail.com's unable to s2s to jabber.org during one of these events, so it could be that they're trying many times in this period and then giving up for an hour.
[06:39:32] <Kev> It's not as if, I think, they're trying once, can't get through and so immediately give up for an hour.
[06:40:31] <PaulFertser> Given the whole number of s2s connections is limited to several thousands all these precautions seem a little bit moot to me.
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[06:49:33] <desmoy> does anyone know chat room for Russian?
[06:50:00] <desmoy> and is chat@conference.jabber.ru closed?
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[07:48:26] <tomatosue> hi does anyone know how i can connect to irc.freenode.net using jabber.org?
[07:49:24] <PaulFertser> "08-04 10:57 *** alexnecro has left: Да, я здесь." <-- LOL
[07:49:38] <PaulFertser> tomatosue: you can use irc-transport for that.
[07:50:05] <alexnecro> yes, I'm here )
[07:51:24] <Link Mauve> Greate leave message. :D
[07:51:33] <tomatosue> paulfertser: is that something i install on my local machine?
[07:51:35] <Link Mauve> Great*
[07:51:57] <Link Mauve> tomatosue, I think you search an IRC gateway.
[07:52:56] <PaulFertser> tomatosue: no, that's something you are to add to your roster.
[07:53:33] <Kev> You wouldn't add an IRC gateway to your roster, FWIW.
[07:53:41] <Kev> You tend to join them as if they were a MUC room.
[07:53:45] <Kev> s/room/service/
[07:54:08] <PaulFertser> Ah, right... It's not a realy transport...
[07:54:11] <PaulFertser> Sorry :/
[07:55:50] <PaulFertser> Shame on me. But i've never used one as i've always found irc to be more comfortable than MUCs, so i just use a native irc client.
[07:56:03] <Kev> Oh, it's a real transport, it's just not like an e.g. MSN transport.
[07:56:17] <Kev> Also, yes, I use a native client for IRC.
[07:57:15] <tomatosue> sorry. so how do i connect to an IRC gateway?
[07:57:56] <Kev> tomatosue: You need to find one first, I can't help with that. Once you've found one you *usually* join by joining a MUC room something a bit like yourchannel%irc.freenode.net@thetransport, but it varies.
[08:00:08] <tomatosue> oh thanks. are gateways hosted for the general public or do i have to belong to something?
[08:00:27] <Kev> It varies.
[08:02:55] <tomatosue> thanks. i'll see if i can find one.
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[08:19:09] <desmoy> Kev, is MattJ still join here?
[08:19:17] <Kev> Sometimes.
[08:20:01] <desmoy> oh i see, thanks :-)
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[08:53:34] <memosoo11> هاي
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[08:58:43] <alexnecro> Is where some spell to cast to not receive status-change messages?
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[10:03:50] <Kev> alexnecro: ?
[10:04:35] <alexnecro> where are only status-change notifications, I want not to see them
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[10:04:48] <Kev> Do you mean in a MUC?
[10:04:54] <Kev> Clients can choose to not show those.
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[12:44:05] <lurker45526> Hi everybody.I have little problem. My empathy dose not connection to jabber server. I do not why.
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[12:45:17] <lurker45526> Somebody could help me?
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[12:45:51] <Kev> What's the problem, what server, etc.
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[12:48:29] <lurker45526> Hi Kev! That server which default in empathy. I think "jabber.org". Or not?
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[12:48:49] <Kev> I know almost nothing about Empathy.
[12:48:54] <Kev> I wouldn't have thought it would default to jabber.org
[12:49:00] <Kev> What is your JID?
[12:50:10] <lurker45526> horvath.richard@jabber.org (hungarian name :))
[12:50:35] <Kev> OK, and if you load up a terminal, what happens if you telnet hermes.jabber.org 5222?
[12:53:46] <lurker45526> I set this service: hermes.jabber.org and port: 5222 but nothing. Problem is same.
[12:54:32] <Kev> ^
[12:59:29] <lurker45526> Sorry... what?
[13:01:28] <Kev> Have you done what I asked yet?
[13:02:52] <lurker45526> Yes, i have done, but nothing.
[13:03:00] <vilius> lurker45526: and Kev asked you to issue command telnet hermes.jabber.org 5222 in the terminal (a.k.a. command prompt in Windows) to check whether the server is accessible from your location
[13:03:34] <vilius> "nothing" is not an informative answer, either the connection is successful or not (time out)
[13:03:36] <Kev> The output of this should not be nothing.
[13:05:10] <lurker45526> Connection failed in the terminal. Only trying...
[13:06:14] <Kev> Paste the exact output, please.
[13:08:15] <lurker45526> There is not output, only curzor waiting.
[13:08:50] <Kev> You have networking problems, then.
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[13:11:31] <lurker45526> Which problems? How can i seek this?
[13:12:22] <Kev> I suggest you contact your network admin if you have one, or your ISP if you're at home.
[13:13:37] <cheney8829> hello people, can someone please explain where/how I change my password. I have tried using the option in my client (JETI) but it does not work and my password always remains the same (old). Apprteciated
[13:14:16] <cheney8829> the FAQ suggests i must only use the client, so I am at a loss.
[13:15:29] <lurker45526> Ok, thx Kev, vilius!
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[13:17:51] <cheney8829> (Hhmmm....so this doesnt work either)
[13:18:15] <cheney8829> this 'jabber' experience is going from bad to worse.
[13:18:43] <cheney8829> and i dont like how you cannt DELETE my account either.#
[13:18:55] <PaulFertser> cheney8829: it's supposed that your client should know all of that
[13:19:26] <PaulFertser> cheney8829: and jeti is not among the popular ones, so it's unlikely anyone here has a clue, unless you provide the xml log for the failed actions.
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[13:20:11] <Kev> cheney8829: First check that Jeti is using starttls, as I believe jabber.org (I'm assuming you're talking about jabber.org, you've not said) won't let you set a password over a plaintext connection.
[13:20:32] <Kev> Then the best thing is to get a dump of the session, blank out the passwords and pastebin it for us to look at.
[13:21:07] <Kev> And waiting 4 minutes before complaining that the volunteers aren't helping you is *not* the way to ingratiate yourself.
[13:24:19] <cheney8829> Guys, thanks for your response. (BTW, i was not complaining about lack of response, I was stating to myself that I am unclear what is live and realtime and what is not, as I have no expectation). I do appreciate the situiation as I too am a regular contributor to technical help in other chat forums for other software). Anyway...
[13:24:54] <cheney8829> Kev: I think you have probably hit the nail onl the head with the suggestion of the 'plain text' denial
[13:25:14] <cheney8829> the XML suggests as such:...
[13:25:57] <Kev> You could try connecting with some client that we know supports starttls, such as Psi, change your password (or try to) and then report back that it doesn't work, or switch back to Jeti if it does.
[13:26:23] <cheney8829> 15:16:25 + : <iq to="jabber.org" id="Jeti_0.6737953369082721_12" type="set"><query xmlns="jabber:iq:register"><username>grunders</username><password>newpassword</password></query></iq> 15:16:25 - c: <iq from="jabber.org" to="grunders@jabber.org/JETI" type="error" id="Jeti_0.6737953369082721_12"><error code="401" type="auth"><not-authorized xmlns="urn:ietf:params:xml:ns:xmpp-stanzas"></not-authorized></error></iq> 15:16:25 - p: <iq to="grunders@jabber.org/JETI" from="jabber.org" id="Jeti_0.6737953369082721_12" type="error"><error code="401" type="auth"><not-authorized xmlns='urn:ietf:params:xml:ns:xmpp-stanzas'/></error></iq
[13:26:59] <cheney8829> that is an extract from the log
[13:27:23] <cheney8829> ...but doesnt paste in well. :-(
[13:27:26] <Kev> That does look like the server's not letting you change the password. I've not looked at this code since it was added, but ISTR at the time that it wouldn't let you unless you were over TLS.
[13:27:49] <Kev> The easiest thing is to test e.g. Psi first, and report back.
[13:28:01] <Kev> That should let us know if it's a server problem or not, and I can look into it if it is.
[13:28:32] <cheney8829> can you advise on a client that is purely java based (as Jeti is) and that works well (without the need for windows installation/integration)?
[13:28:42] <Kev> No.
[13:29:08] <cheney8829> is Psi your preferred suggestion?
[13:29:24] <Kev> The only Java client I've used is Spark and I wouldn't recommend it as it was when I last tried it.
[13:29:45] <Kev> I used to work on Psi. These days I work on Swift instead, but Swift doesn't support password changing yet, and Psi does.
[13:30:02] <cheney8829> ok, so Psi it is then. :-)
[13:30:10] <Tanguy> In Java? There is also SIP Communicator, that recently took another name I cannot remember.
[13:30:13] <Tanguy> Jitsi.
[13:30:29] <Kev> Ah, yes, Jitsi. I've not used it, and I don't know whether it's 'pure' Java or not.
[13:30:35] <cheney8829> Out of interest, if/when the time comes to delete accounts, exactly what is the procerss (without waiting for the 12 months inactivity timeout)?
[13:30:36] <Kev> Could be )
[13:30:54] <cheney8829> Jitsi: ok, I will look into this.
[13:31:12] <Link Mauve> Jitsi uses ffmpeg, so it's not only java.
[13:31:16] <Kev> cheney8829: There isn't really a process, but if you drop a mail to Peter using the same details as for a password recovery, he may be able to do it for you.
[13:31:33] <cheney8829> sure, thats what the FAQ said, Fair enough.
[13:32:07] <cheney8829> boys (and girls?) I will try Psi, many thanks.
[13:35:46] <PaulFertser> Kev: currently i know that the particular jabber.ru user is online (and i can communicate with others without issues) but i can't get anything back/forth from him.
[13:36:27] <Kev> You're saying you can communicate with other jabber.ru users fine, but at the same time you can't communicate with this one?
[13:37:28] <PaulFertser> Kev: yep
[13:37:49] <Kev> I don't see how this could possibly be a problem on the jabber.org side, I'm afraid.
[13:38:05] <PaulFertser> Kev: my messages pass through to her, but i do not see presence and messages from her.
[13:38:13] <PaulFertser> Kev: what would you suggest to do then?
[13:38:20] <Kev> I'm pondering.
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[13:55:57] <cheney8829> has she set her statuis as 'invisible' or 'show offline' in her client?
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[13:56:35] <cheney8829> (that:s to you paulfertser)
[13:56:47] <Kev> Right, that (or a privacy list etc.) are the only things I can think of.
[13:57:07] <cheney8829> (She doesnt want you to know shes there. :-) )
[13:57:13] <Kev> I've run through lots of ideas about if jabber.ru is clustered with users on different nodes etc., but that doesn't fly because M-Link would still have only opened a single outgoing s2s.
[13:59:46] <PaulFertser> I know about privacy lists but it's unlikely they're in action here. Well, we'll see later, thanks for attention.
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[14:32:20] <nathanhgwut> So how do I create a room?
[14:33:24] <Kev> Just join a room that doesn't exist with your client.
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[16:05:22] * jyothissas joined the chat.
[16:07:01] * garfield22753 joined the chat.
[16:08:54] <garfield22753> Kev: 'cheney8829 here. Ok, psi did thwe job on changing the passwords. And I discover a very nice Jisi with which I will use from now on. Alls good.
[16:09:08] <Kev> Great.
[16:09:11] <garfield22753> once again, thanks for your (and the other guys) time and help.
[16:09:15] <Kev> Thanks for reporting back.
[16:09:33] <garfield22753> no worries. I beleive in courtesy especially when its all volunteered help.
[16:10:18] <garfield22753> one other question you may or may not know about: the security certificate that is used to connect to jabber reports a mismatch (when Jitsi logs in)
[16:10:34] * roman left the chat.
[16:10:35] <garfield22753> do you know anything about it? any known issues so far?
[16:10:48] <Kev> The certificate for jabber.org is valid as far as I'm aware.
[16:10:56] <Kev> Does it say why it thinks it's invalid?
[16:11:07] <garfield22753> let me restart it up and Ill quote what is said....
[16:11:43] <Kev> Thanks.
[16:11:58] <garfield22753> "kitsi can verify the indentity oif the server when connecting to hermes.jabber.org:5222
[16:12:05] <garfield22753> the cetrtificcate is not trsuted
[16:12:08] <garfield22753> ....
[16:12:17] <garfield22753> .....do you want to continue etc etc......
[16:12:25] <garfield22753> THEN I VIEW THE CERTTIFICATE.....
[16:12:39] * jyothissas left the chat.
[16:13:16] <Kev> Not trusted suggests that wherever Jitsi is pulling the trust anchors from doesn't include the Startcom cert.
[16:13:58] <garfield22753> right..... so where do you see the issue lies with?
[16:14:12] <garfield22753> AH wait...
[16:14:27] <garfield22753> NOW ~I see the 'always trust this certifcat' option. (missed it before)
[16:14:32] <garfield22753> ill just click that! :-)
[16:14:43] <Kev> It's always possible you've been MITMd of course, although unlikely.
[16:15:14] <garfield22753> MITMd ?
[16:15:20] <stpeter> garfield22753: what operating system are you on?
[16:15:24] <garfield22753> XP
[16:15:35] <stpeter> hmm ok
[16:15:40] <Kev> garfield22753: Man In The Middle. i.e. someone actually compromising your connection.
[16:15:46] <garfield22753> fresh install
[16:15:52] <stpeter> I know that Microsoft issued security updates to include the StartCom certs
[16:16:19] <garfield22753> (MITM: ok, thanks - but I doubt)
[16:16:32] <garfield22753> stpeter - you want a screen print?
[16:16:58] <stpeter> garfield22753: not particularly :) I'm in a meeting for the next 1.5 hours so I won't have time to review it anyway
[16:17:30] <garfield22753> is it (this certificate validation) a concern for you or for me?
[16:17:54] <garfield22753> is it something you wish to look into further?
[16:18:09] <garfield22753> (I assume you are THE stpeter? :-) )
[16:18:21] <stpeter> garfield22753: I'm not really concerned because we have very few reports of problems with the cert, which indicates to me that you might have old "trusted root certificates" on your system
[16:18:25] <stpeter> heh
[16:18:38] <stpeter> depends on which "THE" you mean ;-)
[16:18:39] <garfield22753> right, ok.
[16:19:39] <Kev> garfield22753: It's not something that's worrying me, at least.
[16:19:43] <garfield22753> ('Peter Saint-Andre' ?)
[16:19:59] <garfield22753> ok, no worries. Just looking up the current windows certs now.....
[16:26:37] <stpeter> BTW, I just posted http://www.jabber.org/2011/08/connectivity-issues-solved/
[16:26:47] <stpeter> and cross-posted to identi.ca / Twitter
[16:27:02] <stpeter> garfield22753: yes I am Peter Saint-Andre
[16:28:13] <garfield22753> ah good. And thank you for your efforts.
[16:29:52] <garfield22753> ok, i didnt get very far with viweing exisiting ttrusted issuers or finding updates. So Iv e gone weith the easy option "Click ALWAYS TRUST THIS CERTIFICATE and COntinue". :)
[16:30:27] <garfield22753> ok boys, 6:30 pom here and im off home.
[16:30:31] <garfield22753> thanks for your time
[16:30:38] <garfield22753> pm*
[16:31:37] * garfield22753 left the chat.
[16:51:47] <vilius> thank you for taking care of the gtalk s2s issue and informing, of course :)
[16:51:51] * vilius left the chat.
[17:17:55] * my joined the chat.
[17:18:14] * my left the chat.
[17:30:06] <louiz’> good job for fixing it :)
[17:32:27] * cberlinger.hrd joined the chat.
[17:35:20] <cberlinger.hrd> Hi Jabber community, is this the place to discuss a Google talk problem? If so, I have a buddy using google talk; however on my chat panel (Jabber) it say she is "not authorized." While on my google talk account she is online? Any ideas?
[17:36:02] * cberlinger.hrd left the chat.
[17:36:15] <louiz’> we had 40 seconds to respond
[17:36:20] <louiz’> and we didn’t :(((
[17:36:25] <louiz’> How bad are we? :(
[17:36:28] <PaulFertser> What would we say anyway?
[17:36:34] <louiz’> nothing :p
[17:56:42] * memosoo11 joined the chat.
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[17:58:46] * memosoo11 joined the chat.
[18:03:29] * monroe37697 joined the chat.
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[18:04:40] * madison19956 joined the chat.
[18:06:00] <madison19956> Hi, my jabber google talk clients are all working well, just wanted to say THANK YOU
[18:06:14] * madison19956 left the chat.
[18:06:50] * stevendeluxe joined the chat.
[18:08:42] <louiz’> :)
[18:08:48] <stevendeluxe> hey :-)
[18:08:54] <louiz’> hi
[18:09:16] <stevendeluxe> ah finally I found some people using jabber...haha
[18:09:27] <louiz’> yay
[18:10:13] <stevendeluxe> I guess it's used more often in the U.S., right?
[18:10:33] <PaulFertser> Ain't that hard, almost everybody sane needing IM around the globe uses it nowadays ;)
[18:10:37] <louiz’> I don’t think so. It’s more popular in russia
[18:10:50] <louiz’> stevendeluxe, from where are you?
[18:11:02] <stevendeluxe> Luxembourg
[18:11:08] <louiz’> ok
[18:11:10] <memosoo11> syria
[18:11:22] <louiz’> Some people in France use it too ;)
[18:11:36] <PaulFertser> louiz’: where do you get the usage statistics from? I'd like to have some as well :)
[18:11:37] <louiz’> And the huge number of people using google talk, as well.
[18:11:40] <stevendeluxe> louiz': Es-tu français?
[18:11:43] <louiz’> oui
[18:12:02] <louiz’> PaulFertser, from the fact that a lot of random people on jabber MUCs are russians :p
[18:12:06] <stevendeluxe> I try to do not use google stuff too much
[18:12:17] <louiz’> same
[18:12:36] <stevendeluxe> Salam, memosoo
[18:13:01] <memosoo11> طيب انا ايميلي ‏gmail
[18:13:01] <stevendeluxe> louiz: t'es de quel coin de France?
[18:13:28] <Link Mauve> No french please.
[18:13:43] <Link Mauve> (Neither arabic.)
[18:13:49] <stevendeluxe> link mauve: are you serious or just joking?
[18:13:54] <louiz’> That’s an english room :p But you can join jabberfr@chat.jabberfr.org for example
[18:14:08] <louiz’> And İ’m from paris (but Bretagne before that)
[18:14:12] <louiz’> He is serious.
[18:14:29] <stevendeluxe> wow! severe rules :-)
[18:14:57] <stpeter> heh
[18:15:02] <Link Mauve> I'm serious, but I'm french too. ^^
[18:15:14] <louiz’> That’s just so that people can talk and understand each others.
[18:15:14] <stevendeluxe> I'm ok with english (it's anyway my preferred language after luxembourgish) .-)
[18:15:20] <stpeter> it gets confusing to have some people speaking Arabic, others French, others Russian, etc.
[18:15:24] <louiz’> yep
[18:15:51] <stevendeluxe> as i said, i'm ok with english
[18:16:04] <stpeter> time for lunch, brb :)
[18:16:04] <stevendeluxe> well nice to meet you guys!
[18:16:14] <PaulFertser> So, what are we going to talk about? Cabbages and kings?
[18:17:30] <stevendeluxe> I don't know
[18:17:52] <stevendeluxe> I try to get familiar with this iChat-Jabber-thingy :-D
[18:18:10] <louiz’> oh noooes. iChat :(
[18:18:17] * buchanan25049 joined the chat.
[18:18:35] * buchanan25049 left the chat.
[18:19:02] <stevendeluxe> louiz: don't worry, I'm no hardcore chatter so I'm fine with this All-in-one-but-can-nothing-for-good-chat-client
[18:20:06] <PaulFertser> Looks like my "alice in wonderland" and O. Henry reference is not clear :(
[18:20:46] <stevendeluxe> Ozark Henry?
[18:20:48] <louiz’> not at all.
[18:20:50] * pierce64328 joined the chat.
[18:21:14] * pierce64328 left the chat.
[18:21:52] <PaulFertser> BTW, folks, have anyone of you read anything by http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Milorad_Pavi%C4%87_(writer) ?
[18:22:04] <stevendeluxe> stupid question: Is private chat possible in this chatroom or do I have to add the people i'd like to chat with?
[18:23:58] <PaulFertser> The server returns 403 Forbidden to me when i try to send a private message here.
[18:24:02] * Neustradamus joined the chat.
[18:24:39] <louiz’> so that’s Forbidden :)
[18:24:56] * Milan.in joined the chat.
[18:25:23] <stevendeluxe> soooo.....I have to know the private user-jabber-address to add him and talk?
[18:25:31] <louiz’> yes
[18:25:59] <stevendeluxe> i c
[18:26:26] <Milan.in> Jid (jabber id)
[18:27:57] <stevendeluxe> milan.in: so i have just to look for the Jid to add someone
[18:27:59] <stevendeluxe> ?
[18:28:16] <stevendeluxe> like me: stevendeluxe ?
[18:28:44] <Milan.in> stevendeluxe: right. Ask his/her jid and add :THUMBS UP:
[18:28:48] * memosoo11 left the chat.
[18:29:19] <stevendeluxe> thanks!
[18:29:23] <Milan.in> stevendeluxe: stevendeluxe@jabber. SOME SERVER.
[18:30:15] * Neustradamus left the chat.
[18:30:36] * Neustradamus joined the chat.
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[18:30:46] <stevendeluxe> I guess, iChat is anything but easy to do this...LOL
[18:30:48] * Neustradamus joined the chat.
[18:31:49] <PaulFertser> stevendeluxe: how do you like that macos x system? I found it 10x better than any version of windows and at the same time 10x worse than any sane GNU/Linux distro. What's your opinion?
[18:31:50] <stevendeluxe> does anybody mind to add me......just for test purposes! You may delete my name from your list as soon as I finished trying out iChat
[18:32:37] <Milan.in> stevendeluxe: its very easy. The best thing is that you can easily transfer file(s) to your contacts and receive if any one of them sends. Its very useful
[18:34:19] <stevendeluxe> Paul: I agree with you about the macos X/ windows comparison, but I can't tell much about the linux-thing, because I didn't use it for very long
[18:35:04] <stevendeluxe> but anyway I don't like discussions about OS, because somehow it looks for me like religion or color matters
[18:35:27] <PaulFertser> stevendeluxe: i've booted Linux recently on one of my boards. Trust me, it's of no use without userspace, that's why i say GNU/Linux when i talk about an OS ;)
[18:35:41] <Milan.in> Been using Ubunto. Hassale free is the right word for it
[18:35:52] <stevendeluxe> I like iPhone, I have iPhone, I love iPhone, I prefer Android....and so on, so on, so on
[18:37:30] <PaulFertser> OpenMoko Freerunner ftw!
[18:37:35] <Link Mauve> +1
[18:37:48] * Milan.in left the chat.
[18:37:50] <stevendeluxe> +1 ??
[18:37:58] <Link Mauve> I have one too.
[18:38:11] <PaulFertser> Link Mauve: what distro are you using?
[18:38:18] <Link Mauve> For now, QtMoko.
[18:38:37] <Link Mauve> And you?
[18:38:38] <PaulFertser> I'm on plain Debian with FSO2 self-compiled from git :P
[18:38:44] <Link Mauve> Yeah!
[18:38:54] <PaulFertser> And the Emacs UI i wrote for it.
[18:38:57] <Link Mauve> xD
[18:39:10] <stevendeluxe> Jeezes, I'm in Distro-Wonderland.....me as a Apple-Dummy-User....haha
[18:41:10] <stevendeluxe> grrrr
[18:43:51] <stevendeluxe> bullsh*t! This iChat-thing doesn't let me add people
[18:44:53] <PaulFertser> stevendeluxe: can't be, look closer :)
[18:45:16] <PaulFertser> Link Mauve: i know a funny story about doing the hard way: http://pastebin.com/UruQejCs
[18:46:42] <stevendeluxe> Paul: Add Buddy/Add to Jabber/Account name/Add to list.....Account name: paulfertser@jabber
[18:46:51] * naw joined the chat.
[18:49:45] <PaulFertser> stevendeluxe: @jabber.org
[18:52:18] <stevendeluxe> thanks
[19:17:24] * taft62817 joined the chat.
[19:17:35] <taft62817> hello
[19:17:48] <naw> hello
[19:17:54] <taft62817> im testing jabber and have some questions,..
[19:17:56] <taft62817> ?
[19:18:19] <PaulFertser> taft62817 just ask then
[19:18:48] <taft62817> what is difference between this web chat and other free chats like jappix,...?
[19:18:55] <taft62817> is there any difference?
[19:19:16] <stevendeluxe> hello :-)
[19:19:27] <stevendeluxe> I just finished my jabber testing....haha
[19:19:34] <taft62817> lol
[19:19:36] <PaulFertser> taft62817: web chat? What are you talking about?
[19:20:15] <stevendeluxe> Paul: Don't be too harsh with him......tonite is Newbie time :-p
[19:20:27] <taft62817> lol
[19:20:50] <taft62817> i mean this web client which i use right now and other free versions like jappix,...http://xmpp.org/xmpp-software/clients/
[19:21:23] <taft62817> is there any difference_
[19:21:24] <taft62817> ?
[19:23:07] <stevendeluxe> web clients are in my opinion always crap
[19:23:22] * washington57689 joined the chat.
[19:23:25] <taft62817> what u use?
[19:23:30] <PaulFertser> mcabber
[19:23:43] <taft62817> i need something where i can use also PGP
[19:23:45] <stevendeluxe> iChat on a Mac :-p
[19:23:45] <PaulFertser> And sometimes irssi->bitlbee
[19:23:55] <PaulFertser> taft62817: mcabber supports GPG all right.
[19:24:10] <PaulFertser> So do other sane clients as Psi, Gajim. I'm not sure about Epiphany.
[19:25:16] * washington57689 left the chat.
[19:25:22] * Kev left the chat.
[19:25:25] <PaulFertser> Hm, not epiphany, i meant empathy.
[19:26:01] * Kev joined the chat.
[19:26:18] <taft62817> which client is best for windows? :)
[19:26:29] <louiz’> gajim
[19:29:32] <taft62817> ok ...thnx
[19:30:03] <Kev> It depends on your needs.
[19:30:22] <Kev> Just about the simplest client is Swift. If you want lots of features there's Psi or Gajim.
[19:31:11] * stpeter left the chat.
[19:34:24] * memosoo11 joined the chat.
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[19:35:59] * stevendeluxe left the chat.
[19:36:05] * memosoo11 joined the chat.
[19:36:20] <memosoo11> نا
[19:36:26] <memosoo11> هاي
[19:39:20] * taft62817 left the chat.
[19:41:16] <memosoo11> .
[19:41:24] * memosoo11 left the chat.
[19:48:10] * stevendeluxe joined the chat.
[19:49:00] <stevendeluxe> memosoo11: So you are from Syria, right?
[19:54:24] * stevendeluxe left the chat.
[19:55:01] <PaulFertser> Kev: here's the example of me trying to subscribe to a jabber.ru user, is my client doing anything wrong? http://paste.debian.net/125143/ the user says he saw my subscription request and pressed ok but i saw nothing.
[19:56:23] <Kev> PaulFertser: That's not obviously wrong to me. I don't see any way that we could be selectively dropping incoming stanzas, though - either all over a given s2s link should come in, or none.
[19:56:36] <Kev> Is this the same user you were having trouble with earlier?
[19:57:36] <PaulFertser> Kev: nope, another one.
[19:58:42] <PaulFertser> Kev: looks like this's something to discuss with jabber.ru admins then, right? Because there was something like this before, you were using ejabberd (as they still do), now with mlink it should be different but something's still wrong.
[19:59:05] <Kev> There's a common link in both though (jabber.ru).
[19:59:21] <Kev> But, right. Can you put as much detail as you can into a mail and send it my way, please?
[19:59:32] <Kev> kevin/kismith/co/uk/if you don't know.
[20:00:10] <PaulFertser> I could have googled it easily i guess. As much details, hm, i'll try, but i'm afraid i won't be able to have much more than that xml log.
[20:00:34] <Kev> Description of the various problems you have with jabber.ru, and which bits are working right, would be good, please.
[20:01:13] <PaulFertser> Kev: ok, thanks in advance :) will do.
[20:04:25] <Kev> Thanks.
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[22:47:30] * Link Mauve joined the chat.
[22:57:44] * garfield9127 joined the chat.
[22:58:46] <garfield9127> hi, Ive been trying to email a person with an email with @jabber.org from yahoo but it keeps coming back unsendable
[22:59:12] <garfield9127> my question is do i need to have an email account with jabber to talk with this person
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