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[01:37:06] <Benzema> ص خ
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[01:57:06] <Benzema> س ع
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[02:37:06] <ford40664> hello.....
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[03:44:23] <gaul> hello, I have not been able to see my google chat buddies via jabber in two days
[03:44:26] <gaul> known issue?
[04:05:54] <PaulFertser> Yep...
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[06:07:16] <Neal.shr2010> J
[06:07:19] <Neal.shr2010> J
[06:08:32] <Neal.shr2010> A
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[06:32:43] <lastsky> Kev, do you know about s2s issues with talk.google.com?
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[06:40:31] <Kev> I know there are some, I don't know what's causing them, we're talking with Google.
[06:42:10] <PaulFertser> Kev: Hi there :) I wonder how it can happen they appear even when nobody changes anything. Assuming you weren't changing any configuration of course.
[06:43:35] <Kev> PaulFertser: Yes, it's a mystery. We'd not changed anything about the M-Link config/install for months before they started.
[06:43:44] <Kev> Which makes me suspect something external this time.
[06:44:26] <PaulFertser> Kev: but in this case those gtalk guys should know something, either you're talking to the wrong folks or they are not telling everything ;)
[06:45:43] <Kev> Give them a chance, we only asked yesterday.
[06:45:56] <Kev> (I thought we'd asked some weeks ago, but we hadn't)
[06:48:53] <PaulFertser> I wonder how come not many popular xmpp clients support some collective whiteboarding feature (there's even xep for it), what do the folks use for discussions that require drawings?
[06:50:40] <Kev> Limited development time and limited interest in the feature from the type of people the clients target, I suspect.
[06:51:28] <Kev> It's a useful feature, but so are lots of other things.
[06:56:28] <PaulFertser> But what to use instead? I doubt compiling Inkscape with that special flag (to enable xmpp support) and learning how to use it is the right way.
[06:57:29] <PaulFertser> Imagine i'm discussing with my girl how to properly connect a LED display to a microcontroller ;) How do we discuss the schematics?
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[07:02:04] <lastsky> using acsii graphics from mcabber console and multi-line, I guess.
[07:02:27] <PaulFertser> I do use mcabber in fact :)
[07:03:10] <PaulFertser> But i think some special emacs-mode + jabber.el would be handier for ascii graphics. Anyway, not nearly a sane solution...
[07:03:10] <Link Mauve> Or you can write some SVG with vim, and share it with her. ^^
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[07:04:14] <PaulFertser> Or probably use PSTricks notation and let her parse it on her own :)
[07:05:20] <PaulFertser> (in fact i think at least some popular gui clients support automatic rendering of LaTeX-notated equations)
[07:06:54] <Link Mauve> Gajim for example, when you enclose your maths in two dollars, like $$\sqrt{4}=2$$.
[07:07:15] <PaulFertser> The most efficient way would probably be meeting in real life and drawing on a real paper while touching shoulders and hands as a little bonus. But that's not always possible.
[07:07:16] <Link Mauve> Gajim has a support of whiteboard too.
[07:07:28] <Link Mauve> But not in the stable version, in the future stable.
[07:07:49] <lastsky> Gajim supports erotic videochat, no need whiteboards.
[07:08:55] <PaulFertser> I've fixed a bug in Gajim on windows7 once, man that was a pain, i had considerable difficulties simply getting traceback on that "platform" :)
[07:10:09] <PaulFertser> Does anyone of you folks find avahi/zeroconf/bonjour serverless xmpp feature neat? It sounds cool but i've never tried it.
[07:10:36] <lastsky> /me not...
[07:10:48] <Kev> We (Swift)'ve got a proxy for turning any old XMPP client into a link local setup.
[07:10:58] <Kev> It's useful in some situations.
[07:11:31] <Link Mauve> Where can we get the code?
[07:11:39] <Link Mauve> In which language is it?
[07:11:40] <Kev> It's in the main Swift repo.
[07:11:41] <Kev> C++
[07:11:44] <Link Mauve> written*
[07:11:56] <Link Mauve> Ok, thanks!
[07:12:07] <Link Mauve> I'll try it some day.
[07:12:18] <Kev> It's not something we've "released", but the code's there and it should at least compile.
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[07:43:40] <PaulFertser> Kev: btw, if i seem to be having issues adding user from jabber.ru (i have him in my roster but i can't see any presence or message stanzas from him, neither can he see mine), what am i to do, how to proceed?
[08:18:44] <Kev> I'm guessing they've got a stuck s2s session to us.
[08:18:51] <Kev> bbiab, ask me then.
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[08:43:22] <vanburen10786> hello, a question, if you don't mind
[08:43:52] <vanburen10786> is it normal that i get "remote server not found" for all gmail contacts?
[08:44:13] <PaulFertser> vanburen10786: problems are being investigated
[08:44:24] <vanburen10786> ok, thanks
[08:44:30] <Kev> And back.
[08:45:12] <Kev> PaulFertser: So, I suspect that the various issues we're seeing intermittently (gmail.com lost s2s, occasional lost s2s to other servers, clients being bounced) are all symptoms of the same problem.
[08:45:33] <Kev> The question is what would be causing all these sudden disconnections.
[08:45:55] <Kev> Possible explanations include the machine hanging, the process hanging, network issues etc.
[08:46:57] <Kev> It's not impossible that it's the process hanging, but we generally see stuff happening continually in the logs, which makes it seem unlikely, and given that there hasn't been a change to the system to cause it (and having a vague clue about the codebase) I find it hard to work out why this would be.
[08:47:11] <PaulFertser> Kev: another question i'd ask is why a session can "stuck" without any kind of "watchdog" kicking in to unstuck it.
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[08:50:03] <PaulFertser> Kev: (hang process) well, that'd be easy to check by attaching to it with gdb. And it looks like enough of a strategically placed s2s-related debug statements might help, and to apply those one daemon restart shouldn't be much of an issue now.
[08:50:19] <Kev> That the process is continuing to log suggests it's not a hang, to me.
[08:51:45] <Kev> The issue with adding debug code is the magnitude of the service - I could enable full telemetry easily enough (and, indeed, I did briefly), but logging that many data both slows everything down and fills up storage very quickly.
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[09:21:59] <jackson44183> sa
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[09:24:33] <cleveland866> Hello
[09:24:44] <cleveland866> My account seems to be not working anymore
[09:25:05] <jackson44183> speak türkis
[09:25:06] <cleveland866> When messages are sent to my jabber.org user the sender get a 404 error
[09:25:24] <jackson44183> speak türkish
[09:25:28] <cleveland866> its been like this for a couple of days
[09:25:46] <Kev> cleveland866: From what server?
[09:26:21] <jackson44183> darkorbit tr6
[09:26:23] <cleveland866> Kev: I'd like to say but dont know
[09:26:39] <cleveland866> dont get much logs from the chat clients
[09:27:13] <jackson44183> ben kbot lisans almak için size baswurdum
[09:27:44] <cleveland866> kev: my jabber.org account can send messages to other users
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[09:28:30] <jackson44183> ben lisansı nasıl alıcam banka hesapnumaram falan yok sitede yabancı olduğu için anlamıyorum
[09:28:32] <johnson32097> hi
[09:28:50] <cleveland866> kev: Ops. gotta run! Thanks anyways kev. I'll come back here later
[09:29:04] <cleveland866> kev: the user is hugosnalle@jabber.org fyi
[09:29:31] <johnson32097> I'm trying to chat with my jabber.org account with a gtalk user but I get a 404 error
[09:29:39] <jackson44183> bana yardımcı olun lütfen
[09:29:51] <johnson32097> I thought gtalk is using jabber too
[09:30:10] <Kev> It is, we're aware of some issues between GTalk and jabber.org at the moment. We're trying to trace them.
[09:30:26] <johnson32097> oh ok
[09:30:45] <jackson44183> johson hi
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[09:30:57] <johnson32097> I also tried it with other jabber server like jabber.ccc.de but they also failed
[09:31:07] <Kev> Oh.
[09:31:15] <Kev> Are you sure you've got the JID right?
[09:31:33] <johnson32097> username@gmail.com right?
[09:31:45] <Kev> Not for your jabber.org account.
[09:32:02] <johnson32097> yes
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[09:34:14] <johnson32097> when my friend tries to add me he can only send me a invitation to gtalk
[09:34:35] <johnson32097> via mail
[09:34:54] <Kev> What's your jabber.org JID?
[09:35:04] <johnson32097> mitzekotze@jabber.org
[09:36:20] <Kev> Well, the account exists, so I can only suggest waiting until the gmail<>jabber.org issues are resolved and trying again. I've been chatting to Google today about it, so hopefully that'll lead somewhere.
[09:36:41] <johnson32097> okay thank you
[09:36:53] <johnson32097> since when does the problem exist btw?
[09:37:51] <Kev> It's been intermittent for a while.
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[10:14:06] <taft30530> Kev when i can follow gmail gataway status update? Any post on identi.ca or twitter?
[10:16:01] <Kev> We've not been posting updates anywhere.
[10:19:29] <taft30530> Kev, ok but why don't send some info about the issue on the jabber.org site? Months ago when there was some fault we have always some official info. Have official info doesn't mean that we require more than best effort from the little jabber.org team
[10:20:20] <Kev> I'll poke people about writing a quick post about the current issues.
[10:21:29] <Kev> Poked.
[10:21:59] <taft30530> Kev: thanks
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[10:32:12] <cleveland866> kev: second that! thanks for the information
[10:32:27] <jackson46199> hello
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[12:31:14] <aboody> دب
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[14:03:20] <nixon25228> Hello?
[14:03:45] <louiz’> hello?
[14:04:33] <nixon25228> My client's been unable to send or see other users on the network for 3 days. Is it just me?
[14:05:19] <louiz’> gmail contacts ?
[14:05:48] <Kev> I wasn't aware of three days continued disruption, I had thought it was intermittent.
[14:05:54] <nixon25228> Most, if not all are.
[14:06:24] <nixon25228> So I'm not alone.
[14:06:44] <nixon25228> It's been out since Monday morning, Eastern US time.
[14:07:41] <louiz’> there are known issues with gmail that are being investigated
[14:07:56] <nixon25228> Cool. Thanks.
[14:08:10] <Kev> This is new information, though.
[14:08:24] <Kev> Can anyone else with gmail contacts verify that there's been no s2s at all for three days?
[14:08:29] <nixon25228> Is there a best place to keep an eye out for status updates? (A twitter feed maybe?)
[14:09:00] <Kev> I'll get a status post to http://jabber.org at some point soonish, I hope.
[14:10:28] <nixon25228> The one buddy that appears to be live in my list is gtalk2voip.com. This was auto-added by one of my clients -- I've never used the service.
[14:10:35] <nixon25228> Thanks.
[14:10:44] <Kev> But it's on gmail.com, and you see it online?
[14:11:09] <nixon25228> I don't know if it's actually on gmail.com. It's a different domain.
[14:12:04] <nixon25228> Their jabber name is "service@gtalk2voip.com"
[14:12:22] <Link Mauve> Where can I find an example of twitter/statusnet feed displayed on a webpage? I'd like to have the same interface but with a PubSub feed as backend.
[14:12:56] <louiz’> http://identi.ca/gnuzer that?
[14:14:02] <Tanguy> nixon25228, it is not using Google's service, or it would en in <@gmail.com>.
[14:15:00] <Link Mauve> louiz’, something you'd embed on a webpage.
[14:17:55] <nixon25228> Yeah, that's what I figured. Thanks guys. I'll watch for updates on the site.
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[14:20:22] <Sofian> Hi folks
[14:20:33] <Sofian> My gmail contacts have all gone awol recently
[14:20:40] <Sofian> I can't see them even when they are online
[14:20:58] <Sofian> Anyone have any info?
[14:21:06] <louiz’> :D
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[14:21:11] <louiz’> there are known issues with gmail that are being investigated
[14:21:14] <Sofian> Another friend shaneonabike@jabber.org, has the same problem
[14:21:18] <Kev> Yes, there's a known problem, but it might be more severe than I thought. I'll bounce the service in case that helps jog everything along.
[14:21:25] <Sofian> Thanks
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[14:22:31] <Kev> "We'll be bouncing the server shortly in the hope that this will slightly improve the gmail.com connectivity."
[14:23:08] <Kev> Oh, that's interesting. We've got about 2000 more online users than is normal.
[14:23:22] <Kev> Restarting now, anyway.
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[14:29:53] <louiz’> yeah
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[14:37:27] <sfyn> woot
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[14:38:01] <louiz’> does this fix anything?
[14:38:27] <sfyn> Not for me
[14:38:43] <sfyn> Still no gmail contacts showing up as online, and I know that they are
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[14:40:38] <sfyn> Anyone in touch with google about this? Did they change somethign about their XMPP imp?
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[14:44:02] <Kev> sfyn: I wouldn't expect any change for at least an hour, anyway.
[14:44:15] <Kev> As that's about how long Google will be blacklisting jabber.org as not being available.
[14:44:33] <Kev> Yes, we're talking to Google (indeed, I'm in the middle of a mail Right Now).
[14:45:17] <louiz’> great
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[14:48:40] <singpolyma> did conference.jabber.org hiccup earlier? I was unable to join this room or my other room from any clients (different clients and accounts on different networks tested), but then just now I was able to get in again
[14:49:20] <Kev> I restarted the service.
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[14:49:38] <Kev> I sent a message to all users, but that won't have helped people on other servers know.
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[14:54:32] <singpolyma> Kev: ah, ok, thx :)
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[15:01:29] <singpolyma> So, when the conference service got reset, the clients of everyone I know in the room we use still thought they were in the room, but in fact where not. Is there any way to avoid this? I would think the spec would have some way for the clients to find out they need to rejoin?
[15:01:43] * Tanguy joined the chat.
[15:03:01] <Kev> They'll find out once they try sending a message, but not until.
[15:03:05] <Kev> This isn't ideal, I know.
[15:03:38] <singpolyma> One of the clients didn't find out even then it seems, but that's probably bad client design. my client I could tell because my message never showed up
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[16:55:20] <pinchartl> hi
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[16:55:57] <pinchartl> stpeter: thanks for the post on www.jabber.org :-)
[17:02:00] <stpeter> pinchartl: sorry about the delay
[17:02:16] <pinchartl> no worries
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[17:09:08] <matiasm> hello, just enter to know wich is the status of gmail-jabber.org connection, but now i see the announce :)
[17:09:17] <matiasm> hope it gets fixed soon
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[17:57:21] <KaZeM>
[17:57:59] <KaZeM> stpeter:
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[18:45:50] <Alaa91> Ihd
[18:46:29] <Alaa91> هههاي
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[18:47:05] <Alaa91> س ع
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[18:47:46] <louiz’> yeah
[18:48:07] <Lastwebpage> thanks, but no thanks
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[18:53:10] <Lastwebpage> Software: Talkonaut, as usual...
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[19:33:48] <Greenla> Привет
[19:33:56] <louiz’> yes
[19:34:27] <Greenla> louiz’: что ес?
[19:34:54] <louiz’> “This room chats in English.”
[19:34:59] <louiz’> please read the topic
[19:36:06] <Greenla> Я не умею балакать на инглишь, банить надиюсь нибудите?
[19:36:17] <louiz’>
[19:37:10] <Greenla> louiz’: а зачем вис дискриминатион?
[19:37:38] <louiz’> English please.
[19:37:47] <Lastwebpage> これは、英語チャンネルです !
[19:38:27] <Link Mauve> Han! I understood that!
[19:38:41] <louiz’> Snakker engelsk.
[19:39:07] <Link Mauve> louiz’, he said that here is an english "channel".
[19:39:24] <Lastwebpage> ;)
[19:39:59] <louiz’> ok
[19:41:32] <Greenla> louiz’: a chto delat esli ya ne ponimat? Yeto ved jaba-made in russia, zachem izvraschatsya togda? Davaite russofilnichat . Nu ili hotyabi internatsionalit
[19:41:38] <stpeter> I've noticed that a lot of clients don't seem to show the room topic (well, or people ignore it)
[19:41:58] <louiz’> I think they ignore it :p
[19:42:01] <stpeter> probably
[19:42:08] <Lastwebpage> yes, an international channel, great idea!
[19:42:17] <louiz’> Jeg forstår ikke et eneste ord.
[19:42:28] <stpeter> Lastwebpage: we already have chat@conference.jabber.org :)
[19:44:17] <Greenla> Vi tupie prodajnie gryaznie pediki
[19:45:16] <Greenla> Understend?
[19:46:02] <louiz’> Non, je pige pas ce que tu racontes, essaye en anglais.
[19:47:13] <Greenla> Speek russian or die !
[19:47:19] <louiz’> nope
[19:47:24] <louiz’> Speak*
[19:48:04] <Greenla> louiz’: ne umnichay, prodajka
[19:48:41] <louiz’> ok
[19:48:56] <Greenla> Lyubiteli myortvih yazikov
[19:50:00] <Greenla> louiz’: navernyaka u tebya uzhasniy aktsent
[19:51:15] <Greenla> Ne mnogo zhe zhelayuschih zdes obschatsya
[19:52:42] <louiz’> In english
[19:53:10] <Greenla> Ooo, uzhas! Skolko klonov
[19:53:53] <Greenla> louiz’: maybe in ass, be better?
[19:54:03] <louiz’> nope
[19:54:35] <naw> Greenla: you will be kicked if you don't behave
[19:56:01] <Greenla> louiz’: wat is -nope?
[19:56:11] <louiz’> that’s “No”
[19:57:52] <Greenla> louiz’: iz stupiditi
[19:58:06] <louiz’> ah
[19:59:27] <Greenla> louiz’: веа йу борн?
[20:00:38] <louiz’> Even google translate doesn’t understand what you’re saying.
[20:02:22] <Greenla> louiz’: place of your borning
[20:02:30] <louiz’> France
[20:02:53] <Greenla> Realy?
[20:02:56] <louiz’> yes
[20:02:57] <louiz’> why?
[20:03:38] <Greenla> Nope
[20:03:59] <louiz’> ok
[20:04:07] <louiz’> that’s not related to jabber, and I have something else to do right now. So bye \o
[20:06:08] <Greenla> Kto nit tut escho est?
[20:06:10] <Link Mauve> I love your status message. ^^
[20:06:26] * buchanan29951 joined the chat.
[20:06:28] <Greenla> Link Mauve: my?
[20:06:59] <louiz’> Link Mauve, mine?
[20:07:20] <Link Mauve> louiz’, yes.
[20:07:32] <buchanan29951> Hello, does someone know how many messages a can send via jabber.org (each second)?
[20:07:37] <Link Mauve> « I have something important to do. » then that. :D
[20:07:55] <louiz’> Link Mauve, yep. Starcraft 2 > russian people
[20:08:11] <naw> buchanan29951: do you plan to setup a bot?
[20:08:13] <Link Mauve> I know russian people that are way more interesting.
[20:08:19] <Kev> buchanan29951: That shouldn't ever come up in normal use.
[20:08:20] <naw> you could host it on your own server
[20:08:44] <louiz’> There’s no anti-flood policy?
[20:10:00] <Kev> louiz’: The policy is largely 'be reasonable'.
[20:10:16] <louiz’> ok
[20:11:01] <Greenla> You oll france?
[20:11:08] <Kev> http://www.jabber.org/service-policy/
[20:11:33] <louiz’> thanks
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[20:44:28] <Greenla> Xi
[20:45:02] <Greenla> Hellou
[20:46:01] <Greenla> Soskuchilis?
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[23:21:01] <racecar56> has anyone been having trouble changing their display pictures? i'm using pidgin and mine stays blank
[23:22:41] <racecar56> i used to have a display picture but i removed it, and that took some time to do, but it won't display my new pic
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[23:53:34] <nixon8734> Is there a tutorial for adding a Jabber account to pidgin?
[23:57:08] <nixon8734> ?
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