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[00:31:04] <rgoodearth\40jabber.org_> With the notice of a connection problem there is also a popup to send to apple. Is it true that most likely the problem is an apple problem rather than something to do with jabber?
[00:37:40] <MattJ> I said the most likely problem is a network issue
[00:38:03] <MattJ> If you can can communicate via jabber.org using text, it's not likely to be a jabber.org issue
[00:42:15] <rgoodearth\40jabber.org_> Thanks for your help Mattj, I appreciate your assistance. I"ll have to do some further checking with my chat party. rgoodearth
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[05:32:35] <TOM-TOSA210> Anyone know anything about using pidgin with Jabber?
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[05:36:29] <vice> anyone hear me?
[05:37:08] <darkrain> Yes.
[05:37:12] <darkrain> What specifically are you looking to know?
[05:37:28] <vice> total rookie to XMPP clients, was trying to get Jabber to run through Pidgin.
[05:37:39] <vice> Can't seem to connect to anything, nor do I know any directory servers
[05:37:47] <vice> Know of any active lists for directory servers?
[05:38:07] <darkrain> jabberes has a list of servers, though I don't know any that have directory servers
[05:38:39] <vice> ok, well that's a start
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[11:49:02] <celebear> do jabber servers support SNI?
[11:49:15] <celebear> ie, can I use ssl without a dedicated IP?
[11:51:06] <Kev> SNI is a workaround for HTTP being broken, isn't it?
[11:51:21] <Kev> XMPP uses starttls, so the hostname problem doesn't exist.
[11:51:47] <celebear> thanks, didn't know that
[11:52:34] <celebear> maybe OT, but what are your opinions on jingle vs sip?
[11:53:24] <Kev> I don't know a great deal about SIP. My understanding, based on hearsay, is that SIP is potentially complex to implement. Jingle, by comparison is /relatively/ straightforward.
[11:56:00] <celebear> do jingle calls always pass through the server?
[11:56:01] <Kev> Jingle of course gets all the advantages of running off XMPP - all the identity and presence stuff.
[11:56:06] <Kev> No.
[11:56:27] <Kev> Jingle calls never pass through the XMPP server (although they could pass through a proxy that happens to reside on the same hardware)
[11:56:31] <celebear> I read that in a jingle vs sip comparison from 2003 ;) google doesn't have anything recent on the topic, most recent ones are from 2008
[11:57:09] <Kev> I don't recall Jingle starting until long after 2003
[11:57:27] <celebear> how's the codec & encryption support in jingle?
[11:57:31] <Kev> Version 0.0.1 (2005-10-06) First draft. (psa/jjh)
[11:57:34] <Kev> (XEP-0166)
[11:58:18] <Kev> I don't know if anyone's doing Jingle over SRTP or similar. For codecs, you can use whatever you want.
[11:58:30] <Kev> http://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0266.html
[11:58:35] <Kev> Those are the recommended ones.
[11:58:41] <celebear> ah yes, the 2003 article was SIMPLE vs XMPP as in IM, not as in calls
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[13:34:25] <celebear> while there seem to be xep standards for both zrtp and xtls, no client appears to support those
[13:34:44] <celebear> sadly, without encryption, jingle voip is not a viable choice for us
[13:36:29] <celebear> thanks for your time Kev
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[15:13:28] <Hekireki> /me is trying out a new client
[15:16:18] <Kev> I hope it's Swift ;)
[15:16:31] <Hekireki> nope
[15:16:33] <Hekireki> Pandora
[15:16:37] <Kev> Boo.
[15:16:40] <Hekireki> :p
[15:17:43] <Hekireki> humm, it's very basic
[15:19:17] <Hekireki> and no support for jingle :(
[15:22:31] <Hekireki> i'll try that swift thing
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[15:24:52] <Kev> Swift also doesn't support Jingle, and is also fairly basic.
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[15:26:28] <Hekireki> can u see incoming XML packets ?
[15:26:37] <Kev> Yes.
[15:27:01] <Hekireki> chatrooms lists ?
[15:27:14] <Kev> Yes.
[15:27:18] <Hekireki> ok
[15:27:22] <Hekireki> i'll have a look at it
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[15:31:52] <cdubouloz> Hi, i'ld have a little question, is it possible to send a message to an user on behalf of a user with jabber as we can do that with any messaging on exchange server by example?
[15:34:10] <naw> I guess that only if you are the server
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[15:34:43] <naw> so you can fake the from adrress
[15:34:47] <naw> *address
[15:34:50] <cdubouloz> Like that naw? "probe -- A request for an entity's current presence; SHOULD be generated only by a server on behalf of a user."
[15:35:06] <hekireki_from_swift> ho
[15:35:19] <Kev> hekireki_from_swift: WB.
[15:35:58] <hekireki_from_swift> the chat interface looks great
[15:36:05] <naw> cdubouloz: oh, I was thinking on other situation
[15:36:14] <naw> but yes
[15:36:19] <Kev> hekireki_from_swift; Thanks.
[15:38:17] <cdubouloz> so the reason that i'm wondering that, is by example, when someone is away, and you need to send a message to an another user, but only messages from behalf are approved, typically for some rights or security reassons
[15:39:34] <Kev> A server can fake message froms for any user on that host.
[15:39:51] <cdubouloz> but not with the client?
[15:39:59] <Kev> So jabber.org could fake a message from example@jabber.org, but not from example@gmail.com.
[15:40:31] <Kev> Unless the person receiving the message is on jabber.org, in which case it can fake anything.
[15:40:39] <Kev> Correct, the server has to do it, clients can't.
[15:40:44] <naw> but jabber.org could fake messages to example@jabber.org (including messages that will appear as coming from gmail)
[15:40:59] <naw> (as kev said)
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[15:42:10] <cdubouloz> so it's not a feature that 'ld be iplemented in the client and we can use when required, correct?
[15:43:12] <Kev> I don't know of any servers that offer a protocol for doing that, and there's no standardised way of doing it, certainly.
[15:45:44] <cdubouloz> exchange server with mailboxes under Outlook, no?
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[15:59:40] <Hekireki> kev: how do i edit my vcard ?
[15:59:51] <Kev> You can't edit it from Swift yet.
[16:00:03] <Hekireki> oh ok
[16:01:06] <Hekireki> kev: this client looks promising, are u part of the project ?
[16:04:37] <Hekireki> i think i'm gonna stick with pandora for now
[16:06:02] <Kev> Yes, I'm the main dev on the client (and Remko's the main dev on the library it uses).
[16:08:50] <Hekireki> Ok, cool :)
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[18:10:02] <taylor29307> ?
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[18:37:55] <czhan> i'm windows user, can i using jingle protocol?
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[18:42:51] <Lastwebpage> czhan yes/no ;)
[18:43:47] <Lastwebpage> I know no client that support it. :|
[18:46:39] <Lastwebpage> czhan => http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jingle_(protocol)
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[18:54:33] <cheney42328> how can i send some a message via jabber
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[19:01:01] <czhan> lastwebpage: even gtalk?
[19:02:01] <Lastwebpage> I don't know, but I am not sure if gtalk<==Jingle==>Other client works
[19:03:03] <Lastwebpage> Google Talk (not fully compatible with specification, does not work with all clients)
[19:04:51] <czhan> Lastwebpage: what is jabbin?
[19:05:18] <Tobias> pidgin has good interop with gtalk client afaik
[19:06:23] <czhan> Tobias: pidgin support jingle protocol?
[19:06:36] <Tobias> on linux, yes
[19:07:57] <czhan> Tobias: but not available for windows?
[19:08:13] <Tobias> nope, not on windows
[19:10:03] <czhan> Tobias: do u know about gajim?
[19:12:38] <Lastwebpage> czhan http://sourceforge.net/projects/jabbin/
[19:13:32] <czhan> Lastwebpage: i know it, but video call are not available.
[19:15:24] <Lastwebpage> no offence here in this channel ;) but for things like audio/video, I still thing the Live Messenger from MSN is the best choice ;)
[19:16:05] <czhan> i understood why xmpp are not popular, compared to skype n msn
[19:16:34] <Lastwebpage> To different clients=>Problems :|
[19:16:38] <Lastwebpage> Two
[19:17:56] <Lastwebpage> (and there are too much clients in my opinion)
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