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[01:22:48] <ford26020> I'm getting a notice that the jabber.org certificate has expired.
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[01:25:48] <grant11138> ford26020: likewise
[01:25:57] <grant11138> stpeter isn't around?
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[01:27:09] <taylor8970> getting cert expired also
[01:27:52] <grant11138> assuming that's just an oversight, and will continue on
[01:28:01] <taylor8970> ditto
[01:28:11] <grant11138> just wanted to make sure ppl were aware
[01:28:12] <taylor8970> it appears to have just expired today 15 Dec
[01:29:06] <grant11138> taylor8970: yah, @ 7:43:11pm ET
[01:29:29] <ford26020> y
[01:30:05] <grant11138> ta
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[01:30:31] <kpkarl> I see the issue with connecting to gmail was resolved
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[01:39:27] <fillmore21663> any ETA on fixing the expired cert?
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[02:33:28] <kiaaze@jabber.org> "Saluton, se enordas ke vi dormos surplanke en dormosako enordas :)" -> Yes, also confirming. So thanks for fixing it (provided you did anything at all on your end ^^). :)
[02:33:53] <kiaaze@jabber.org> P.S.: I didn't notice any expired certificate problems.
[02:34:24] <kiaaze@jabber.org> "I see the issue with connecting to gmail was resolved"* (copy/paste error ^^')
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[02:58:46] <jds> Gmail resolved
[02:58:49] <jds> That's good to see
[02:59:00] <jds> What was it?
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[03:16:26] <jds> Oho
[03:16:35] <jds> Hey carter42493, can you link me to the URL you used to get in here?
[03:18:33] <carter42493> Hey everyone/anyone, I'm having some trouble adding my XMPP account to Pidgen due to a certificate error, even though I've installed the root certificate from startssl. Does anyone know what might remedy this?
[03:18:46] <jds> Hey carter42493
[03:18:49] <jds> What platform?
[03:18:55] <carter42493> http://speeqe.com/room/jabber@conference.jabber.org/ is the URL
[03:19:08] <carter42493> Just a second...
[03:19:08] <jds> carter42493: Thanks.
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[03:19:54] <jds> perfect
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[03:20:50] <carter42493> Sorry to barge in like this, I'm terribly un-tech savy and taking shots in the dark at fixing this. I'm using Windows (even though I really shouldn't be.)
[03:21:03] <jds> meh, that's ok
[03:21:21] <jds> I suspect that the issue is that you added the SSL certificate to the Windows certificate store, and that Pidgin isn't using that
[03:21:31] <jds> I have a hunch that Pidgin is using openssl, but don't hold me to it
[03:22:04] <jds> You might want to check with the Pidgin crew to find out if they are using openssl, and if so, how to add a new certificate to that
[03:22:21] <carter42493> Okay, will do, thanks a lot.
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[03:22:33] <jds> Sure. I hope it'll get you somewhere.
[03:22:59] <jds> Easiest way to find out would be in the Credits or About box for Pidgin -- whether it uses openssl or not
[03:23:32] <jds> They live on #pidgin on freenode, or devel@conference.pidgin.im
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[03:35:51] <nixon53101> Okay, well, I'm back because despite my best efforts I didn't understand much of that. Going to need a little more detail if possible please.
[03:36:01] <nixon53101> I was Cater...apparently now I'm nixon.
[03:37:05] <nixon53101> Anyone out there?
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[04:24:49] <darkrain> OpenSSL :()
[04:24:58] <darkrain> *:(
[04:25:50] <darkrain> Carter/Nixon: If you come back, Pidgin doesn't use OpenSSL, and doesn't use the WIndows certificate store. Pidgin *should* already ship with the StartCom root certificate. The actual error you're getting from Pidgin would be more helpful.
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[04:39:49] <mebs> not sure about a problem discussed above, but maybe the recently expired cerificate of jabber.org is the problem?
[04:40:34] <darkrain> Interesting. I didn't realize it had expired. :)
[04:41:33] <darkrain> .
[04:42:32] <mebs> I got an error when I was connecting, that jabber.org certificate has expired few hours ago
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[04:42:50] <darkrain> Yes, it's definitely expired
[04:43:03] <darkrain> But there's no way to get Pidgin to not present the user with a warning for this :)
[04:44:41] <darkrain> Which is why a full problem description is helpful
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[04:54:21] <rsr> I see the room is aware of the expired jabber.org cert... I shall be on my way...
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[05:32:16] <Akash.dama> Yes,i am
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[06:22:35] <carter57165> The SSL cert has .. OH.
[06:23:40] <carter57165> nvm thanks guys! ;)
[06:24:49] <carter57165> as for the actual error, it says the cert is invalid, and if you ask for more details, you see the dates. I don't think there's a lot to be gained from the exact text. Thanks for all your work behind the scenes, BTW.
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[06:43:30] <fillmore5526> My Jabber client started complaining about jabber.org's certificate today.
[06:43:39] <fillmore5526> Now I can't connect securely.
[06:43:48] <fillmore5526> Is this a problem at my end?
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[07:06:16] <madison7948> SSL only for 1 year???
[07:08:17] <madison7948> I can't help, but this is ...
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[07:31:05] <tyler18767> good morning
[07:32:25] <tyler18767> when will the the expired certificate be replaced?
[07:37:25] <Kev> I believe it's on Peter's TODO. I'll check.
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[07:42:47] <tyler18767> thx
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[08:26:23] <obama24291> new ssl cert?
[08:26:56] <obama24291> why the fuck i named obama
[08:27:01] * obama24291 in now known as lechucki.
[08:27:08] <lechucki> test
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[09:38:47] <sammler> hello
[09:39:20] <sammler> my IM-client says me, that my jabber-certificate from jabber.org ends today. thats right?
[09:40:42] <Kev> That's correct, the person that needs to get a new one has it on their TODO.
[09:41:45] <sammler> ok, so always is ok & next days comes a new certificate. till this time i must accept the message from my IM-client by every login? right?
[09:42:32] <sammler> sorry, because my f_cking english
[09:42:56] <Kev> Yes, that's right. Or, if you're paranoid, don't use jabber.org until the cert has been replaced.
[09:43:30] <Kev> But as long as the cert is valid, but just expired by a few hours, I'd be inclined to continue trusting it.
[09:43:42] <Kev> is valid -> was valid
[09:44:55] <sammler> no, if you say that's right, so i have no cause to be paranoid...
[09:48:01] <sammler> i dont know how many time you have. but it will be cool, if you public informations like this on jabber.org-website... so every knows all is ok...
[09:49:11] <Kev> Good idea, thanks.
[09:50:16] <Kev> I've mailed the admins to ask.
[09:50:36] <sammler> ok, cool. i have to go now... thanx for the help & best greetings from germany...
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[13:08:39] <Marty> Hi, does anybody have any recommendations on what client I would want to use to manage a conference? I've been using Pidgin for messaging but it doesn't look like it's going to be the best option for setting up a conference.
[13:09:49] <louiz’> Gajim
[13:10:14] <MattJ> or a new Psi
[13:10:22] <jefferson50128> wow.. there are also admins... nice to know... seems to me, that tose pages are dead since 2009... (yeah, every1 is only complaining right?) hmm but: if is cert valid only for 365days, it's SHAME to let it expired..
[13:10:55] <Kev> It's being dealt with at the moment.
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[13:19:47] <reca> ok, in the backlog there is everything I need to know about the certificate :-)
[13:23:59] <louiz’> :)
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[13:35:29] <ntoll> hi, can anyone suggest the best open-source XMPP server software to use. I'm looking for simplicity and hackability (I'm interested in getting into XMPP based application development).
[13:35:31] <ntoll> ?
[13:36:21] <Tobias> ntoll: i've heard prosody is a kick-ass xmpp server
[13:37:04] <Lastwebpage> ejabbered is based on erlang, not a very common language ;)
[13:37:05] <ntoll> wow... written in Lua... don't see that very often!
[13:37:32] <MattJ> Lua is great :)
[13:37:56] <ntoll> Lastwebpage: I've done some Erlang (to a basic level) before - I'm mainly a Pythonista
[13:38:37] <ntoll> Hmm... Prosody looks pretty cool
[13:39:20] <Lastwebpage> ntoll this site knows everything => http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_XMPP_server_software :D
[13:39:55] <MattJ> Lastwebpage, I disagree, but never mind :)
[13:40:03] <Lastwebpage> ;)
[13:40:04] <Tobias> if you can look aside from the huge annoying ad block at the top :P
[13:40:07] <ntoll> Lastwebpage: yeah, I've seen it, but I like getting suggestions too (from people who know more than me) :-P
[13:40:39] <MattJ> Lastwebpage, I believe all the servers that claim compliance with RFC3920 are lying, but I don't yet have a way to disprove their claims
[13:40:55] <MattJ> and I'm too honest to claim Prosody is compliant without the same testing :)
[13:41:22] <MattJ> which I'm working on
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[13:41:56] <ntoll> Tobias: hmmm... Jimmy Wales sort of looks passive/aggressive on those adds.
[13:42:04] <ntoll> Happily, logging in seems to remove them
[13:42:19] <Lastwebpage> at least you can click on the links to get an overview ;)
[13:42:49] <Tobias> ntoll: yeah, from germany you now see even a different, yet not less annoying, guy
[13:43:56] <ntoll> Tobias: I heard they'd been doing some sort of analytics on the effectiveness of each photo to get maximum return.
[13:44:18] <Tobias> ntoll: really?
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[13:44:59] <ntoll> Tobias: yeah... it was on HN (Hacker News) a few weeks ago IIRC
[13:45:07] <Lastwebpage> about this add, http://www.neowin.net/forum/topic/961156-why-you-shouldnt-donate-to-wikipedia ;)
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[13:46:01] <MattJ> /me should put different photos of himself on prosody.im to see which one encourages the most downloads
[13:46:03] <ntoll> http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Fundraising_2010/Banner_testing <- see here
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[13:47:07] <Tobias> MattJ: heh :) i bet those with a kitten alongside your face
[13:47:39] <MattJ> wearing a bow tie
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[13:54:32] <MattJ> !xep tune
[13:54:38] <MattJ> sigh
[13:55:16] <MattJ> I suspect I'm going to be more busy when I finish work, what with fixing things that I've left broken for too long
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[14:14:00] <ntoll> cool... I've just (literally) dusted off my copy of Beginning Lua Programming
[14:14:16] <ntoll> I'll take a look at Prosody over the w/e
[14:15:56] <MattJ> Enjoy :)
[14:16:33] <MattJ> and don't forget to join the chatroom if you have any questions (or if you don't)
[14:18:35] <ntoll> MattJ: question 1 - wrt a persistent datastore... I'm assuming datamanager is the thing to use...
[14:20:07] <ntoll> hmm... so it isn't searchable... and how is it implemented..? (Sits on top of the FS I assume?)
[14:20:28] <ntoll> great docs btw
[14:20:31] <MattJ> datamanager in current releases, but in trunk we're moving stuff to storagemanager
[14:20:38] <MattJ> (which isn't documented yet, but will be)
[14:21:11] <MattJ> datamanager is file-based, not really searchable
[14:21:30] <MattJ> in trunk it now delegates to storagemanager, which supports storage plugins
[14:21:44] <MattJ> but we should probably move room for further discussion :)
[14:23:48] <ntoll> heh... ok... I'll take a look later on (I'm at work right now)
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[14:58:51] <logos> jabber.org servers' certificate has expired, see my tweet there : http://twitter.com/logo_s/statuses/15417516708855808 and the complete post with screenshots there: http://bit.ly/f8hJYb
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[15:01:10] <Kev> That's not correct, Psi will allow you to click through the warning.
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[15:04:13] <Kev> And yes, the cert has expired, http://www.jabber.org/2010/12/certificate-renewal/
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[15:06:21] <logos> okay it's the "connect anyway" button that led to the second error, I didn't click on "trust.." that might have worked. And yes if the cert will be renewed today, then the problem is solved.
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[17:36:52] <cheney34097> im having a problem
[17:38:16] <stpeter> hi cheney34097
[17:38:19] <stpeter> what's the problem?
[17:39:36] <cheney34097> ok, i have a phpBB forum based server that supports jabber, but it keeps telling me when i put the info in that it failed to connect
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[17:40:37] <stpeter> hmm
[17:40:58] <stpeter> I must admit that I don't know much about phpBB, but I've seen similar reports before
[17:42:14] <cheney34097> this is what its saying:
[17:42:18] <cheney34097> Information Could not connect to Jabber server. Error: open_socket() - Connection timed out Error: connect() #2
[17:42:33] <stpeter> is it configured to connect to a particular jabber server?
[17:42:39] <stpeter> e.g., are you running your own server?
[17:43:14] <cheney34097> idk? there is no config. its just boxes that i fill in the info
[17:44:54] <stpeter> hmm
[17:44:55] <cheney34097> no im running my own phpBB forum. not a jabber server.
[17:45:23] <stpeter> well, but if you want jabber integration then your forum needs to make some kind of connection to a jabber server at some point, no?
[17:46:09] <cheney34097> yes. thats what the boxes are for, to put the info in
[17:46:57] <cheney34097> i.e Jabber settingsEnable Jabber: Enables use of Jabber messaging and notifications. Enabled Disabled Jabber server: See jabber.org for a list of servers. Jabber port: Leave blank unless you know it is not port 5222. Jabber username or JID: Specify a registered username or a valid JID. The username will not be checked for validity. If you only specify a username, then your JID will be the username and the server you specified above. Else, specify a valid JID, for example user@jabber.org. Jabber password: Use SSL to connect: If enabled a secure connection is tried to be established. The Jabber port will be modified to 5223 if port 5222 is specified. Yes No Jabber package size: This is the number of messages sent in one package. If set to 0 the message is sent immediately and will not be queued for later sending.
[17:49:30] * jackson14705 joined the chat.
[17:56:44] <jackson14705> Hello ... I know there was a problem with the certificate expiring this morning, but I still can't connect to iChat through Jabber. My co-workers have all been able to by clicking on continue, but that's not working for me. I just get the same dialog box again. When I click on "Show certificate," it still says the certificate has expired.
[17:57:25] <stpeter> yes we'll have a new certificate in place soon
[17:57:50] <jackson14705> OK. Thanks. Any ideas why my co-workers have been able to connect, but I can't?
[17:58:19] <stpeter> not sure
[17:58:24] <stpeter> hopefully it won't matter soon
[17:58:35] <stpeter> are you on different versions of OS X?
[17:58:35] <jackson14705> That's all right ... and you're probably right. Thanks again.
[17:58:41] <jackson14705> No. Same version.
[17:58:44] <stpeter> hmm
[17:59:05] <jackson14705> I'll just keep trying throughout the day. Eventually it should connect.
[17:59:27] <stpeter> I should have it fixed in the next 15 minutes
[17:59:32] <stpeter> perhaps a bit more
[17:59:37] <jackson14705> Great. Thanks so much.
[17:59:40] <stpeter> /me retrieves the new cert
[18:01:51] <cheney34097> so stpeter, do you know where i can find help with my problem?
[18:02:20] <stpeter> cheney34097: sorry, I'm busy with this security issue right now (and on a conference call at the same time), please hold
[18:02:29] <cheney34097> ok
[18:27:47] * niekie left the chat.
[18:28:09] * niek joined the chat.
[18:28:18] <niek> /nick niekie
[18:28:53] <niek> Darnit, Swift!
[18:28:54] <niek> :D
[18:29:56] <niek> Yikes stpeter, that's a *really* long conference call.
[18:32:24] <stpeter> it is
[18:32:27] <stpeter> 2 hours so far
[18:36:16] <niek> Hope you're not paying, hehe.
[18:45:07] <cheney34097> hope you have unlimited long distance calling and unlimited talk, lol
[18:45:36] <stpeter> oh I'm not paying :)
[18:45:41] <MattJ> and unlimited patience
[18:48:03] * mpranj joined the chat.
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[18:50:38] <truman45766> strange measurement... in which country is 2hrs> 12hrs??
[18:51:38] <truman45766> in US-IA ??? I see... that's the great country...
[18:51:51] <stpeter> ?
[18:52:34] <truman45766> full automatic, proud... confused? don't worry, you're in same situation as users ;)
[18:53:07] <truman45766> it was 12hrs ago, when s.b. here told us, that "it takes approx 2hrs to replace cert" :-D
[18:53:21] <stpeter> oh
[18:53:24] <stpeter> hmm
[18:53:31] <truman45766> so now you see...
[18:53:38] <truman45766> live is not easy :(
[18:53:39] <stpeter> I posted that around 6 hours ago
[18:53:51] <stpeter> however, there was a delay at the CA
[18:54:08] <stpeter> because we have a special ultra-trusted cert and a special person needs to approve those
[18:54:32] <MattJ> An ultra-special trusted person?
[18:54:37] <truman45766> yep... so maybe mext time could be better solve this few days in advance... but it's only my opinion...
[18:54:47] <truman45766> :-D
[18:54:59] <stpeter> truman45766: we didn't receive a reminder about the expiring cert -- usually we do
[18:55:16] <stpeter> but next time I'll add it to my calendar for 12 months from now :)
[18:55:59] <truman45766> openssl pkcs12... ? yy, never trust one calendar :)
[18:56:22] * Steve joined the chat.
[18:57:02] <truman45766> CA sucks.. i'm from outside US I asked thawte/verisgn maybe 20x for different types of cert & result?
[18:57:53] <truman45766> they sent me everything what I want -> i can claim that I'm president of the Mars & they'd give me cert for that :)
[18:58:13] <truman45766> so to the point - why don't you use your own? ;)
[18:58:57] <truman45766> but just my suggestion again.. no one asked me, sry...
[18:58:59] * yuppinturic left the chat.
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[19:34:02] <stpeter> well it looks like we'll wait a little longer to install the cert, because we want to wait for Kev
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